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Jan - Feb 2010


 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside


Ok, it's a New Year and it's going to be challenging.  We need to not forget that staying strong and healthy is the key to being able to deal with these demanding times.  Don't neglect your health, it will sustain you!!



in this issue

  • This Month's Inside Outside Star: Rod Reed, Pure Mesomorph, nuff said!!!
  • From Dr. Christian:  Join us as a Fan on !!
  • The Dermaroller, Home Version available and Medical Dermaroller Treatments also!!.
  • Our New Fish Oil! Life Extension Omega-3 with Olive Fruit Extract & Sesame Lignans!
  • February is the Official American Heart Month!!
  • Dr. Loren Cordain, Author of The Paleo Diet and the Paleo Diet Blog!
  • "Seasonal Affective Disorder", Do you need Blue Light to Conquer the Blues?
  • San Antonio's Farmers Markets, Check them out for locally grown food!
  • New Product Line! NeoCutis Fetal Growth Factors for skin, now that's Young!
  • Member Spotlight: Jack Stalsby, Jack E. & Greta W. Stalsby Charitable Foundation.
  • Marketing Highlights: Silent Auctions, San Antonio Sports Gala, Seminars!!
  • From Dr. Christian: Join us as a Fan on facebook!! 


    Inside Outside has started a Fan Page on facebook.  It will be one way we can keep in touch and spread the word about the Inside Outside Way of Life!!  We will be posting short notes about the really essential things you need to be doing to take your health and appearance to a new level!

    The Inside Outside Fan Page on facebook!!  

    The Dermaroller!  Complete line of Dermaroller Products and Services available!!




    We have had a number of clients start using the Home Dermaroller to improve absorption of their specialty skin products with great results!!  The Home Dermaroller, used once or twice a week will improve absorption of your specialty products by 200 times!!  So these products will finally be more effective and work faster!!  I have recently had a Medical Dermaroller treatment on myself with the 1mm and 1.5mm devices.  I was able to get very good anesthesia using a Triple Anesthetic Cream so the discomfort on a scale of 1-10 was about a 2, so don't let pain be a factor!!  This device has taken the health and appearance of my skin to a new level and many of you have commented on the health of my skin!  Dermaroller treatments have been used in Europe for about 8 years for a variety of age and sun related skin conditions and also acne scarring.  The treatment may be just as effective as more expensive and painful fractional laser resurfacing treatments such as the Pixel and the Fraxel with virtually no downtime. There is a home version of the Dermaroller which markedly improves absorption of products and a medical treatment version which is more aggressive, done by me and is aimed at Collagen Induction for skin rejuvenation. We will be using the NeoCutis Processed Cell Proteins discussed in this newsletter as part of our protocol.

    Check out the Dermaroller!

    Official Dermaroller Website!

     Our New Fish Oil!! Life Extension Omega 3 with Olive Fruit Extract and Sesame Lignans!!


    Going forward we will be offering the Life Extension Omega-3 with Olive Fruit Extract and Sesame Lignans.  The Maintenance dose continues to be 4 Capsules a day, so one bottle should last you a month.  Life Extension has markedly enhanced their Omega-3 Product by adding Olive Oil Polyphenols to their product.  These Polyphenols are responsible for many of the beneficial effects of Olive Oil including elevating HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) levels and lowering Triglycerides!   These effects work with the benefits of Omega-3 for the development and progression of atherosclerosis, the primary killer of men and women in the United States.  These  Polyphenols are also anti-inflammatory and make our blood platelets less sticky so they have a mild anti-clotting effect comparable to aspirin.  Our Article of the Month is a recent study which may have discovered the way Omega-3s improve health and survival.  The Omega-3 seems to protect our DNA from the gradual deterioration which occurs as we age. I for one, like to know my DNA is being protected!!!

    Read more about this powerful and Essential Supplement at!   

     February is the Official American Heart Month


    Cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, are our nation's No. 1 killer. To urge Americans to join the battle against these diseases, since 1963 Congress has required the president to proclaim February "American Heart Month." As a screening tool for the presence of Heart Disease everyone needs to have a Calcium CT Scan.  Ask Dr. Christian how to schedule yours!     

    "To a young heart everything is fun"  Charles Dickens

    Live Longer, Get Younger with us.

                             More Heart Quotes

         CDC Webpage about Heart Disease!!

     Dr. Loren Cordain, Author of the Paleo Diet and Paleo Diet Blog!

    A Paleolithic Diet based on peer-reviewed, scientific research of what the most accurate Paleolithic Nutrition eating really is


    Dr. Loren Cordain is a member of the faculty of the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University.  During the past two decades he has researched the effects of diet on human health and specifically examined links between modern diets and disease.  I met Dr. Cordain back in 1998 when attending a seminar on nutrition in Boulder.  He has a nice newsletter which gives great data about all the health issues facing us today and the radical changes in the foods we are eating versus the foods we are genetically designed to eat. Check out his site and sign up for his newsletter.   There are many articles for download on his Published Research Page for free!! His recent newsletter had a nice article discussing the differences between grass fed and grain fed beef. I have liked the grass fed beef from Shudde Ranch in Sabinal, Texas.   

      The Paleo Diet site of Dr. Cordain

    "Seasonal affective Disorder" Do you need Blue Light to combat the Blues!!


