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Dec 2017  Lee McCarty Dec 2017 Newsletter

Lee McCarty is our Newest Inside Outside Star!

Let's put on Some Lean Mass!

Read Her Story!


In Lee's Own Words!

"I have tried tons of things over the years  - procedures, products, classes etc and 99% of the time I think “I can’t tell a difference”. Not so with Inside Outside. I tell all my friends it’s the one thing I do whereby  the results are tangible and measurable and I  see and feel the difference. I love that it only takes 15 minutes and I love that I can work out in any type of clothing. I work behind a desk most of the day so the speed and effectiveness of the program fits into my busy schedule.  I have found that my other hobbies - bike riding and walking are easier as my stamina and strength have improved Ely and Dr C and the Interns have been great to work with! "    






May 2017  Carolyn Salter May 2017 Newsletter

We salute Carolyn Salter, our Newest Inside Outside Star!

Let's put on Some Lean Mass!

Read Her Story!


In Carolyn's Own Words!

"Hiking in Colorado with my rescue golden brightens my day! I have always been active. However, as I get older, I find that it takes more effort to maintain muscle. My legs are strong, but my upper body not so much. My arms are where I first started noticing muscle loss. A friend of mine who has been using Inside Outside for a long time, suggested that I talk to Dr. Christian. Amazingly, I have added 4 pounds of muscle in just a month! It has certainly improved my tennis game! I can't wait to tackle the hiking trails in Colorado this summer. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Inside Outside!"     Carolyn







Dec 2016  Jason Glast Dec 2016  Newsletter

Jason Glast  is our Newest Inside Outside Star!

Real Mesomorph, loves Hi-Lo Workouts!

Read His Story!


In Jason's Own Words!

"I was introduced to Hi-Lo Strength Training by my Mom and Dad!  Even during the orientation workout

i was aware of the deep stimulation this method of training and equipment can provide by muscles.

I love it and have started my Son Alex training once a week.  Thanks Dr. Christian and all your Staff and Interns for this unique experience!










Aug 2016  Mac Rattan Aug 2016  Newsletter

We Salute Mac Rattan, Our Newest Inside Outside Star!

Gain 3.5lb muscle, lose

7.5lbs fat!  Great Results!

Read His Story!


In Mac's Own Words!

"I was recently facing the prospect of "celebrating" my 62nd birthday and knew I had to get back into shape.  I've been athletic and have trained with weights off and on for most of my life and I've gotten in and out of shape many times.  This time was different though.  I just didn't seem to be making much progress for the time and effort I was putting into it.  The old ways just weren't working anymore... I was starting to get mad and sad... and then someone told me about  Dr. Christian's Inside/Outside Spa. I've never really been on a diet before but after talking with Dr. Christian, the Zone Diet made sense to me as did the theory behind the Hi-Lo Workouts, so I decided to give them a try for a month and see what happened.  The diet was pretty easy to follow, the workouts took less than an hour a week, and the results were amazing!  In four weeks, I lost 7 1/2 pounds of fat and gained 3 1/2 pounds of muscle; I was stronger, looked better and felt great!  Most importantly, though, I had adopted a transformative yet sustainable lifestyle change to enjoy a healthier and happier life.


So many thanks to all for the gift that keeps on giving!


Mac Rattan


May 2016  Lora Lane May 2016  Newsletter


We salute Lora Lane, our Newest Inside Outside Star!

Lose Fat, Maintain or Gain Muscle!

That's the Goal!

Read Her Story


In Lora's Own Words!

"Last September, my husband and I attended the San Antonio Museum of Art Annual Gala.  As we perused through the silent auction items my attention was immediately grabbed by a sign that read “WHOLE NEW YOU”.  I read about the body scan and nutrition prescription, and knew I wouldn’t be able to get to Dr. Christian’s office quickly enough!  When I arrived at Inside Outside Spa I was not disappointed. I completed the Whole New You Program in November and by December I was amazed by the change I saw in the mirror and the energy I felt inside.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Hi-Lo Strength Training.  The training is not only challenging, but it is realistic.  Who doesn’t have 20 minutes twice a week?  I have been so impressed and thankful for Dr. Christian, that I talked him into letting me work for him! The atmosphere of the spa, the incredible workout, and the awesome staff (Thank you Ely!) will keep me dedicated to keeping the Whole New Me!"  Lora!


