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October 2006

 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside! 

It's October, still time to get in shape and lose some weight before those Holiday Parties where you see people only once a year! Imagine those admiring looks...then tell them about us!   


in this issue
  • This Month's SuperSlow® Star: Kacee Surratt
  • Dr. Christian asks? "Can your Calcium Supplement make you fat?"  Hidden Calories!
  • Vitamins!  Vital to our health, Part 3 The B Vitamins, Overview.
  • New York Times Series on Aging, The Frailty Factor..
  • Special to the end of the Year! Your First Diamond Microdem & Javani for $50.00!
  • Ralph Bender and Liz Fritz Featured in South Texas Fitness & Health!
  • Dr. Christian writes Lead Article for SuperSlow® Zone Summer Newsletter!
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion! No More Crystals!
  • Javani Procedure for Deep Skin Moisturizing and Much More!! 
  • Member Spotlight: Ruby Muza, Wedding Photographer.
  • Marketing Update: Rotary Club Seminar and Wings Silent Auction!
  • Dr. Christian asks? "Can your Calcium Supplement make you Fat?"

    One of our clients recently brought in this Calcium Supplement and asked my opinion about it.  Guess what, taking this supplement can lead to gaining 73lbs of fat over 10 years.  In the next few issues  Le Chasseur will hunt down some hidden calories which might be sabotaging your weight control efforts. Check out the details!    

    Can my Calcium Supplement Make me Fat?

    Vitamins, these are vital, New Series Part 3 , The B Vitamins, Overview




    Vitamine was the term coined by Casimir Funk, a Polish Biochemist, (1884-1967) for the unidentified substances present in food which could prevent the diseases scurvy, beriberi, and pellagra. This is the pioneer work in the study of vitamins in which Funk reviews his research work and postulates his theory of the existence of vitamines, essential factors in the diet.  We continue our series on the Vitamins.  Part 3 The B Vitamins, Overview

    Click on Mr. Vitamin to learn about the B Vitamins

    New York Times series on Aging and the Frailty Factor...

    A recent 3 part series on the aging process and the part that loss of muscle, leading to weakness and loss of function appeared in the New York Times.  If you can't walk a quarter of a mile you are in big trouble...  You may need to register to read this article.     


        Old but Not Frail: A Matter of Heart and Head

    Special to the end of the year.  Your First Diamond Microderm & Javani for $50

     Special to the End of the Year

    Your First Diamond Microderm & Javani Procedure for $50.00, a $125.00 value!  If you have not tried it, Buy one for Yourself or Treat a Friend!


    Ralph Bender and Liz Fritz featured in Fitness & Health Magazine!


     Long time SuperSlow Clients Ralph Bender and Liz Fritz were the on the cover and were the subjects of the feature article in the October 2006 edition of South Texas Fitness and Health Magazine.  Inspired by Amanda Antonini and her success at the Texas Shredder, Liz is preparing for the Alamo Showdown Classic, All Natural Figure and Fitness Event to be held at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre on Saturday 14 Oct 06.  Prejudging is at 10AM and the Finals at 6PM. Let's go and cheer for Liz!!  Check out their article at Fitness and Health  Online Magazine.

    Dr. Christian writes lead article for SuperSlow Zone Summer Newsletter!


    Dr. Christian was asked by the SuperSlow Zone Franchise to write the lead article for their Summer 2006 Newsletter.  The Title of the article was "Putting It Together" taken from a piece written by Barbara Streisand for her Broadway Album.

     "Bit by bit, Putting it together
    Piece by piece, Only way to make a work of art
    Every moment makes a contribution
    Every little detail plays a parts
    Having just a vision's no solution
    Everything depends on execution!

    Bit by bit, Putting it together
    Piece by piece, Working on the vision night and day
    All it takes is time and perseverance
    And a little luck along the way
    Putting in a personal appearance
    Gathering supporters and adherents
    Having just a vision's no solution
    Everything depends on execution!"


    Check out his article and the SuperSlow Zone Summer 2006 Newsletter


    Diamond Microdermabrasion, No More Annoying Crystals.

    Inside Outside is now offering Diamond Microdermabrasion as an alternative to the Aluminum Oxide Crystal Microdermabrasion many of you are accustomed to.  The Diamond Microdermabrasion is a cleaner technique and produces a very smooth Polished skin surface which is cleaned of dead skin and debris.  We will follow each Diamond Microdermabrasion with the "Javani Procedure" discussed in the next section.  For those of you who have tried the Diamond Microdermabrasion, you know how good your skin feels and without the "Wind burned" and "Stinging" feeling associated with the Crystal Method.

      More Information about Diamond Microdermabrasion...

    The Javani Procedure,  Let's get wet!!


    The key to healthy skin and for that matter the rest of our body is adequate hydration.  Our skin is 70% water and drinking enough water helps our skin, but the sun and the aging process degrade the collagen in our skin as we age.  Collagen and another molecule, hyaluronic acid, are the sponges that hold water in our skin.  We now have a technique to markedly increase the hydration in your skin with the use of the Javani Collagen Gel and using the SmartSound electrical stimulation to open the pores and Ultrasound to force the collagen into the epidermis which pulls moisture into the dermis.  The result is softer and fuller skin which is healthier and more radiant.  We will be using the "Javani Procedure" in association with all of our other procedures which tend to dehydrate the skin such as  Microdermabrasion, Intense Pulsed Light and Glycolic Peels.

    Visit the "Javani Site"

    Member Spotlight: Ruby Muza, Wedding  Photographer!

    SuperSlow member Ruby Muza is one of San Antonio's premier wedding and event photographers. Specializing in capturing the spirit of her clients in a journalistic flattering way is what she enjoys most!  Her gift and talent lies in create a unique piece of art for her client's personality. This  has taken her all over the US and abroad photographing people from different cultures & all walks of life.        Visit


    Marketing:  Wings Silent Auction and Rotary Club Seminar

    Inside Outside has donated a Diamond Microdermabrasion Package and an 8 Session SuperSlow Program for the WINGS (Women Involved in Nurturing, Giving, Sharing) Seventh Annual Celebration of Life and Hope Gala to be held at the Hilton San Antonio Airport Hotel on Saturday, 14 October 2006.  WINGS  is a non-profit Texas Corporation whose mission is to bring top-quality breast care to women of San Antonio. The mission of WINGS is to provide comprehensive breast health care services to women in Central and South Texas regardless of their ability to pay. This includes funding for breast health care services, including physicians' fees, outpatient medication and hospital charges.                                    Wings Web Site.


    On 17 Oct 06, Dr. Christian will speak to the Kelly Lackland Rotary Club on "The 6 Components of Optimal Health and Aging" with emphasis on SuperSlow Strength Training and the Zone Nutrition Program.  The speaking engagement was arranged by Ralph Bender, long time Inside Outside Supporter.

    Revolutionary! Product of the Year!

    Zeno, For Resolution of those Pesky Pimples in 24-48hrs!

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    Learn More about Zeno




    This Month's SuperSlow® Star Kacee Surratt

    Kacee, a prior athlete wanted to regain her strength and shape up.  SuperSlow® and the Zone were just what she needed!

    Read her story


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