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February 2005

 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside! 

It's February, Heart Month.  Much of what we do is aimed at preventing this common cause of death in men and women, and remember. "To a young heart everything is fun"  Charles Dickens

Live Longer, Get Younger with us....More Heart Quotes



in this issue
  • This Month's SuperSlow® Star: George Ellis
  • Dr. Christian "4th Component of Optimal Health: Exercise- Part3!"
  • Dawn on Back to the Basics: "Water: Part 1 The Most Essential Nutrient"
  • Check Out the SuperSlow Gym for Valentines and Heart Month
  • Marketing Update - Seminars, Live Auctions, Radio and Glossy Ads.
  • Amanda's SuperSlow® Corner: Body Composition Testing
  • Intense Pulsed Light Skin PhotoRejuvenation: March Promotion!!
  • Promotion: Book Dr.  C for a Seminar & earn 8 SS Sessions
  • Dr. Sears New Book "The Anti-Inflammation Zone"!
  • Member Spotlight Polly Gurley, Crosstelecom & Woodworking
  • Angie Wins!, Theatregoers Choice Awards!
  • Dr. Christian's Update on the 6 Components of Optimal Health


    This month I continue with my first person journey on understanding the distinction between "Recreation and Exercise". October 2002, I discover Ken Hutchins and SuperSlow® Strength Training...



    Part 3: Journey to Maxed Out Ectomorph.......Read on...
    Back to the Basics: Water, Part 1The Most Essential Nutrient.



    Dr. Christian likes to make the point that at Inside Outside "We are Radical, because.. We insist on the Basics"  Nothing is more basic than our requirements for water...  

    Checkout the SuperSlow® Gym for Valentines and Heart Month


    Ok, the whistling got to be a little annoying...but we want you to know that we think all of you deserve it!!!

    Marketing Update - Seminars, Live Auctions, Radio & Glossy Ads!!

    On 16 Feb 05 Dr. Christian gave his Seminar entitled "The 6 Components of  Optimal Health and Aging"  with an emphasis on Combining the Zone Nutrition Program and SuperSlow® Strength Training for the residents of Madison Estates. Door prizes were 2  DXA Bone Density Scans, 2 MicroDerms and the Grand Prize, 16 SuperSlow Sessions, won by Marilyn Dubrin a 86 year old retired business woman. Madison Estates Website


    On 15 Feb 05 Dr. Christian was given a nice certificate of appreciation  at the monthly meeting of the Connections Chapter of the American Business Women's Association at Anne Marie's at Devonshire Place. The certificate was made by Katy Garcia, Vice President and Presented by Marci Loven, President. This chapter provides great networking opportunities for entrepreneurs.  Dr. Christian is Scheduled to speak at their July meeting.

    American Business Women's Association Website

    Inside Outside contributed several items for the San Antonio Aggie Mom's Annual Barbeque and Fund Raiser held at Aggie Park on 5 Feb 05.  The live auction buyer of the 20 Session SuperSlow®/Zone program was Becky Henley.    Aggie Mom's Website.




    The Valero Health Fair on 27 Jan 05 attracted many to our booth manned by Amanda Antonini and Nancy Flater. There were 31 Door Prizes given to employees including 25 DXA Bone Density Scans, 5 MicroDerms and the Grand Prize, 16 SuperSlow® Sessions.  Many of the winners have come by to claim their prizes and we added 70 more names to our Newsletter Mailing List.


    During the month of February there aired a series of Public Service Announcements regarding our offer of a free SuperSlow Session and DXA Body Composition. During March there will more more PSA about our Free Facial Analysis.  KZEP Web Site._


    Dr. Christian's interview with Karen Clauss of Magic 105 was reaired on 13 Feb 05 with a very good response.  The interview focuses on SuperSlow® and the Zone Nutrition Program and nails down the importance of these two strategies as the best to lose fat and maintain or increase muscle at the same time.





    City Pages Magazine ran another very sophisticated ad in their February Magazine featuring Inside Outside. We are planning several more using the same theme in the coming months. Check out their Website  Here._

    Amanda's SuperSlow®  Corner  Body Composition Testing


    Amanda Antonini, SuperSlow® Instructor, discusses various body composition techniques..If the goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, we need to know where we are to know where to go.  You guessed it, Inside Outside has the presently recognized Gold Standard for Body Composition Testing.  The DXA Scanner.


    Intense Pulsed Light Skin PhotoRejuvenation March Promotion.

    We all hate those brown pigmented lesions which occur on our face as we age or due to too much sun exposure. Our Quantum Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) "FotoFacial" system is perfect to rid our faces and other areas of these unattractive lesions.  IPL can also rid the face of those little red or blue blood vessels we see on the cheeks or nose. IPL Special through March. 

    Flash me Doc...

    Book Dr. Christian for a Seminar and Earn 8 SuperSlow Sessions.

    Book The Doctor for a

    Meeting or Seminar

    More Benefits for 32 Session Members!!  Are you a member of a club or Group?  Talk to your Program Chairman and Book Dr. Christian to speak to your group and earn 8 more SuperSlow
    ® Sessions or $200 of Spa Services! If anyone from the seminar signs up for a 32 Session program you earn either 8 SuperSlow® sessions or $200 worth of spa services. or a combination of these!            In addition, SuperSlow® 32 Session clients now are eligible for 50% off on most Spa Services and 25% off gift certificates for Spa Services.

    Dr. Sear's New Book, "The Anti-Inflammation Zone"!


    Dr. Sears has just published his newest book, "The Anti-Inflammatory Zone" This book highlights the silent inflammation most of us are suffering which leads to many serious illnesses. 


      Smother the Fire..Read More..Sign up for Dr. Sears' Newsletter.



    Member Spotlight: Polly Gurley, CrossTelecom and Woodworking

    Polly Gurley read about Dr. Christian in the Express News article about Growth Hormone, did some Internet Research and has decided to let Inside Outside be her Partner in Health.  She has been selling Telephone Systems to Businesses for 25 years. For the past 3 years she has been an Account Executive for Crosstelecom and sells AVAYA Telephone Systems.  Her passion and sideline business is the design and creation of custom made pens, bowls etc using exotic wood. Check out Hill Country Woodworking!!  CrossTelecom Web Site_


    Specializing in Native and exotic Woodturning ProductsHand Crafted Wooden Ink Pen & Pencil Sets, Bowls and Wine Stoppers

    Hill Country Woodworking Web Site

    Angie Wins! Theatregoers" Choice Awards 2005!








    Angela Christian won the Theatregoers' Choice Award as the Best Supporting Actress in a New Musical for her performance of the Title Role in the "Woman In White" playing at the Palace Theatre in London. She is shown here with Maria Freedman, Best Actress in a New Musical & Andrew Lloyd Weber. More Here.

     Official "Woman in White" Web Site, Spooky Music.


    Angela Interviewed!

    Playbill Online: Brief Encounter with Angela Christian  

    This Month's SuperSlow® Star George Ellis

    At Age 78, Stronger,  Younger, Hunkier...

    Read his story


    Check out Our SuperSlow®

    Star Archive


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