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Dec 2007

 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside!


It's the Holiday Season, treat yourself to a Diamond Microderm with Javani and glow at those parties and plan on getting "Pixeled" in the New Year!      Bring a Bauble for the Hi-Lo Gym and get a  SkinCeutical Sample of Your Choice.


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  • This Month's Inside Outside Star: Johnny Toy
  • Dr. Christian announces affiliation with Diet Chefs, Zone Meal Home Delivery. 
  • Vitamins!  Vital to our health, Part 7 The B Vitamins, Vitamin B7 - Biotin
  • Looking for some Inspiration? Check out this SuperSuperSlow Pull Up!
  • Dr.Christian Attends 5th Annual Calorie Restriction Conference.
  • Personalized Gift Certificates available for Christmas Giving!
  • Inside Outside Staff attends San Antonio Cardiovascular Society Dinner!
  • How to become an Organ Donor, The Official Donate Life Texas Website
  • The "Mini" Non Invasive Extreme Makeover, Every body needs at least one!  Great Value!
  • Member Spotlights: Jack Laurence Corporation and the Laurence Clan
  • Marketing Highlights: Seminar and Bexar County Medical Society Silent Auction!
  • Dr. Christian announces affiliation with Diet Chefs, Zone Meal Home Delivery!

     At Chefs Diet, we're always a telephone call away


    Inside Outside is now affiliated with the Chefs Diet Program which supplies Pre Made and Measured Meals and Snacks delivered to your home.  For those of you struggling with proper portions and the types of food it might be helpful to enroll in a program like this for a few months and learn the basics of proper eating. Click on the Chefs Diet Logo to check it out!



    Vitamins, these are vital, New Series Part 7 , The B Vitamins, Vitamin B7 Biotin




    Vitamine was the term coined by Casimir Funk, a Polish Biochemist, (1884-1967) for the unidentified substances present in food which could prevent the diseases scurvy, beriberi, and pellagra. This is the pioneer work in the study of vitamins in which Funk reviews his research work and postulates his theory of the existence of vitamines, essential factors in the diet.  We continue our series on the Vitamins.  Part 7 The B Vitamins, Vitamin B7, Biotin.

    Click on Mr. Vitamin to learn about the B Vitamins

    Want some Inspiration? Check out this SuperSuperSlow Pull Up!! 

    An Anesthesiologist in Indiana trains at Exercise Inc, owned by Bo Railey and located in Brownsville, Indiana.  Vee Ferguson, age 42, 210lbs, is one of the trainers at the facility and the Anesthesiologist recorded this video of Vee doing a 60sec Positive and 60sec Negative Pull Up recently and posted it on his Blog. This video has circulated through the rank and file of the HIT (High Intensity Training) Trainers and is a real inspiration to all of us seeking ultimate strength.   We will be getting a Pull Up Station in the New Year! So Get Ready!         Check the Blog entry entitled "Planks by Vee "    on 9 Dec 07 to view the video.

         Watch Vee do a SuperSuperSlow Pull Up!" 

    Dr. Christian Attends the 5th Annual Calorie Restriction Conference. 

    Dr Christian attended the 5th Annual Calorie Restriction Society Conference held in San Antonio 7-11 Nov.  The Society and it's members are studying the relationship between a reduced calorie intake and extension of lifespan in a variety of animal models.  I has been known since the 1930's from extensive scientific research that CRON (Calorie Restricted Optimal Nutrition) diets improve health and extend lifespans of nearly every species tested.  The members of this Society believe that it is likely that people who carefully adopt a CRON diet will see similar results.  Their goal is to help people of all ages live longer and healthier lives by eating fewer calories and maintaining optimal nutrition.

           The Calorie Restriction Website        Check out the Article of the Month

    Personalized Gift Certificates Available for Christmas Giving!

    Take advantage of our Personalized Gift Certificates for Christmas giving.  That Special person can enjoy a variety of Wellness or Spa Products, Services or even a Massage Package by Danika, our Massage Therapist.

                                         Check out Danika's Menu of Massage Services.                                            

    Inside Outside Staff Enjoys a Dinner at the San Antonio Cardiovascular Society.

    Dr.  Christian invited the Staff of Inside Outside Wellness Center to attend the 25th Anniversary Christmas Meeting of the San Antonio Cardiology Society held on 6 Dec 07 at the Plaza Club.  A special guest was Emily Skillman, a Inside Outside member and the Executive VP of Human Resources at Frost Bank.  The Plaza Club is located on the 21st floor of the Downtown Frost Bank Building where she has her office.  The speaker for the evening was Dr. Robert Chilton, Cardiologist and friend of Dr. Christian from his Air Force Days at Wilford Hall.  His topic was "Diet and Heart Disease.  Pictured from L-R Danika Lewis, Nancy Flater, Rosa Gonzales, Dr. C, Emily Skillman, Jill Niccum and Jody Ognowski. The mission of the Society is to provide superior cardiovascular educational opportunities to the medical community in San Antonio; Provide a meeting place for the exchange of ideas; Encourage good fellowship among health care providers who are interested in cardiovascular practice, research and training.

