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January 2005

New Year Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside! 

It's January, Many of you have made that important decision to take your health and appearance to a new level. For those of you who haven't, if you are serious about improving your health, appearance, strength and life, this is the place. If you are serious.


in this issue
  • This Month's SuperSlow® Stars: Doug & Donna Jacobson
  • Dr. Christian "4th Component of Optimal Health: Exercise- Part2!"
  • Dawn on "The Little Engine that Creatined"
  • Amanda Announces "The SuperSlow® Honor Roll" Be the first!
  • Marketing Update - Seminars, Tsunami Aid, Radio and Glossy Ads.
  • SuperSlow® Technique Corner:The MedX Abdominal Machine
  • The "Hows" of Botox: See Our Botox Special Through February..
  • Perks & Referral Benefits for SuperSlow® 4 Month Members
  • Dr. Sears New Book "The Anti-Inflammation Zone"!
  • Member Spotlight: Barbara Gilmartin, CEO, Design Materials
  • Vote for Angela Christian, Theatregoers Choice Awards!
  • Dr. Christian's Update on the 6 Components of Optimal Health


    This month I continue with my first person journey on understanding the distinction between "Recreation and Exercise". Jumping out of Airplanes, Medical School, A Little Tennis, One Marathon, Scuba, Wellness Center and enter SuperSlow......



    Part 2: Journey to Maxed Out Ectomorph.......Read on...
    The Little Engine that Creatined...



    Lose Fat, Gain Muscle....That's the game.

    Last month we talked about how Calcium and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) have been helpful to lose fat in association with a reduced calorie diet.  This month we write about Creatine Monohydrate and how it can help us work out harder, get stronger and put on a little muscle.  

    Creatine Monohydrate in my brain shake please.. Read on...
    Amanda Antonini announces "The SuperSlow® Honor Roll"

    Amanda and Dr. Christian have finally decided on the requirements for the SuperSlow®  Honor Roll!  Who will be first?

    Finally, A Honor Roll that doesn't take brains!
    Read on..

    Marketing Update - Seminars, Tsunami Aid, Radio & Glossy Ads!

    On 19 Jan 05 Dr. Christian gave his Seminar entitled "The 6 Components of  Optimal Health and Aging"  with an emphasis on Combining the Zone Nutrition Program and SuperSlow Strength Training for the residents of Homewood Assisted Living Home at Air Force Village.  On 27 Jan 05 he will speak for the American Business Women's Association, La Villita Chapter, Monthly Meeting.  Homewood Residence Website  

    American Business Women's Association Website


    Inside Outside contributed 10% of the proceeds from their End of Year and New Years Wellness and Spa Promotions to the American Red Cross and to unicef to assist with the relief effort for the Asian Tsunami Disaster..    American Red Cross Tsunami Effort Website       unicef Website


    Valero Energy Corporation has asked us to participate in their annual health fair on 27 Jan 2005!

    Health Fairs are a good opportunity for us to gain public awareness of our services.


    On 19 Jan 05 Dawn Blem, Inside Outside Clinical Nutrtionist was interviewd by Virginia Lovelady, Public Affairs Director of KZEP 104.5.  Topics included the importance of protein and fish oil as well as SuperSlow. Her interview will be aired several times, the first being 0730, Sunday 23 Jan 05 on KZEP 105.4.  There will be a series of Public Service Announcements in the next week regarding our offer of a free SuperSlow Session and DXA Body Composition.  KZEP Web Site._




    City Pages Magazine ran a very sophisticated ad in their January Magazine featuring Inside Outside. We are planning several more using the same theme in the coming months. Check out their Website  Here._


    SuperSlow® Techniques Corner  MedX Abdominal


    Amanda Antonini, SuperSlow® Instructor, gives advice about the MedX Abdominal Machine.    We all want that 6 pack that the other 6 pack gave us.  This machine will help you get it...


                                        More, Let's Crunch..

    Botox: "How" it's done and "How" it works..

    Last month Dr. Christian wrote about "Why" we get wrinkly and the social and evolutionary reasons "Why" we want to avoid staying wrinkly (I hope wrinkly is a word)!  This month we are going to go over some of the 'Hows".  Not so much detail that you can do this in your garage but the basics you need to know...Botox Special Through February $7.50 per Unit, Minimum 50 Units.  50 Units will do forehead and frown area or Frown area 3 times. Or just do Frown area once for $125.00..Through February..

    Stick me Doc...

    Perks and Benefits for 32 Session Members.

    Unbelievable Referral Promotion and Perks for Our SuperSlow® 4 Month Program Clients!!

    For every client that you refer who signs up for one of our SuperSlow® 4 Month/32 Session or Spa Packages over $1000, you will receive either 8 SuperSlow® sessions or $200 worth of spa services or a combination of these!            In addition, SuperSlow
    ® 4  Month clients now are eligible for 50% off on most Spa Services and 25% off gift certificates for Spa Services.

    Dr. Sear's New Book, "The Anti-Inflammation Zone"!


    Dr. Sears has just published his newest book, "The Anti-Inflammatory Zone" This book highlights the silent inflammation most of us are suffering which leads to many serious illnesses. 


      Smother the Fire..Read More..Sign up for Dr. Sears' Newsletter.


    Member Spotlight: Barbara Gilmartin, CEO Design Materials Inc,


    Barbara Gilmartin won 16 free SuperSlow Sessions at a Networking Mixer sponsored by Diana Doyle, the Editor of san antonio Woman Magazine.  Barbara is the CEO of the company which specializes in Tile, Marble and Stone for home and commercial projects.  Her beautiful showroom at 11716 Warfield highlights many of their exquisite and creative designs.  She advertises each month in san antonio Woman Magazine.  The January issue has numerous examples of her fine work.





    Web Site for SA Women Magazine.

    Vote for Angela Christian, Theatregoer Choice Awards 2005!

    Angela has been nominated as Best Supporting Actress in a musical for the 2005 British Theatregoers Choice Awards.  This is an award that is determined by the public and you can vote for her!!  Dr. Christian has shown most of you pictures and some video of Angela and the "Woman in White" Musical now playing in London.  Angie has the title role and is the "Woman in White"! Let's help Angie win. As of 18 Jan 05, Angie leads with 36% of the vote. This is your last chance to vote! The winners will be announced in early February!

     Click HERE to vote for her!!    Official "Woman in White" Web Site, Spooky Music.


    New!!  Angela Interviewed!

    Playbill Online: Brief Encounter with Angela Christian  

    This Month's SuperSlow® Stars Doug & Donna Jacobson

    Our most disciplined couple. Remarkable gains and losses..

    Read their story
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    Botox Special

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    Dawn's Zone Recipe of the Month!    "Lentil Spinach Casserole"

    Brain Shake Recipe

    Dr. Sears Web Site

    ?Why? the Zone & SuperSlow® PowerPoint Presentation

    Inside Outside & SuperSlow® Media Coverage  

    Skin Lesions We Treat PowerPoint Presentation

    Map to Inside Outside Wellness Center & Medical Spa  

    Quote of the Month William Osler M.D.

    "A Way of Life"



    Submitted by Dr. C

    I feel like I have

    pursued this person before: deja woo

    seen these twins before: deja two

    expanded this way before: deja grew

    "more deja stuff.."

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    $7.50 per unit, Minimum purchase of 50 Units.  50 Units will do Forehead and Frown area or Frown Area 3 times. Or just do Frown area, 15 Units, for $125.00.