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Aug - Sep 2009

 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside


School has started.  Now let's think about "A Whole New You" , get ready for the holidays and all those admiring looks at those parties! 




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  • This Month's Inside Outside Star: Andy Patterson, setting the example!!!
  • From Dr. Christian announces , The Dermaroller, New Tool for Skin Rejuventation!
  • Time Magazine, "The Exercise Myth", we've preached it from the beginning....
  • The Zeo, Great New Tool for Improving Your Sleep!
  • Ten Challenges facing Baby Boomers, Guess what is first?
  • From the Orthopedic Surgeons, More about the "Boomeritis" Epidemic!!
  • "The Vegetarian Myth", Highly Recommended Book!
  • Check out the Original Dr. Christian!!  Nostalgia for the Good Old Days!!  
  • New Product Line! NeoCutis Fetal Growth Factors for skin, now that's Young!
  • Member Spotlight: Lora Watts Retires after 30 years at ATT!
  • Marketing Highlights: KONO 101, KLRN Blazing Gavels Auction, Harleys for Kids!
  • From Dr. Christian announces, The Dermaroller, New Tool for Skin Reujuvenation!! 

      Inside Outside will soon be offering Dermaroller Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation.  Dermaroller treatments have been used in Europe for about 8 years for a variety of age and sun related skin conditions and also acne scarring.  The treatment may be just as effective as more expensive and painful fractional laser resurfacing treatments such as the Pixel and the Fraxel with virtually no downtime. There is a home version of the Dermaroller which markedly improves absorption of products and a medical treatment version which is more aggressive, done by me and is aimed at Collagen Induction for skin rejuvenation. We will be using the NeoCutis Processed Cell Proteins discussed in this newsletter as part of our protocol.

    Check out the Dermaroller!

    Time Magazine, "The Myth of Exercise", we've preached this from the beginning!



      It would be worthwhile to take the time to read the lead article in the 17 Aug 09 edition of Time Magazine.  The author makes a lot of good points about the fact that the "Aerobics" fad promoted by many as a weight loss strategy is pretty much useless.  But what he really should be talking about is that "Strength Training", by maintaining and sometimes increasing muscle mass is the best strategy to utilize when you want to lose weight (read lose fat, maintain or increase muscle).  Small decreases in muscle mass which occur on a yearly basis, unless we do something to prevent it (read Strength Training) will set us up to get fat.  Sarcopenic Obesity, obesity related to the gradual loss of muscle mass and its metabolically functioning components is what it is called and it is what we are trying to prevent.  See the link to NEAT, Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis which may be more important than exercise over the long term to prevent fat gain in the first place!!

     The Myth about Exercise..

     See Article of the Month Age Related Decline in Metabolic Rate!

    NEAT in the August 2008 Newsletter

     The Zeo, Great New Tool for Improving your Sleep!


    Every day you hear more and more about the importance of adequate sleep for your health and well being.  Inadequate or disrupted sleep is related to many health problems including obesity, glucose intolerance, hypertension and poor mental function/productivity in our waking hours.  I have been using the Zeo device for several months now and have a greater appreciation of my sleep profile, deep sleep, REM Sleep, awakenings etc and things I can do to improve my sleep. 

      Check out the Zeo 

     10 Challenges facing Baby Boomers, Guess what is first?


    "According to researchers and clinicians in the Division of Geriatric and Palliative Medicine at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, here is a snapshot of 10 of the challenges that may be staring back at baby boomers!  Guess what the first is?

    1. Functional decline: According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the body loses 1 percent of muscle mass a year beginning at age 45, which can result in sarcopenia as skeletal muscle is eventually replaced with fat and the body becomes weaker. Some research has linked protein deficiency with sarcopenia."  Sarcopenia is followed by Depression, Diseases, Polypharmacy, Falls, Abuse and Neglect, Financial Exploitation, Dementia, Caregiver Burnout and finally Death and Dying.

       Check out 10 Most Common Medical Challenges of Baby Boomers...

     From the Orthopedic Surgeons, More about the "Boomeritis" Epidemic

     From Reuters Health: Fifty may be the new thirty, but baby boomers' bodies haven't heard the news.

    Orthopedic surgeons are seeing a "tidal wave" of 45- to 64-year-olds suffering from exercise-related injuries they've dubbed "boomeritis," Dr. Ray Monto, a spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons states

    Check out Reuters Health Article.

    See also: Steady-State Activity: Travesty by Dr. Doug Mcguff

    See also: August 2007 Newsletter on Endurance Training Dangers 

    Laurie Keith "The Vegetarian Myth" Highly Recommended Book!


    In her book, "The Vegetarian Myth" Lierre Keith, a Vegan for 20 years, discusses the difference between the "nature of nature and the nature of agriculture".  The "nature of agriculture" has been the driving force behind the development of a population of humans on earth which far exceeds its carrying capacity (Ecological Footprint). We are in a period of downdraw of non-renewable resources which is by definition not sustainable. At the same she explains how the delicate balance between animal predators/prey and plants/microbials which defines the "nature of nature" has been destroyed.  In this sense agriculture and the factory farming (confined animals fed grain made available by agriculture) could be a greater threat to our planet than pollution by enabling overpopulation.  Fascinating book to dispel the "misinformation" about the virtues of agriculture as it is now practiced.  See the YouTube Video of the Month for an introduction to the book.

