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March 2005

 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside! 

It's March, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Spring Break and Fiesta Kicks Off.  Our wishes to you! "As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction! Irish Blessing   More Irish Quotes



in this issue
  • This Month's SuperSlow® Star: Dan Young
  • Dr. Christian "4th Component of Optimal Health: Exercise- Part 4!"
  • Dawn on Back to the Basics: "Water: Part 2 The Most Essential Nutrient"
  •   Basal Metabolic Testing Now Available! New Research Study
  • Marketing Update - Seminars, Radio and POSH 2005 Bridal Show!
  • Amanda's SuperSlow® Corner: The 7 Preliminary Considerations
  • New Spa Manager Noel Noble, Aesthetician and Physical Trainer!
  • Promotion: Book Dr.  C for a Seminar & earn 8 SS Sessions
  • Dr. Sears New Book "The Anti-Inflammation Zone"!
  • Member Spotlight Michele Yamin, Four Sisters Catering, Inc.
  • Dr. Christian and Amanda Invited to Fiesta 2005 Kick Off!
  • Dr. Christian's Update on the 6 Components of Optimal Health


    This month is the final leg on my first person journey to  understanding the distinction between "Recreation and Exercise". April 2003, SuperSlow Level 1 Instructor Certification and on..



    Part 4: Journey to Maxed Out Ectomorph.......Read on...
    Back to the Basics: Water, Part 2 The Most Essential Nutrient.



    Dr. Christian likes to make the point that at Inside Outside "We are Radical, because.. We insist on the Basics"  Nothing is more basic than our requirements for water... Last month we wrote about "Why" water was important. This month "How Much" and "What Kind". Here's our best thinking on these topics..

    " Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over." -- Mark Twain, 1884

    True Basal Metabolic Testing Now Available..

    The SuperSlow
    ® Zone Franchise has asked Inside Outside to evaluate the Korr Metabolic Rate Analysis System for use at their franchises through a research study.  This device measures the amount of oxygen that your body uses over a 10minute period when resting and uses that information to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate.  This is a more accurate measurement than using a formula which takes into account only your age, weight and height and does not consider how much lean mass you have.  Using this information we can target more accurately the calorie intake you need for weight loss.  In our April Newsletter we will be writing more about this device and how we intend to use it.

    Marketing Update - Seminars,  Radio & POSH 2005 Bridal Show!!


    The March edition of San Antonio Good News featured our offer of a Free DXA Body Composition Analysis, Zone Prescription and a Free SuperSlow® Workout!

     San Antonio Good News Website




    On 22 Mar 05, Dr. Christian gave his Seminar entitled "The 6 Components of  Optimal Health and Aging"  with an emphasis on Combining the Zone Nutrition Program and SuperSlow® Strength Training for employees of Zachry Construction. Door prizes were 3  DXA Bone Density Scans, 2 MicroDerms and the Grand Prize, 16 SuperSlow Sessions!

    Zachry Website.


    During the month of March there aired a series of Public Service Announcements regarding our offer of a free Facial Analysis.  KZEP Web Site._


    Dr. Christian's interview with Karen Clauss of Magic 105 was reaired again in March.  The interview focuses on SuperSlow® and the Zone Nutrition Program and nails down the importance of these two strategies as the best way to lose fat and maintain or increase muscle at the same time.


    Inside Outside will introduce their Bridal Boot Camp at POSH 2005 on 15 May 2005.  POSH 2005 is produced by Stephanie Brunner, a San Antonio Based Wedding Coordinator and Design Consultant.  Unlike conventional bridal shows, POSH Brides is an elite bridal event focused on enabling brides and grooms to visit one-on-one with wedding professionals in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Visit Stephanie's Exquisite Events  and the POSH 2005 Site_




    Speaking of Brides, Christina Alfaro Tatavak, The Daughter of SuperSlow® Client Deena Alfaro was featured on the cover of the Spring Edition of Texas Brides!   Deena is a Testing Coordinator at Northside Independent School district.       Larger Version

    Amanda's SuperSlow®  Corner:  The 7 Preliminary Considerations


    Amanda Antonini, SuperSlow® Instructor, discusses the 7 Preliminary Considerations that Ken Hutchins, the founder of SuperSlow has deemed important to cover prior to a SuperSlow® workout.  The first two are "Breathe" and "Nothing in Mouth".


    New Spa Manager: Noel Noble, Aesthetician and Physical Trainer

    We are pleased to announce that Noel Noble will arrive in early April as our new Medical Spa Manager.  She is a Graduate of the University of Mississippi with a BA in Psychology. She has numerous certifications in Spa Services and has also had much experience as a personal trainer with certifications from the American Council on Exercise and Resistance Training Certification from The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research. Get ready for some remolding of your mind, skin and body!!  We welcome you Noel.

    Book Dr. Christian for a Seminar and Earn 8 SuperSlow Sessions.

    Book The Doctor for a

    Meeting or Seminar

    More Benefits for 32 Session Members!!  Are you a member of a club or Group?  Talk to your Program Chairman and Book Dr. Christian to speak to your group and earn 8 more SuperSlow® Sessions or $200 of Spa Services! If anyone from the seminar signs up for a 32 Session program you earn either 8 SuperSlow® sessions or $200 worth of spa services. or a combination of these!            In addition, SuperSlow
    ® 32 Session clients now are eligible for 50% off on most Spa Services and 25% off gift certificates for Spa Services.

    Dr. Sear's New Book, "The Anti-Inflammation Zone"!


    Dr. Sears has just published his newest book, "The Anti-Inflammatory Zone" This book highlights the silent inflammation most of us are suffering which leads to many serious illnesses. 


      Smother the Fire..Read More..Sign up for Dr. Sears' Newsletter.



    Member Spotlight: Michele Yamin, Four Sisters Catering, Inc

    Michele Yamin, owner and executive chef, has been in the catering business for 14 years. Michele is famous for her home cooked meals and her creation of all the recipes for Four Sisters Catering. Michele personally hand picks all of the produce and menu items to provide the freshest foods for your occasions. She has been a chef for Mardi Gras Café as well as French Quarter Grill, which provides her with an enormous array of delectable dishes and treats. Her precise detail to cooking puts Four Sisters Catering over the top in gourmet foods. Michele Yamin is one serious executive chef!  If you have been to Houston, you know about Jamail Family Market.  Michele was their executive chef for 7 years prior to coming to San Antonio.

    Four Sisters Catering Inc, Web Site.


    Dr. Christian and Amanda Help Kick off Fiesta 2005!


    SuperSlow® Clients Dick and Stella Nelson invited Dr. Christian and Amanda to be their guests at the Candlelight Ball of Robert D. Tips, Rey Feo LVII,  on 4 March 05.  This event is the formal event that kicks off the Fiesta Season and raises money for LULAC Rey Feo Scholarships.

    Click on Pics for Bigger


    More Pictures of the Gala!


    Robert D. Tips, Rey Feo LVII, President Mission Funeral Homes



    Visit the San Antonio Fiesta 2005 Web Site!  


    Fiesta History at Handbook of Texas Online

    This Month's SuperSlow® Star Dan Young

    Dan needed to lose weight, get Stronger.  Welcome to the 500 Club Dan!

    Read his story


    Check out Our SuperSlow®

    Star Archive


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