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On Starting our 20th Year

We Are Wishing you...

Warm Thoughts and Best Wishes for an Especially Happy,

   but most of all  


Healthy (No Covid-19) 2023 New Year!

By Living the

"Inside Outside Way of Life"

It's Magic!

Your Partners in Health!


Christmas 2022, The Staff of Inside Outside Wellness Center & Medical Spa

UTSA Intern Salma Rangel, Dr. Christian, Inside Outside Office Manager and Hi-Lo Instructor Britney Carteret, UTSA Intern Abigail Garcia and Dr. Christian's Daughter Angela Christian!

We got you through another one, and now you


       Look Better & Younger,

            Feel Better, Stronger, Younger &

                    You're Going to Live Longer!


What ever it is you are working for or struggling with, we can help!

Remember!  Failure leads to Success!

If you haven't joined us or need to get back in here,  Let 2023 be the year!


We continue to screen all clients and follow all COVID-19 Precautions recommended by the CDC and Texas Medical Board and Methodist Health Care. Visit our COVID-19 Document Site where we provide a weekly update to the CDC Community Transmission Levels and our own San Antonio Dashboard!


Break GOod at Inside Outside!

Learn to ExercISe LeSS & Eat More at Inside OutsIde!


All Bad ThIngs Must COme to an End!


res-o-lu-tion   /ˌrezəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n/

noun noun: resolution; plural noun: resolutions

1.    1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.


We've added some new "Sabotage Ducks"  which  might be interfering with

your Resolutions!  Check them out!

Effective Nutrition, Exercise and Stress Reduction Strategies can help!

By Living "The Inside Outside Way of Life"

Let us Help You With Your Project (Remember "Clueless") &

How to "Put First Things First"

Let's "Get All Your Ducks in A Row!"



Address "A Way of Life", William Osler 1913




What Men Live for..

"the unfailing hope of what next...."

Douglas MacArthur, Duty, Honor, Country, West Point 1962


  A Concise Definition of

The "Inside Outside Way of Life" Now a Registered Trademark!!

The Cure for our "Health & Fitness Crisis", Live it in 2023!

 Inside Outside Wellness Center & Medical Spa on


Reprise:  A 360 degree Image of the Inside Outside "Welcome Room" Christmas 2021!

Woodstock Welcomes You!!

"Look to your health, and if you have it,

value it next to a good conscience."

Izaac Walton

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