Inside Outside Wellness Center & Medical Spa Monthly Newsletter
October 2004

Greetings from Dr. Christian and the Staff of Inside Outside!

It's October, plenty of time to get in shape and lose some weight before those Holiday Parties where you see people only once a year! Imagine those admiring looks...then tell them about us!

in this issue
  • This Month's SuperSlow® Star: Janet Flory
  • Dr. Christian "2nd Component of Optimal Health: Checkups!"
  • Confused about Carbs? - Dawn Won't Sugar Coat It!
  • Amanda Announces "The SuperSlow® Honor Roll"
  • Nancy's Marketing Update - More TV, Express News and Radio!!
  • SuperSlow® Technique Corner:The SuperSlow® Row Machine
  • Ashley on Acne: "The Prom Night Nightmare!"
  • Perks & Referral Benefits for SuperSlow® 4 Month Members
  • Special Surprise Guest: Dr. Doug Mcguff, SuperSlow® Gym Owner
  • Member Spotlight:  Irma Flores - Hospital Klean of Texas
  • Dr. Christian's Update on the 6 Components of Optimal Health


    When you buy a new car, there is always a schedule of preventive maintenance and checkups, which if followed will lessen the chances of sudden breakdowns. I understand the principle but I hate the inconvenience and expense of having to take time out for these rude interruptions of my life.


    Confused about Carbs? - Dawn Won't Sugar Coat It!



    Dawn Blem, Inside Outside Nutritionist clear up confusion about carbohydrates..Remember, there is no essential carbohydrate...Dawn Says "Vegetable Carbohydrates for President, Fruit Carbohydrates for Vice President"

    Amanda Antonini announces "The SuperSlow® Honor Roll"

    Amanda and Dr. Christian announce a new award  for everyone to strive for.  "The SuperSlow® Honor Roll"... We are working on the specific requirements, but it won't be easy.


    Nancy's Marketing Update - More TV, Radio and Express News!!



    Cynthia Lee, Anchor Woman of Fox 29 news@nine featured the Inside Outside SuperSlow® and Zone nutrition program on her 9pm evening news on 6 Oct 04.  Clarice Martinez and Dr. Christian were interviewed.     More




    The 26 Sep 04 Sunday Express News had a Front Page article entitled  "Growth Hormone, Fountain of Youth or ticket to early grave?" written by Michelle Koiden Staff writer for Express News. Dr. Christian was interviewed for the article because of his affiliation as a Physician Partner of Cenegenics Medical Institute of Las Vegas, the nations most active Age Management Clinic.    

    Complete Text of the Article Here.   Bigger Picture Here.    

    Cenegenics Medical Institute Hormone Optimization..


    On 4 Oct Dr. Christian gave a 30 minute interview to Karen Clauss, Co Host of Magic 105 "the Magic Morning Show"  Dr. Christian focused on the importance of combining a Reduced Calorie diet like the Zone and Concurrent Strength Training like SuperSlow® as the best strategy.  It will be aired in November and we will get out an announcement. Check out Karen's Custom Cake Design Service.


    Dr. Christian appeared in a free 30 second commercial on The Angelina Show on Monday 4 Oct 04.  He won the commercial time by having his business card drawn at Angelina's Business Networking Luncheon for Entrepreneurs.  She has a terrific show. Read about her, The Networking luncheon and the show at The Angelina Show Website!



    "The Future of Workingout is Here"  by Bert Gallagher, Editor of City Pages Magazine. The October Edition of the City Pages Magazine featured the first of several first person articles written by Bert Gallagher, the editor of the magazine and his Creative Director Doug Jacobson.  Their first article "The Future of Workingout is Here!" is on their web site Here.

    Inside Outside Wellness Center and Medical Spa to sponsor Health Page. Click on The Image to see our Banner Advertisement.  It will also appear on the Sports and SA Life Pages.

    Amanda's SuperSlow® Techniques Corner

    Dana has left Inside Outside to spend more time working on her graduate degree.  We wish her the best of luck and appreciate all her hard work. 

    Amanda Antonini, SuperSlow® Instructor, gives advice about the

    SuperSlow® Compound Row Machine

     Getting you ready for the Olympic Rowing event or just for opening that door that always seems stuck.....

                     The Devil's Cam!!!!

    Ashley on Acne "The Prom Night Nightmare!"

    Ashley Kuhn, Inside Outside Aesthetician, and Rosa Gonzales, Spa Technician expound on the causes of this very common problem and give practical advice about what to do!

    Referral Promotion - "tis better to give & receive"

    Unbelievable Referral Promotion and Perks for Our SuperSlow® 4 Month Program Clients!!

    For every client that you refer who signs up for one of our SuperSlow® 4 Month or Spa Packages over $1000, you will receive either 8 SuperSlow® sessions or $200 worth of spa services or a combination of these!            In addition, SuperSlow® 4  Month clients now are eligible for 50% off on most Spa Services and 25% off gift certificates for Spa Services.


    Special Surprise Guest, Dr. Doug McGuff, SuperSlow® Gym Owner

    Dr. Doug McGuff, a San Antonio Native dropped by recently.  Dr. McGuff is a ER Physician in South Carolina and a long time student of strength training. This led him to eventually opening his own SuperSlow® Facility.  He is recognized as a real expert in Exercise and Strength training circles. 

    During his visit and workout both he and Dr. Christian Leg Pressed 500lbs, the WHOLE STACK!!  See the Picture Here!

     More about Dr. McGuff and Why He Hates Aerobics

    Dr. McGuff's Ultimate Exercise Web Site....

    Member Spotlight: Irma Flores,  Hospital Klean of Texas

    Irma Flores is the Chief Financial Officer of Hosptial Klean of Texas.  Founded by the Flores family in 1971, Hospital Klean of Texas, Inc. is one of the largest San Antonio based janitorial service companies with more than 300 skilled employees and the equipment necessary to perform the most complex cleaning projects.  Irma has been very active in the community and served as the President of the Fiesta Commission in 2003. 

    This Month's SuperSlow® Star Janet Flory

    Janet Flory had never worked out and boldly decided to start with  SuperSlow®?

    Read her story
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