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June 2006

 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside! 

It's June and it's "HOT" Outside but be Steve McQueen "COOL" at Inside Outside!  Join Le Chasseur and his adventure NOW and make this the best summer of your life!    


in this issue
  • This Month's SuperSlow Star: Lari McCauley R.N.
  • Dr. Christian and an example of a "High Protein Day in the Zone" 
  • Vitamins!  Vital to our health, Part 2 Vitamin A is not "Alcohol"
  • Arthritis Today Article about SuperSlow and Arthritis!!
  • Learn More about the Zone, Check out some "Unofficial" Zone Internet sites!
  • Dr. Ehrlund, our SuperSlow Veterinarian treats a 450lb Siberian Tiger!
  • Amanda Antonini, Former Staff member, looking gooooood at the "Texas Shredder"! 
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion! No More Crystals!
  • Javani Procedure for Deep Skin Moisturizing and Much More!! 
  • Member Spotlight: Blake Yantis, Photographer!
  • Marketing Update: Transplants for Kids and KLRN Blazing Gavel Auction.
  • Dr. Christian & a great example of a "High Protein Day in the Zone"


    We have noticed over the years that many of our members have difficulty selecting low fat protein sources for their Zone snacks and meals.  Dr. Christian recently created a nice flyer of a great High Protein Day in the Zone.  Check out the selections that helped Le Chasseur lose 10lbs in 7 weeks. You can do it!


    Vitamins, these are vital, New Series Part 2 Vitamin A




    Vitamine was the term coined by Casimir Funk, a Polish Biochemist, (1884-1967) for the unidentified substances present in food which could prevent the diseases scurvy, beriberi, and pellagra. This is the pioneer work in the study of vitamins in which Funk reviews his research work and postulates his theory of the existence of vitamines, essential factors in the diet.  This month we begin our series on the Vitamins.  Part 2 Vitamin A does not mean "Alcohol"

    Click on Mr. Vitamin to learn about Vitamin A!...

    Arthritis Today Magazine article about SuperSlow exercise.

    The April Issue of Arthritis Today featured a lead article about how The SuperSlow technique of strength training is a great strategy for those with arthritis. The magazine is a publication of the Arthritis Foundation.           


        "a Super Slow Workout", Arthritis Today Apr 06

    Check out some of the "unofficial" Zone Diet Sites!

    In my early days of learning about the Zone, I went to a certification course in San Francisco.  There were about 100 attendees and only about 10 of them were actual health professionals.  The remainder were lay people who had become Zone advocates and wanted to learn more to teach their family and friends.  Many of these have established their own Zone sites to help spread the word.  Check out these sites!

    Australian Zone Site    "Get Zoned!"

    Enter the Zone is one of those sites where you can learn much about the Zone and how to apply it.  The more you know about good food choices the faster you will reach your goals.

    "Enter The Zone Diet"


    Check out the Zone at Wikepedia "Zone Diet at WikipediA"


    Dr. Ehrlund, our SuperSlow Veterinarian treats a Siberian Tiger!


    Dr. Loretta Ehrlund, Veterinarian, SuperSlow Client and Owner of Heritage Animal Hospital continues her great adventures, this time with a 450lb Siberian Tiger named Bubba who is a resident of the Wild Animal Orphanage located here in Bexar County. Check out her recent encounter with him and a few more pictures.    


       Dr. E and Bubba....

    Amanda Antonini, former Staff Member, Looking good at the Texas Shredder!


    Amanda Antonini, former Inside Outside Staff Member and SuperSlow Instructor has recently won several awards at the "2006 Texas Shredder Classic".  She worked incredibly hard for this, her first competition, and has set a great example of what can be accomplished with very strict and demanding diet and exercise strategies.   She has written a short article about her adventure and the journey to get there...

    Amanda, looking goood........


    Diamond Microdermabrasion, No More Annoying Crystals.

    Inside Outside is now offering Diamond Microdermabrasion as an alternative to the Aluminum Oxide Crystal Microdermabrasion many of you are accustomed to.  The Diamond Microdermabrasion is a cleaner technique and produces a very smooth Polished skin surface which is cleaned of dead skin and debris.  We will follow each Diamond Microdermabrasion with the "Javani Procedure" discussed in the next section.  For those of you who have tried the Diamond Microdermabrasion, you know how good your skin feels and without the "Wind burned" and "Stinging" feeling associated with the Crystal Method.

      More Information about Diamond Microdermabrasion...

    The Javani Procedure,  Let's get wet!!


    The key to healthy skin and for that matter the rest of our body is adequate hydration.  Our skin is 70% water and drinking enough water helps our skin, but the sun and the aging process degrade the collagen in our skin as we age.  Collagen and another molecule, hyaluronic acid, are the sponges that hold water in our skin.  We now have a technique to markedly increase the hydration in your skin with the use of the Javani Collagen Gel and using the SmartSound electrical stimulation to open the pores and Ultrasound to force the collagen into the epidermis which pulls moisture into the dermis.  The result is softer and fuller skin which is healthier and more radiant.  We will be using the "Javani Procedure" in association with all of our other procedures which tend to dehydrate the skin such as  Microdermabrasion, Intense Pulsed Light and Glycolic Peels.

    Visit the "Javani Site"

    Member Spotlight: Blake Yantis,  Sleight of Hand Photography!


    SuperSlow member Blake Yantis is an accomplished Nature Photographer.  He  got his first camera at age eight and has studied in both the U.S. and Italy and recently in Yosemite National Park. Blake and his wife Jennifer plan a year long road trip soon to photograph 8 U.S. National Parks.  Check out some of his amazing work at his site.  

    Sleight of Hand Photography, Blake Yantis

    Marketing:  Silent Auction and KLRN Blazing Gavels coming soon!

    Inside Outside donated a 16 Session SuperSlow Zone program and a Diamond Microdermabrasion package for the Transplants for Children 7th Annual Summer Concert Event Fund Raiser held on 1 Jun 06 at the Pearl Stables. Several of our SuperSlow members, Tom Yantis and Terry Black are longtime supporters of this organization.  Transplants for Children is the only agency of its kind in San Antonio and is dedicated to assisting young organ and tissue transplant recipients and their families in effectively coping with the emotional, financial and social challenges which arise before, during and after transplantation.  Bonni Lundy another Inside Outside Client is the Executive Director.   

    Transplants for Children Web Site.



    Inside Outside will once again support the PBS Television Station, KLRN, by donating a 32 Session SuperSlow/Zone Program, A Non Invasive Extreme Makeover Program and a Diamond Microdermabrasion Package.  The Auction will air 8-14 Jun 2006 and Dr. Christian and the Inside Outside staff will serve as volunteers on several nights to answer phone calls and promote the items they have donated.

     Visit the   KLRN Site.       KLRN Blazing Gavels Site

    Revolutionary! Product of the Year!

    Zeno, For Resolution of those Pesky Pimples in 24-48hrs!

    Coming Soon!

    Place your Order Now!

    Learn More about Zeno





    This Month's SuperSlow Star Lari McCauley R.N.

    Lari is one of a number of Nurses who are living the Inside Outside Lifestyle. She is

     really strong!!

    Read her story


    Check out the SuperSlow

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