    Years ago, I personally declared war on the Sun because of the development of several basal cell cancers, one of which has recent recurred and required a fairly extensive resection.  So I have intentionally avoided the Sun and am ever attentive to sun protection with Antioxidant Topical Products such as the Skin Ceuticals Phloretic C Ferrulic or CE Ferrulic plus the usual sunscreens and sunblocks. In addition, my long work hours have left virtually no time for daily exposure to sunlight.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is a well recognized syndrome thought related to a cumulative lack of sunlight.  It is common in higher latitudes when they have very short days and can occur also in sunnier climates when there is little sun exposure.  The lack of a daily dose of "light" can lead to mood and depressive changes, appetite changes and some sleeping issues.  Recently, I have been treating myself to a daily 45min treatment with a Phillips Blue Light device and have seen some improvement in alertness and mood.  It delivers pure blue light in the 450-495nm wavelength.  The retina has receptors for this wavelength and some think it is because the sky is generally blue in the daytime so this would be the signal we might best respond to. I get my Vitamin D from supplements!  Ultraviolet B Rays from the sun help produce Vitamin D in our skin.

     Seasonal Affective Disorder at    Phillips Blue Light Site!!

    Check out San Antonio's Own Farmers Markets!!


     San Antonio's Farmers' Markets

    Farmers Market banner

    We don't have our own Polyface Farm featured in the last newsletter around San Antonio but there are places where the local farmers get together and market their goods.  These websites list them and their addresses.  Everything is fresh grown and the vendors are all registered with the Texas Department of Agriculture.  My Daughter recently visited a Polyface Like farm out in Marfa, Texas which also has a newsletter!  Click on the icons to check them out.  I Like the beef from the Shudde Ranch in Sabinal mentioned above!

     Check out Polyface Farm if you missed it!!  

    NeoCutis Products now available, Fetal Growth Factors, talk about young!!


    "NeoCutis gives a new meaning to "New Skin". This Swiss based research company working with the University Hospital of Lausanne has developed a line of products which contain what they refer to as PSP or Processed Cell Proteins.  They took a sample of fetal skin and cultured it.  The result was a complex of 18 different fetal growth factors, antioxidants and cytokines which are abundant in fetal tissues and are associated with skin development, repair and renewal.  These proteins were used to help heal deep burns and other poorly healing wounds without skin grafts!!  Now these same proteins are available in a fine line of products which will complement any skin care program of rejuvenation.  We plan to use these products with the Dermaroller discussed in the second article of this newsletter.          

                                           More at


    Member Spotlight: Jack Stalsby, The Jack E. & Greta W. Stalsby Charitable Foundation!


    We salute Inside Outside Client Jack Stalsby! Jack and his wife Greta have established  a foundation which bears their names.  The Jack E. & Greta W. Stalsby Charitable Foundation was founded and funded in January 2006 to accomplish the goals and objectives of “giving back” and “provide others a chance” to grow and succeed in life through education. Grants are provided on an Annual basis to the Hope Cottage Pregnancy & Adoption Center, The University of Houston, The Bauer College of Business and Hillsdale College, Hillsdale Michigan. The Foundation's motto is "My Creed", written by the Honorable Dean Alfange, an American Statesman, and is our Quote of the Month. Learn more about their philosophy of "giving back" at their website.

    The Jack E. & Greta W. Stalsby Charitable Foundation!


    Marketing Update: Silent Auctions, San Antonio Sports Gala & Seminars

    Inside Outside will sponsor several items at the Silent Auction of the San Antonio Sports Foundation Hall of Fame Tribute to be held on Friday, 12 Feb 2010 at the Alamodome.  Frank Arnold, Glenn Blackwood, Joe Cortez, Bill Greehey, and Vanessa Richey Said will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Susan Blackwood, Executive Director of the Foundation, Liz Fritz, Co Chair of the Silent Auction and Ralph Bender, founder of the San Antonio Sports are big time supporters of Inside Outside.  Proceeds benefit a variety of Youth Initiatives which serve more than 180,00 children annually.  They include Dreams for Youth, the Community Olympic Development Program, the Valero GoKids Challenge and GoGirlGo! San Antonio!

     Hall of Fame Information and to Purchase Tickets

    San Antonio Sports Website




    Inside Outside sponsored several items at the Auction of the Annual Gala of the Bexar County Medical Society Alliance held on 4 December 209 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Inside Outside Client, Mary Ann Roman, has been our contact person at the Alliance and assisted with our donations! The Bexar County Medical Society Alliance is a multi-faceted organization of physician spouses, both male and female.

    They come together to support civic, philanthropic and public health projects in our community, to foster friendships within our family of medicine and to become active in legislative matters that support the free and unfettered practice of medicine.

    Bexar County Medical Society Alliance Website


    Dr. Christian spoke to Residents of the Roseheart Subdivision at the Roseheart Community Center on 19 Jan 10.  Roseheart is a neighborhood located off Bulverde Road, North of Loop 1604. The meeting was set up by Inside Outside Client Cindy Daskivich, our Nov 09 Inside Outside Star. Dr. Christian's Topic was "The 6 Components of Optimal Health & Aging" with emphasis on Exercise & Nutrition Strategies.

     Roseheart Subdivision Website

    Dr. Christian spoke at the Texas Outdoors Women Network (Town) Monthly Meeting tonight on 12 Jan 10 at the Longhorn Cafe. TOWN is an organization to enable Outdoor-Oriented Women to meet & network with Women with similar interests. The meeting was set up by Inside Outside Client Wiede Cutshall. Dr. Christian's Topic was "The 6 Components of Optimal Health & Aging" with emphasis on Exercise & Nutrition Strategies.

    San Antonio Town Website



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    This Month's
    Inside Outside Star Rod Reed

    Rod is a great example of how a Mesomorph responds to High Intensity Strength Training!!

    Read His Story!  


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