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August 2005

 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside! 

School has started.  Now let's think about "A Whole New You" , get ready for the holidays and all those admiring looks at those parties! 


in this issue
  • This Month's SuperSlow® Star: Lynda Hernandez
  • Dr. Christian "5th Component: "Hormone Optimization, DHEA?"
  • Dawn on Back to the Basics: "Minerals, Part 4,  Magnesium Please!"
  • WANTED Testimonials about your New Strength & How it Helps You!
  • Marketing Update -  Seminars & Silent Auction in September !
  • Amanda's SuperSlow® Corner: "Ms. America's Last Column!"
  • September Spa Promotions!!  Intense Pulsed Light Promotion!
  • Mary Williams, a real Zone fan, Opens her Food Diary!!
  • Fiona, Irish Wolfhound Checks out SuperSlow®!
  • Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Battros, Owner, Mitchell's Pub!
  • SS Member Sonya Graham R.N. Performs Celtic Music in Concert!
  • Dr. Christian's Update on the 6 Components of Optimal Health


    Dr Christian continues his series about Hormone Optimization.  This Month's topic involves a hormone which is available over the counter.  Should DHEA  be part of your Optimal Health Program?


     Part 5 DHEA, a government agency or what?......Read on...
    Back to the Basics: Minerals Part 5: Magnesium...



    Dr. Christian likes to make the point that at Inside Outside "We are Radical, because.. We insist on the Basics"  This month we focus on Magnesium. "Why" is it important and "How Much" do we need.  It's a fun word to say, so let's learn something about it!

    Wanted: Testimonials about your New Strength and how it helps you!!"

    If you have heard Dr. Christian's SuperSlow Zone Orientation Seminar, you know that "The Only Guarantee we make is that you are going to get STRONGER!  There is no way you can work out like this and not get STRONGER!."  Many of you tell us daily about how your new strength has changed something about your life, you do things easier, quicker and your endurance is improved.  Here is your chance to write us and give us a small testimonial about how your new strength has helped you personally!   Submit Testimonial!

    Marketing Update - Seminars, Silent Auction in September

    Dr. Christian will talk to members of the Connections Chapter of the American Business Women's Association on 6 Sep 05 at their monthly meeting at Ann Marie's on Devonshire Place.  His topic will be

    SuperSlow® Strength Training.


    Inside Outside will be offering several items for the upcoming "For the Love of Kids & Harleys" Gala Silent Auction to be held on 7 Sep 05 at the SBC Center.  The Guest Auctioneer is George Strait with entertainment by Clint Black.  Check out the event at the For the Love of Kids & Harleys Site!

    Amanda's SuperSlow®  Corner:  Ms. America's Last Column


    Amanda Antonini, SuperSlow® Instructor, and affectionately know as "Ms. America" to at least one of our clients, will be leaving Inside Outside in September to manage a wellness and fitness program for a local corporation. We have all benefited from her knowledge and pursuit of the "perfect form"!  We will all miss you and wish you continued success!


    Parting Comments from Ms. America ..Read on..

    September Spa Specials


    Remove that Accumulated Sun Damage

    Brown Spots, Aging Spots, Uneven Pigmentation, Small Blood Vessels

    Series of 5 Intense Pulsed Light Treatments (6th Free)

    $1000, Normally $1250


    Mary Williams, a Real Zone Fan, Opens her Food Diary!.


    SuperSlow® Member Mary Williams is shown reviewing her food diary with Dawn Blem, Inside Outside Nutritionist.  Dawn asks each of the members to keep a week long detailed food diary and Mary keeps the neatest, most detailed diary of all of our clients.  Dawn can analyze the meals and snacks and make suggestions to fine tune their programs.

    We have included a link to a copy of Mary Williams Food Diary for you to review!  Congratulations are also due to Dawn. She passed her final examination for her certification as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist!  Way to Go, Dawn!! Read about this Certification at International Association of Clinical Nutritionists. 


    Fiona, a Irish Wolfhound checks out SuperSlow!!


    Catherine "Cat" Davenport Pollock, came to SuperSlow® via referral

    from our SuperSlow® Star of the Month, Lynda Hernandez. Cat is a 2nd year Medical Student also. She recently brought by her Irish Wolfhound "Fiona" to check out SuperSlow.  Fiona was a search and rescue dog but developed severe arthritis about 2 years ago and was in the pound and nearing her death when Cat rescued her.  Fiona was about 40lbs overweight and Cat put her on the Zone Diet with great results as you can see!   Fiona lost a little too much muscle along the way and after a few Doggie SuperSlow Sessions is no longer Sarcopenic!!



    Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Battros, Owner Mitchell's Pub.5th Year Party!


    SuperSlow® Member, Elizabeth Battros is the Owner of Mitchell's Pub, a popular gathering place on Lockhill Selma.   This Friday Night, 26 August, beginning at 7PM they will be celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Mitchell's Pub!  Let's join Elizabeth at Mitchell's! Mitchell's Pub Web Site 

    1923 Lockhill Selma, San Antonio, TX 78213  

     (210) 979-7720   Map to Mitchell's Pub

    SuperSlow Member Sonya Graham R.N., Performs Celtic Music!

    SuperSlow Member, Sonya Graham R. N. is a Member of a Musical Group, Sally's Garden.  Sally's Garden is a San Antonio based acoustic trio . They play a range of traditional Irish, Scottish, Bluegrass and American folk tunes as well as original songs in these styles. The members are: John Wiesen (left), guitar and vocals; Sonya Graham (center) sings and plays mandolin; and Sally Wiesen (right) on fiddle and vocals.  If you need a group for a gig, give them a call!  They have upcoming performances 28 August at the Blue Cactus Cafe, 3-6PM.  Checkout details of their schedule at their website!  Sally's Garden Web Site.

    This Month's SuperSlow® Star Lynda Hernandez

    Lynda, a busy wife,  new mom and 2nd Year Medical Student wanted lose weight and shape up!

    Read her story


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