    "The Vegetarian Myth" at

    Check out the Original Dr. Christian, Jean Hersholt,  Nostalgia Moments...


     Someone reminded me recently of the Original Dr. Christian, Jean Hersholt, who had a radio show from 1937-1953, one of the first of the family doctor series.  There were also 6 B/W movies made in the 40's by Jean Hersholt and then there was a syndicated Dr. Christian TV Show staring MacDonald Carey 1956-1958.  Dr. Radio and TV shows were popular back then as now.  I remember watching the Dr. Christian TV show on our first B/W television growing up in Alabama.  I'm sure the  idea of being a Doctor was planted in me at that time and I always enjoyed the other Dr. Series' such as Marcus Welby M.D, Dr. Kildare, MASH and Ben Casey.  It all continues today with shows such as ER, Bones and House.  Check out the story line for "Dr. Christian Meets the Women" by clicking on the cover, even back in 1940 we were dieting!!

    "Dr. Christian Meets the Women" Storyline

    From Vintage Radio Logs, Order  Dr. Christian Radio Show Episodes.


    NeoCutis Products now available, Fetal Growth Factors, talk about young!!


    "NeoCutis gives a new meaning to "New Skin". This Swiss based research company working with the University Hospital of Lausanne has developed a line of products which contain what they refer to as PSP or Processed Cell Proteins.  They took a sample of fetal skin and cultured it.  The result was a complex of 18 different fetal growth factors, antioxidants and cytokines which are abundant in fetal tissues and are associated with skin development, repair and renewal.  These proteins were used to help heal deep burns and other poorly healing wounds without skin grafts!!  Now these same proteins are available in a fine line of products which will complement any skin care program of rejuvenation.  We plan to use these products with the Dermaroller discussed in the first article of this newsletter.                                                    More at 



    Member Spotlight: Lora Watts retires after 30 years at ATT!!!


    We salute long time Inside Outside Client Lora Watts on her retirement after 30 years of service at ATT.  She began her career in 1979 and moved up to her final position as Senior Vice President-Global Events. She was responsible for all national and international AT&T customer and employee events, such as the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, the Olympic Games, The Masters, Tiger Jam & many others.

    Her plans are to continue to live in San Antonio and spend more time with her family and her grandson. Lora and her husband Jim (Also Retired ATT and Inside Outside Client) will enjoy travel and spending time with friends.  A tireless community servant, she will continue to serve on a number of Boards of Directors including, Operation Hope, After School All Stars and Trinity University. We are proud to have Lora with us and living the Inside Outside Way of Life!!

    Read More ...Lora Watts Bio!


    Marketing Update: Auctions: KONO 101 , KLRN Blazing Saddles, Kaiser Newsletter

    Inside Outside is featured in the Inside Healthcare section of KONO website. The website crew came to Inside Outside and filmed a short video clip of Dr. Christian talking about some of the services that are offered here.

    KONO's 101.1 Inside Healthcare Feature



    On June 7th, The staff of Inside Outside along with member Jody Newman and her husband volunteered at the auction. Besides donating a Diamond Microdermabrasion, VIPeel treatment and a 16 session Strength Training/Zone Nutrition Program the team took calls from bidders and ran tickets to the various bidding boards. Overall the night was great fun and we were glad to be able to help raise funds to support klrn. Photo on the left with Sierra Lee, Jody Newman, Andy Patterson, Dr. Christian and our UTSA Kinesiology Intern, Jessye Grigsby!                                                                                                 



    Lenore Kaiser, Director of Kaiser Medical Management, recently wrote an editorial in their July newsletter after a visit to Inside Outside. She was very impressed with the in-depth analysis of the DXA body composition scan and the Zone Prescription we prepare for clients. She will be updating her newsletter readers about the progress of her own strength training with us.  To get more information about Kaiser Medical Management visit their website at:




    Inside Outside will sponsor several items at the Silent Auction of the Annual For the Love of Kids and Harleys Fund Raiser to be held on Tuesday, 15 Sep 09 at the Cowboys Dance Hall.  The gala beneficiaries include San Antonio Sports,  Easter Seals, Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude's Ranch for Children.  For the Love of Kids and Harleys was formed by 5 friends who share a common passion. This passion is riding Harleys and raising money for children's charities. These friends are Larry Walker with the San Antonio Express-News, John Peveto with Brake-Check, John Miller with Bill Miller BBQ, Fully Clingman with H-E-B and Hal Gottsacker with Alamo City Harley Davidson.

    For the Love of Kids and Harleys Site   



    This Month's
    Inside Outside Star Andy Patterson

    Andy, one of our trainers has made great progress since he began working here!

    Read His Story!  


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