    How to become an Organ Donor, The Donate Life Texas Website

    Several members have asked how one becomes an Organ Donor in the event of unexpected death.  Dr. Christian has been an integral part of the Texas Transplant Institute Cardiac Transplant and Ventricular Device program since 1985 having served primarily as the surgeon who harvests the hearts and assists with Transplantation and other surgery.  Donate Life Texas is the Official Texas State Registry of those who have indicated their desire to be an organ donor.  When you apply for or renew your Drivers License at the DPS office you can register to be a donor.  The DPS will send you a confirmation letter and  Donor Card and your name will then be entered into the Donate Life Texas Registry.  You can also go directly to the Donate Life Texas Website and download the forms necessary to become a part of the Registry. There is a critical shortage of organs, tissues and eyes available for donation. There are more than 96,000 patients in the United States awaiting transplantation—more than 7,000 are Texans. Every 13 minutes, a new name is added to the national transplant waiting list. Every day, 17 people die waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. UNOS brings together medicine, science, public policy and technology to facilitate every organ transplant performed in the United States. Every day, UNOS assists transplant doctors, patients, and members of the public by helping to ensure that organs are procured and distributed in a fair and timely manner.     The UNOS Website.

      More Information at the Donate Life Texas Website.    

    The "Mini" Non Invasive Extreme Makeover, everybody needs one!  Great Value!!

    The addition of "Pixel" Skin Resurfacing and Infrared Skin tightening combined with Intense Pulsed light and Diamond Microdermabrasions now allow us to design what I will call our "Mini Non Invasive Extreme Makeover".  This combination of procedures performed over a 6-8 week period will allow clients to experience all these technologies at a very reasonable price. These procedures target areas which are of most concern to our clients including unwanted Pigmentation (browns and reds), Skin Texture and Tone, Fine Wrinkles, Acne Scarring and some Sagging. 

    NEW "Mini Non-Invasive Extreme Makeover",

     Details & Reduced Special Introductory Price of $750 good for the

    first 30 clients who purchase the "Mini" Package!

    More Information about Diamond Microdermabrasion...Visit the "Javani Site"

    Member Spotlight: Jack Laurence Corporation and the Laurence Clan

    We salute Inside Outside Members Jack Laurence and his Son Lynn and his wife Caroline.  Jack Laurence bought Allied Sheet-metal and Air Conditioning, a company founded in 1956, in 1962.  There were 7 employees.  In 1968 the company was incorporated as Jack Laurence Corporation.  Over the years they have fabricated metal products such as monkey feeders and cages for Southwest Foundation, floats for radio stations and duct work for our and other companies use.  Air conditioning was installed in houses, churches and retail outlets.  In 1981 Lynn Laurence joined the operation after graduating from Texas A & M.  In 1984 plumbing was added to the mix with larger projects being completed along the way.  Today we have 100 employees air conditioning, plumbing and fabricating metal for all over South Texas.  We have participated in the building of power plants, hospitals, hotels, meat plants, milk plants, grocery stores, theaters, jails, office buildings, schools, churches even buildings in the Kwajalein atoll.   In addition, service for A/C and plumbing is provided for both commercial and residential customers.  Caroline is an Operating Room Nurse in the Methodist Hospital.  Contact Jack Laurence Corporation at 210-696-0273 for your Plumbing and Air Conditioning Needs!!

    Marketing: BCMS Foundation Silent Auction & the San Antonio Breakfast Club

    Inside Outside donated an 8 Session Hi-Lo/Zone Program and a Microdermabrasion Package as items forthe Silent Auction for their Holiday Around the World Gala held 14 Dec 07.  The Foundation was created in 1995 by the Bexar County Medical Society (membership of physicians) and the Bexar County Medical Society Alliance (membership of physician spouses) as the philanthropic arm of the Society. Its mission is to support healthcare issues in the San Antonio community and increase educational opportunities in a healthcare careers. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to area students pursuing careers in the medical, nursing and other health-related careers and grants to community organizations.

    Bexar County Medical Society Foundation   

    San Antonio Breakfast Club

    Dr. Christian was invited by Inside Outside Member Lynn Laurence to be the Speaker at the 1 Nov 07 meeting of the San Antonio Breakfast Club.  The club is one of the oldest civic clubs in San Antonio tracing it's roots back to 1918 when several leaders and businessmen of the city began to meet for breakfast.  The Club was Incorporated in 1944 and meets every Thursday Morning at the Quarry Golf Club. Dr. Christian's topic was "Hi-Lo Strength Training"



     It was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well,

    if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us!

    And so, as Tiny Tim observed, "God Bless Us, Every One!"

    Charles Dickens

    Add some Holiday Spice to your Computer!


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