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"My Health, Where Do I Start"

 or Don't confuse me with the facts, Doc, Just Tell me

 "What is it Going to Take!.....Dr. Christian Knows!

 Down to Every Gram, Calorie, Dollar, Minute

 & Drop of Blood, Sweat and Tears!!


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"Look to your health; and if you have it,

praise God and value it next to a good conscience."

Izaac Walton


1.  Decide to make YOUR Health a Priority

Everything is life starts with a decision!!  YOU are worth it. See my essay on "Why Don't we Take Better Care of Ourselves" In life's great experiment, you are the pig, focus on taking care of the pig!  Remember, when you are unhealthy, you are little help to anyone and a often a burden to loved ones. Ben Franklin said it best "The Possession of health makes everything easier, its Absence everything more difficult!" From "The Lorax" "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to change, it's not" Once-ler. 


2.  Educate Yourself, Find a Professional to Help.

That's where we come in.  We won't take the place of your own Doctor, but we will focus on areas of prevention which he does not have time for.  "When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Appear."  Everyone has a limited amount of Time, Money and Energy to dedicate to their Health and Appearance.  Dr. Christian is the perfect "Teacher" to help you make better choices about how you spend your Valued Time, Money and Energy regarding your Nutrition, Exercise and Skin Care. You will see your own Doctor for Regular Physicals and Checkups, but be certain that Proper Nutrition and Exercise will  go a long way to helping with whatever acute or chronic problems you have, and we will be focusing on these areas.  Dr. Christian has worked in the San Antonio area for over 30 years and has a large network of Physician Friends.  He is ready to advise you and help you find a good Doctor if you need one for any of your issues.  This referral service is free if you are enrolled in our Strength Training/Nutrition/Wellness Program. Check out Dr. Christian's Biography.



3.  Eliminate known dangers to your health!

You know what I'm talking about! Smoking, excess alcohol, overeating, caffeine, illicit drugs, unsafe sex, flirting with a Gangster's Girlfriend.  Enough said, this just makes sense.  Just look around you and all the lives destroyed by these activities.  Follow Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues.  If you need professional help with these issues, find it.


4.  Learn a good Macronutrition Program like our modified Zone/Paleo approach and start a reasonable Micronutrition program with lots of High Quality Protein and Fish Oil and work on your Gut Heatlh!

In other words, do what your Mother and Grandmother said!  Eat your meat, eat those vegetables and take this Cod Liver Oil!!  This includes adequate water and fiber and attention to your Gut Flora with Probiotics.   Adequate amounts of High Quality Protein and Omega 3 Fish Oil will make a huge difference in your health and your ability to fight infections!  Dr. Sears, the Founder of the Zone diet says, "If you have only 15 seconds in a day to take care of yourself, in those 15 seconds, gag down as much fish oil as you can!"  Dr. Christian is the ONLY  Physician in San Antonio Certified by Dr. Sears to teach the Anti-Inflammatory Zone Nutrition Program and its principles.  He is is experienced and knowledgeable in Zone/Paleo/Nutritional Ketosis/Low-Carbohydrate/Cutting and Bulking strategies for fat loss and muscle gains. Use Probiotics, Prebiotics and fermented foods to improve your Gut Health.


5.  Start a High Intensity Strength training using our High Intensity Low Velocity (Hi-Lo Strength Training) Technique and and a walking program. 

Don't use aerobics as your primary form of exercise. If there is a single Anti-Aging Strategy, it has to be High Intensity Strength Training!  'Sarcopenia"  Sarco=Flesh, Penia=Less, means loss of strength and muscle as we age, sets you up to get weak and fat, ugh....not for me!!  One or two 20 minute workouts a week is all it takes to avoid that wheelchair!  We treat Exercise as Drug, not to much and not too little. It is amazing how little exercise you need to do if it is intense enough.  Do too much and you risk the chance of injury and waste time.  Save your time for your Recreation!  Strength Training will make these activities more enjoyable and you will be more resistant to injury! See Dr. Christian's article: "Strength Training: a strategy to combat the loss of lean mass and strength associated with the Frailty Syndrome", San Antonio Medicine, Dec 2013  .pdf file


6.  Develop a Spiritual, Meditative side of your life.

It will reduce stress in your life.   There is a lot around us to inspire us if we only pause and look. 

Read some of our Inspirational Quotes of the Month. Learn "What Men Live By".  Check out the controlled breathing HeartMath Software for Stress Management.


7.  Improve Sleep habits.

Make time for your sleep, it will make a world of difference in your life.  See some of my thoughts in our "Dec 2010 Newsletter, The Health Triad, Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep"


8. Work on your Personal Relationships, your Support System and get a Pet!!

For some of you this will take getting out of the house and volunteering and some forgiving.


9. Think Safety at All Times and Never flirt with a Gangsters'  Girlfriend.

Thought this might deserve emphasis.


10. Improve your Skin Health!

Much of our Self Esteem comes from our Appearance!  Healthy skin is not an accident!! 

We know a lot about what it is going to take to take the health and appearance of your skin to a new level. 

Check out "The 4 Basics of Skin Care."


11. Find a Job That You Like!! 

Job Stress leads to a miserable life.  Read about what Steve Jobs, Apple Founder had to say about  "You've Got To Find What You Love"!   "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" Steve Jobs


12. Reduce your Debt! 

Financial Stress is sometimes overwhelming and may encourage us to do illegal things. Work hard and earn your money living a life of purpose. Heed Benjamin Franklin's message "The proper accumulation of wealth can sometimes be a blessing, the improper accumulation of wealth can never be a blessing".


13. Start Monitoring your "Health Triad" of Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep!




See how Dr. Christian monitors his "Health Triad" Sleep, Nutrition and Exercise!






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Our Inside Outside Stars are great examples of the results we have been seeing and what it is like to like to Live "The Inside Outside Way of Life!"







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Each Newsletter Spotlights one of our members

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Next Step;  Review the "6 Components of Optimal Health and Aging"

These are the 6 areas which you need to focus on to accomplish the above.

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