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July 2005

 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside! 

The Summer heat is in full swing.  You can be cool though! Join us at Inside Outside!  


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  • This Month's SuperSlow® Star: Luke Drapal
  • Dr. Christian "5th Component: Hormone Optimization, Growth Hormone!"
  • Dawn on Back to the Basics: "Minerals, Part 4, I need my Calcium!"
  • Shirley Adriance 1st Woman in the Coveted 500Club!
  • Marketing Update -  Seminars, Radio  and POSH 2005 Bridal Show!
  • Amanda's SuperSlow® Corner: The "Mind Body Connection!"
  • Noel Noble, Medical Spa Manager Announces August Promotions!!
  • Promotion: Book Dr.  C for a Seminar & earn 8 SS Sessions
  • Check out this Great Raw Vegetable Salad made by Michelle Yamin!
  • Member Spotlight: Marlene Ring, Certified Pet Dog Trainer!
  • SS Member Sonya Graham R.N. Performs Celtic Music in Concert!
  • Dr. Christian's Update on the 6 Components of Optimal Health


    Human Growth Hormone! There may not be a more controversial area in Hormone Optimization than the topic of whether or not it is advisable to supplement with Human Growth Hormone.  Is there really a legitimate role for adding this hormone to your Optimal Health Plan?


     Part 3 Isn't Growth Good?......Read on...
    Back to the Basics: Minerals Part 4: I Need my Calcium?...



    Dr. Christian likes to make the point that at Inside Outside "We are Radical, because.. We insist on the Basics"  This month we focus on Calcium. "Why" is it important and "How Much" do we need.  Guess what! It helps with Fat Loss! I thought that would get your attention!

    Shirley Adriance, 1st Woman in Coveted 500 Club!!"


    Shirley Adriance, a Registered Nurse from Del Rio, is our first woman to join the Coveted 500 Club.  This requires performing 6 repetitions in good form with 500lbs on the SuperSlow® Leg Press.  What makes her accomplishment so remarkable is that she has been working out only one time a week!  She started out at 280lbs and after only 22 sessions over a 5 month period she reached the 500lbs level!  Congratulations Shirley!

    So....... Who's next Amanda?      500 Club


    Marketing Update - Seminars,  Magic 105 Interview, SA Wedding Story!


    Dr. Christian's interview with Karen Clauss of Magic 105 aired first on 3 Jul 05. This interview featured the Bridal Boot Camp we have recently unveiled in San Antonio.  The 30min interview focused on our 2 month crash program to teach new brides effective exercise, nutrition and skin care strategies and to improve their appearance for that special day.  Check out Karen's Custom Cake Design Service.  Karen Bio  


    Dr. Christian was busy in July on the Seminar Circuit.  He spoke to the Weston Solutions Employees on 14 July, USAA on 20 July and Clark American on 27 July!  These seminars are sponsored by Kaiser Medical Management which arranges health fairs and wellness seminars for Companies and their employees.

    Clark American Website.    Weston Solutions



    Dr. Christian's interview with Dina Cortez about our Bridal Boot Camp "The Buff Bride"  has been posted at the SanAntonio Weddings Magazine Web Site dealing with programs available for new brides to prepare them for the wedding.  In addition, Inside Outside's Bridal Boot Camp is advertised on the web site and in The Sanantonio weddings magazine.   Visit the The Buff Bride Interview. 


    Inside Outside introduced their Bridal Boot Camp

    at POSH 2005 on 15 May 2005.  POSH 2005 was produced by Stephanie Brunner, a San Antonio Based Wedding Coordinator and Design Consultant.  Unlike conventional bridal shows, POSH Brides was an elite bridal event focused on enabling brides and grooms to visit one-on-one with wedding professionals in a relaxed atmosphere.  Pictured are Dr. Christian, Amanda Antonini, Dawn Blem and Noel Noble. Click for Larger Picture.

    Visit Stephanie's Exquisite Events  and the POSH 2005 Site Click for Larger picture


    Amanda's SuperSlow®  Corner:  The "Mind Body Connection"


    Amanda Antonini, SuperSlow® Instructor, writes about the "Mind Body Connection".  "I love you for your mind and what it makes your body do" or something like that!


    Your Mind or Your Body ..Read on..

    Noel's Corner:  August Specials, Facial Specials Back to School!


    Remove that Summer Sun Damage

     Pamper Yourself in Time for Back to School

    AntiOxidant Facial

     Glycolic Peel

     Microdermabrasion or

    Oxygen Facial

    4 One hour Treatments for $240, a $400 Value

    Book Dr. Christian for a Seminar and Earn 8 SuperSlow Sessions.


    Book The Doctor for a

    Meeting or Seminar


    More Benefits for 32 Session Members!!  Are you a member of a club or Group?  Talk to your Program Chairman and Book Dr. Christian to speak to your group and earn 8 more SuperSlow® Sessions or $200 of Spa Services! If anyone from the seminar signs up for a 32 Session program you earn either 8 SuperSlow® sessions or $200 worth of spa services. or a combination of these!            In addition, SuperSlow® 32 Session clients now are eligible for 50% off on most Spa Packages and 25% off gift certificates for Spa Services.

    Check out this Great Raw Vegetable Salad made by Michell Yamin
















    These beautiful organic vegetables grown in the organic garden of Clients Judy Smith and Jill Moody and were given to the staff of Inside Outside.  Dr. Christian asked Michelle Yamen, Chief Chef and Owner of 4 Sisters Catering to make a salad!  Michelle came through with a delightful marinated masterpiece!!  Give her your vegies and let her create one for you! 

    Four Sisters Catering Inc, Web Site.   Contact her at 210-349-4040



    Member Spotlight: Marlene Ring, Certified Pet Dog Trainer!

    If your pooch uses the fork instead of the spoon to eat it's soup, it needs a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) and a Dog Manners Class!   SuperSlow Member Marlene Ring is a CPDT and trains in the Boerne and San Antonio area and is the owner of PAWSitive Solutions Dog and Puppy Training.   There was a recent article in the Boerne Star about her. Willey (Left) Marlene (Right). Click on the Boerne Star Logo for the Story! 

     Contact her at 830-981-5003

    SuperSlow Member Sonya Graham R.N., Performs Celtic Music!

    SuperSlow Member, Sonya Graham R. N. is a Member of a Musical Group, Sally's Garden.  Sally's Garden is a San Antonio based acoustic trio . They play a range of traditional Irish, Scottish, Bluegrass and American folk tunes as well as original songs in these styles. The members are: John Wiesen (left), guitar and vocals; Sonya Graham (center) sings and plays mandolin; and Sally Wiesen (right) on fiddle and vocals.  If you need a group for a gig, give them a call!  They have upcoming performances on 31 Jul at the Blue Cactus Cafe and on 6 Aug at Sam's Burger Joint and Otter's!  Checkout details of their schedule at their website!  Sally's Garden Web Site.

    This Month's SuperSlow® Star Luke Drapal

    Luke got a lot stronger without getting bigger!

    Read his story


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