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Inside Outside New Year Greeting Archive

Each Christmas, we take a nice staff picture with our "Old Saint Nick" mounted high on our Med Ex Stretch Machine

and send it out in our New Years Greeting Email!  Each has a special message of encouragement, hope and inspiration.

Take a little time to review some of these when you are feeling a little low!

New Year 2021

New Year 2022

New Year 2023


New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

New Year 2018

New Year 2019

New Year 2020



New Year 2016

New Year 2015

New Year 2014

New Year 2013

New Year 2012

New Year 2011

New Year 2010


New Year 2009

New Year 2008


New Year 2007

New Year 2006

New Year 2005







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