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Feb-Mar 2008

 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside!

It's February, Heart Month.  Much of what we do is aimed at preventing this common cause of death in men and women, and remember.                                           "To a young heart everything is fun"  Charles Dickens

Live Longer, Get Younger with us.

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in this issue
  • This Month's Inside Outside Star: Jack Laurence
  • Dr. Christian announces Inside Outside offers ArteFill, The First Filler To Last!!!
  • Vitamins!  Vital to our health, Part 9 The B Vitamins, Vitamin B12
  • February is the Official American Heart Month! 
  • Time Magazine Article "One meal to Good (or Bad) Health" You Are What You Eat!! 
  • Personalized Gift Certificates available for Valentines Day Giving!
  • Dr. Sears' New Site, Sign up for his Newsletters, Check out the Zone Cereal!
  • Check out the Chef's Diet Site, Zone Meals Delivered to your home.
  • The "Mini" Non Invasive Extreme Makeover, Every body needs at least one!  Great Value!
  • Member Spotlight: Wiede Cutshall, Professional Engineer, Cutshall Consulting.
  • Marketing Highlights: San Antonio Sports Foundation Gala and Silent Auction!
  • Dr. Christian announces ArteFill, the First Filler to Last!!!


    This is what everyone has been waiting for!!  An Injectable Filler designed to last.  Previously the only fillers available would last only 6 and at the most 8 months before you needed another injection. This produced Wallet and Needle Fatigue.  Now with ArteFill, we have a filler which in their 5 Year Study showed that the results at 5 years were as good as those at 1 year!!  Call today for your Complementary consultation and free Skin Test.  In addition there is a $150 rebate for your first injection!! We have product in stock! No More Deputy Dog Smile Lines!!

    More Info about Artefill

    Vitamins, these are vital, New Series Part 9 , The B Vitamins, Vitamin B12




    Vitamine was the term coined by Casimir Funk, a Polish Biochemist, (1884-1967) for the unidentified substances present in food which could prevent the diseases scurvy, beriberi, and pellagra. This is the pioneer work in the study of vitamins in which Funk reviews his research work and postulates his theory of the existence of vitamines, essential factors in the diet.  We continue our series on the Vitamins.  Part 9 The B Vitamins, Vitamin B12.                                                  Click on Mr. Vitamin to learn about the B Vitamins

    February is the Official American Heart Month, Check out some of these Links!! 

    For Every Heart, There’s A Story


    Cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, are our nation's No. 1 killer. To urge Americans to join the battle against these diseases, since 1963 Congress has required the president to proclaim February "American Heart Month." As a screening tool for the presence of Heart Disease everyone needs to have a Calcium CT Scan.  Ask Dr. Christian how to schedule yours!


         Learn the Heart Attack, Stroke and Cardiac Arrest Warning Signs 

    Sanjay Gupta M. D. "The Heart of a Woman"

    Time Magazine Article "One Meal to Good (or Bad) Health". 


    Dr. Sears has always said "The Zone is just one meal away".  This article and the article of the month highlight what he and Dr. Christian have been saying for years!!  Want to know how many cheeseburgers you'd have to eat before they start doing damage to your body? The answer, according to a review of new dietary research, is just one. Just one high-fat, high-sugar meal can trigger a biochemical cascade, causing inflammation of blood vessels and immediate, detrimental changes to the nervous system, according to the paper, published in January in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.  And just one healthy meal helps return your body to its optimal state. "Your health and vigor, at a very basic level, are as good as your last meal," says lead author James O'Keefe, head of preventive cardiology at the Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Mo.

     Time Magazine One Meal to Good (or Bad) Health    

     Check out the Article of the Month

    Personalized Gift Certificates Available for Valentines Day Giving!

    Valentine Gift Certificates Available

    Your First Diamond Microderm & Javani Procedure for $50.00, a $125.00 value! 

    If you have not tried it,   Buy one for Yourself or Treat a Friend!


    Take advantage of our Personalized Gift Certificates for Christmas giving.  That Special person can         enjoy a variety of Wellness or Spa Products, Services or even a 

     Massage Package by Danika, our Massage Therapist.

                                         Check out Danika's Menu of Massage Services.                                            

    Check out Dr. Sears' new web site and the Zone Cereal. Sign up for his Newsletters!


