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Nov Dec 2008


 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside!

Holiday season is upon us!  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years (Can you believe it?)  Let's get serious about our nutrition and exercise to look great for those parties and shock everyone who has not seen us for a year!      




in this issue

  • This Month's Inside Outside Star: Renee Hausmann
  • Artefill $300 Winter Rebate + $100 More Off Initial Injection until 31 Dec 08!
  • Vitamins!  Vital to our health, Part 13 of The Vitamins, CoEnzyme Q10, Almost a Vitamin...
  • "Toxic Fat: When Good Fat Turns Bad", Dr. Sears New Book.
  • Let's learn about NEAT, Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis & Weight Control
  • "Muscles Matter"  American Medical Association Newspaper Article
  • Ralph Bender, Long time Client honored as Champion Children's Advocate!
  • The DEXA Scanner is Fixed and salute to John Garcia, our Hologic Regional Engineer.
  • New Products, RevitaLash for Eyelashes, Elevess and Skinceuticals C-Phloretin and AGE!.
  • Member Spotlight: Irene Bejarano & Cory Hatfield, Bejarano Construction Services!
  • Marketing Highlights: Dr. C writes article, Singles Gala Sponsor & Rock "n" Roll Marathon!
  • Artefill $300 Winter Rebate + $100 More off Initial Injection until 31 Dec 08!


    Through 31 Dec 08, Artefill is offering a $300 Rebate for your first injection and our Artefill Rep, Nathan Hile is offering an additional $100 off on your initial injection.  This means a $1400, .8cc syringe will cost you $1000, a great deal!  This is what everyone has been waiting for!!  An Injectable Filler designed to last.  Previously the only fillers available would last only 6 and at the most 8 months before you needed another injection. Check out Dr. C's and Nancy's results at 8 Months and counting. Now with ArteFill, we have a filler which in their 5 Year Study showed that the results at 5 years were as good as those at 1 year!!  Call today for a Complementary consultation & free Skin Test. We have product in stock! No More Deputy Dog Smile Lines!

    Check out Dr. C & Nancy's 10 Month Results!

    More Info about Artefill

    Vitamins, these are vital, Part 13 , CoEnzyme Q10, almost a Vitamin.




    Vitamine was the term coined by Casimir Funk, a Polish Biochemist, (1884-1967) for the unidentified substances present in food which could prevent the diseases scurvy, beriberi, and pellagra. This is the pioneer work in the study of vitamins in which Funk reviews his research work and postulates his theory of the existence of vitamines, essential factors in the diet.  We continue our series on the Vitamins.   Part 13  CoEnzyme Q10.          

    Click on Mr. Vitamin to learn about CoEnzyme Q10!

    "Toxic Fat: When Good Fat Turns Bad" , Dr. Sears' new book! 

    Dr. Sears has done it again.  This is his 10th book and it continues his conversation about how inflammation caused by excess body fat (especially the visceral, beer gut fat) is the culprit behind many of our acute and chronic problems.  Fat can also create a vicious cycle in which we are in a chronic state of hunger which leads to more overeating and more fat and more inflammation.  Many Americans are in this chronic spiral and find themselves helpless to cut back on their eating.  A victim of their fat!!  The Zone Diet with it's emphasis on High Doses of Quality Fish Oil, adequate low fat protein, lots of fruits and vegetables is the perfect recipe for this dilemma.  Remember the Zone is only a meal away!!

    Check out Toxic Fat at Amazon

    Let's learn about NEAT, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis and Weight Control

    Dr. James A. Levine at the Mayo Clinic has devoted much of his career studying NEAT.  He writes that "You can expend calories in one of two ways. One is to go to the gym and the other is through all the activities of daily living called NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis). It appears that NEAT is far more important for calorie-burning than exercise in nearly everyone."  These two graphs from Dr. Levine's work show that those who walk and stand more are more likely to be lean.  Recent studies in mice have also shown that our desire for more NEAT activity may be genetically based.  In other words some people may have genes that make them do more NEAT activity resulting in leanness. You may have been born to be a couch potato. There may be a Laziness Gene!!!  It is postulated that couch potatoes could try to sit/lie harder or faster, or....

     NEAT: The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon of Societal Weight Gain

    See Time Magazine, Is there a Laziness Gene?

    Coming to your Office!  Dr. Levine and the Treadmill Desk

    NEAT References

    "Muscles Matter", American Medical Association Newspaper Article!

     Jeff Williamson, MD, a geriatrician at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, can be persuasive about the benefits of building muscle. "I like to say there are really only two reasons why older people end up in a nursing home. One is that their brains stop working, and the other is that their muscles stop working. Especially their leg muscles." This echos precisely one of my slides in my SuperSlow Seminar about the Science behind Strength Training in which I say that the only two things that we really fear as we age is Loss of Mental Function and Loss of Physical Function.

