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There are 2 Covid-19 Documents to review before your appointment. We will print them and you will be asked to sign these 2 documents before your service or procedure.




In San Antonio, as of 1 Feb 23,

The Risk Level in San Antonio is now


CDC Community Transmission Level in Bexar County is still 

Until further notice, because of the contagiousness of the Omicron Variant, unvaccinated clients may be required to mask.  A Surgical mask will be provided to cover a cloth mask usually worn by unvaccinated clients and Inside Outside Staff will wear N95 Masks and Face Shields for unvaccinated clients until

further notice.

AMA Ethics Statement regarding refusing treatment to unvaccinated clients


Texas Department of Health & Human

Services Protocol & Checklist for

Gym & Exercise Facility Patrons



COVID-19 Portal for City of San Antonio

Dashboards, Testing & Vaccination Information


 Texas Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 Information






Minimum Standards of

Safe Practice Notice required by

Texas Medical Board

for your review


Desktop Version of These Links, Also includes Intake and Consent Forms for Services.


4499 Medical Drive #225

San Antonio, Texas 78229 

Located in Medical Center

Call 210.616.0836


Text Us via ZipWhip



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Google Map to Inside Outside Wellness Center & Medical Spa Desktop

4499 Medical Drive #225

San Antonio, Texas 78229

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