    Dr. Sears has recently completely redesigned his website and it is truly a goldmine of information about eating the Zone Way!! Please sign up for his many newsletters which cover topics such as Cancer, Diabetes, Dietary Immunology, Fetal and Childhood Development, Heart Disease, Immunological Disorders, Neurological Disorders and Obesity.  He gives link to the newest literature every quarter. We are now selling the new Zone Cereal which contains 28gm of Protein in 1 cup of cereal.  A half cup of Zone Cereal with a half pint of skim milk will provide you with 23 gm of protein and only 250 Calories!!  A great Zone Breakfast!

    Check out Dr. Sears.Com

    Inside Outside is affiliated with the Chefs Diet, Zone Meals delivered to your home.

     At Chefs Diet, we're always a telephone call awayChefs Diet My Solution Program


    Inside Outside is now affiliated with the Chefs Diet Program which supplies Pre Made and Measured Meals and Snacks delivered to your home. For those of you struggling with proper portions and the types of food it might be helpful to enroll in a program like this for a few months and learn the basics of proper eating.

    Click on the Chefs Diet Logo to check it out!

    The "Mini" Non Invasive Extreme Makeover, everybody needs one!  Great Value!!

    The addition of "Pixel" Skin Resurfacing and Infrared Skin tightening combined with Intense Pulsed light and Diamond Microdermabrasions now allow us to design what I will call our "Mini Non Invasive Extreme Makeover".  This combination of procedures performed over a 6-8 week period will allow clients to experience all these technologies at a very reasonable price. These procedures target areas which are of most concern to our clients including unwanted Pigmentation (browns and reds), Skin Texture and Tone, Fine Wrinkles, Acne Scarring and some Sagging. 

    NEW "Mini Non-Invasive Extreme Makeover",

     Details & Reduced Special Introductory Price of $750 good for the

    first 30 clients who purchase the "Mini" Package!

    More Information about Diamond Microdermabrasion...Visit the "Javani Site"

    Member Spotlight: Wiede Cutshall, Professional Engineer, Cutshall Consulting

    We salute Inside Outside Member Wiede Cutshall,. Professional Engineer and owner of Cutshall Consulting. 

    Wiede Cutshall started Cutshall Consulting in 2004, following sixteen years of structural engineering activity, primarily on aircraft modification and repair programs.  Her prior experience includes time with NASA/Johnson Space Center, Southwest Research Institute, and the University of Texas (as a Graduate Research Assistant) where she provided analytical and experimental support to a wide variety of programs.  During extended periods with Aircraft Design Services, Inc., and The Dee Howard Company, she performed structural analysis and data package review in support of aircraft certification programs. She is an advisor to San Antonio Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (SA BEST) and especially enjoys their Robotic for Teenagers Program.

    Visit  Cutshall Consulting    and   SA BEST

    Marketing: San Antonio Sports Foundation Silent Auction 


    Inside Outside will sponsor several items at the Silent Auction of the San Antonio Sports Foundation Hall of Fame Tribute to be held on Friday, 15 Feb 08 at the Alamodome.  Lyle Blackwood, Jerry Comalander, Josh Davis, Clyde Glossen and Cliff Johnson ill be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Susan Blackwood, Executive Director of the Foundation, Liz Fritz, Co Chair of the Silent Auction and Ralph Bender, founder of the San Antonio Sports are big time supporters of Inside Outside and our SuperSlow Program. Proceeds benefit the Foundations Youth Initiatives, which serve more than 180,00 children annually.  They include Dreams for Youth, the Community Olympic Development Program, the Valero GoKids Challenge and GoGirlGo! San Antonio.

     Hall of Fame Information and to Purchase Tickets

    San Antonio Sports Foundation Website...



    "Though no one can go back

    and make a brand new start,

    anyone can start from

    now and make a

    brand new ending!"

    Carl Bard

    Bring a Valentine Bauble for the SuperSlow Gym!

    Help Decorate the Office!

    SkinCeutical Sample for a Bauble!

    This Month's Inside Outside Star Jack Laurence

    Jack shows us how to put on muscle and lose fat at any age with Hi-Lo and the Zone!

    Read his story


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    Article of the Month "Dietary Strategies for Improving Post-Prandial Glucose, Lipids, Inflammation and Cardiovascular Health."  O'Keefe, J  et al

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