        Check out the article "Muscles Matter", 15 Sep 08 AMA news..

    Ralph Bender, Long time Client, honored as Champion Child Advocate

    Ralph Bender, a long time Inside Outside Client, and a Founding Member of  Voices for Children of San Antonio was honored by that organization at a luncheon held on 26 Sep 08 during their 10th Annual Congress on Children.  Inside Outside was there to share in the well deserved recognition which Ralph received for a lifetime of achievement and advocacy for the children of San Antonio. Shown with Ralph is the Inside Outside Staff, Sierra Lee, Jill Niccum, Dr. C and Nancy Flater.  Lora Watts, Susan Blackwood, Patti Larsen (Not Shown) Stacy Johnson (Not shown) also were present at the Inside Outside Table to honor Ralph.  Pictured with Lora and Susan is Liz Fritz who shared this and many other memorable moments with Ralph!  Congrats to Ralph, a "one-in-a-million-bird"! At the Luncheon, Former Lt. Governor Bill Ratliff spoke about the Raise Your Hand Texas Initiative to Support our Public Schools and Teachers!  He invited each of us to join this effort to strengthen and improve our public schools.

    Voices for Children of San Antonio Web Site    raiseyourhandtexas Web Site

    The DEXA Scanner is Fixed and Salute to John Garcia, our Hologic Regional Engineer!!


    We are happy to announce that the DEXA Bone Density and Body Composition Scanner is now FIXED!!  It required the primary Xray Tube to be replaced and it is working great.  John Garcia, shown with the guts ripped out of the the scanner is our Regional Field Engineer for Hologic who manufactures and provides service for the Scanner. John is a San Antonio native and has worked on these scanners for the past 4 years.  The DEXA Scanner is just one of the ways we at Inside Outside can provide a unique level of service not available at other gyms.  The Scanner is a research level tool for body composition and only a few of the scanners in San Antonio have this capability.  Thanks John for all your help!!            

    Products, RevitaLash for Eyelashes, Elevess & SkinCeuticals C-Phloretin & AGE!


     Inside Outside is now offering a real solution for thinning eyelashes. RevitaLash uses a analog of a drug used for glaucoma which has been shown to reliably lengthen eyelashes. RevitaLash donates a portion of their proceeds for breast cancer research initiatives.

       More at    RevitaLash In the News!   More Pre and Post Pics


    Elevess is the Newest Temporary Filler, similar to Restylane and Juvederm, on the market for correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.  Some may want to try this product before committing to the Long Lasting Filler Artefill.   More at


    Member Spotlight: Irene Bejarano & Cory Hatfield, Bejarano Construction Services.


    We salute Inside Outside Members Irene Bejarano and Cory Hatfield, owners of Bejarano Construction Services Inc. of San Antonio.  Irene and Cory own and manage a construction company which specializes in Government Contracts and Projects as well as Custom Home and Apartment Building. 

    Bejarano Construction Services Inc. Web Site       

    Marketing Update:  Dr. C writes article, Single Gala Sponsor, Rock 'n' Roll Marathon


    Dr. Christian was asked to write an article for San Antonio Medicine, the Magazine of the Bexar County Medical Society for the November Edition which features Alternative Income for Doctors.  The title of the article is "Adventures in Wellness" and recounts some of the thinking behind the development of Inside Outside and the reasons such programs are truly what our country needs for the "Health Crisis" we are facing. Check out Dr. Christian's Article in San Antonio Medicine


    Inside Outside is offering several raffle prizes for the 2008 Singles Gala to be held at the Plaza Club in the Frost Bank Tower on Thursday, 11 Dec 08 from 7-11PM.  There will be fun for everyone with a Roulette Table, Raffle, Games and a 7 Minute Speed Dating Opportunity for all you singles out there.  A portion of proceeds will go to Toys for Tots.  The goal of DotComSingles Mingle is to bring singles together, creating opportunities for them to meet.  DotComSingles Mingle is not a dating service but a singles event planning firm.

    2008 Singles Gala Information at DotComSingles Mingle!


    Susan Blackwood, Inside Outside Client, and Director of the San Antonio Sports Foundation looks "Bad To the Bone" driving the official Saturn Pace Car donated by the Cavenders for the First San Antonio "Rock 'n' Roll Marathon" to be held on Sunday 16 Nov 08.  Susan and her team were the driving force to get this Premier Event for San Antonio and everyone is looking forward to the big Day.  Over 30,000 Runners are expected for the Marathon and Half Marathon!! Dr. Christian is a Volunteer for the Medical Team.  Let's get out and cheer them on!!

    The Inaugural San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll Marathon!


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    This Month's Inside Outside Star
     Renee Hausmann

    Renee has met her goals with Strength Training and Medifast!

    Read Her Story  


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