Dec 2015  Aimee Villarreal Dec 2015  Newsletter


We Salute Aimee Villarreal, Our Newest Inside Outside Star!

Gain muscle, lose fat, that's the goal!

Read Her Story!


In Aimee's Own Words!

"I have been back to see Dr. Christian and the Hi-Lo Strength Training since July 2014. I am a former client of Hi-Lo Strength training and was first introduced to in in 2006.  I find Dr. Christian's to be the most challenging and effective type of workout I have ever come across!   In such a short time of returning to the workout I was able to regain the definition in my body that i love so much.  I am still working toward regaining the strength that I had lost after leaving. I do know it is the machines that make a difference I am a forever believer in this style of training and will continue to make it a part of my lifestyle! Thank you so much Dr. Christian for giving me my body back, I love this workout!!"


-Aimee V




Aug 2015  Chris Feller Aug 2015  Newsletter


We Salute Chris Feller, Our Newest Inside Outside Star!

Gain muscle, lose fat, that's the goal!

Read Her Story!


In Chris's Own Words!

"I have been in Dr Christian's program since January 2015. I have worked out with my physical therapist & personal trainers over the years. I have tried countless gyms with no REAL results. Until now.

I have had the biggest boost that given me hope for my aging years. I will be a strong person for the rest of my life.

The benefits I have experienced are numerous but I will share the most prominent. I have lowered my blood pressure from 120/80 to 114/60 (and that reading was in the dental chair!) I can get up and down stairs faster & easier. I can stand up straight without tiring and wanting to slouch. I sleep more soundly & wake refreshed with energy. I rarely see my chiropractor or massage therapists anymore! I am so blessed that I found Dr. C. His skill, care & judgment have changed me forever.


May 2015  Blanca De la Rosa May 2015  Newsletter

Gain muscle, lose fat, that's the goal!

Read Her Story!


In Blanca's Own Words!

"My husband and the San Antonio Scorpions introduced me to Inside Outside. Here I was able to learn about what are the Hi-Lo types of workouts, which changes your whole mental view of what workouts should be. Everything that I've learned in the past 2 months have changed, not only the way I eat but how I should be doing my workouts.  I'm a General Manager at a title company and majority of my time is sitting down. As I sit in the office I'm doing some workouts, just with my own body weight. I need to be able to keep up with my children and the events that come with them, and with these workouts and eating the right way I'll be able to keep up with them. This experience has not only been life changing but one of my best experiences I've ever been in. Thank you to the staff and Dr. Christian for the all they've done."






Dec 2014  Kyle Griffin Dec 2014  Newsletter

Kyle Griffin, IO Star Dec 2014!

Gained 17+lbs of Muscle and lost   5+lbs of Fat!

Read His Story!



In Kyle's Own Words!

"I've been working with Inside Outside for 2 years now.  I’d been involved off and on with Hi-Lo type workouts since about 2002, and in my research on the topic, my world-wide go-to guy on High Intensity Strength Training, Dr. Doug McGuff sent me to talk to Dr. Christian in late 2012.  I’ve been  here ever since.   Over the past 15 years, I’d put on almost 100 pounds, most of it fat, with my weight rising from 150 to 235, half of that between 2009 and 2012.  With Dr. Christian, I’ve dropped a reasonable amount of fat, and put on a lot of muscle.   It’s been a very good experience, and I enjoy (well, kind of) my time here every week."





Aug 2014  Louceyette New Aug 2014  Newsletter

Gain  muscle, lose fat, that's the goal

Read Her Story!


In Louceyette's Own Words!


"Being recognized as a “Star” at Inside Outside is exciting and experiencing the benefits of specific 30 minute workouts once or twice a week is rewarding. The results of the scientifically designed, individualized and challenging fitness program are measured by routine DXA Body Composition Scans. Personally, I recognize the positive changes in my body’s tone and strength in the way my clothes fit and improvements in my tennis game. I am inspired by Dr. Christian’s enthusiastic approach to teaching the researched foundation and methods to achieve less fat and more muscle and strength. The highly trained staff is encouraging as they assist one-on-one at every visit and contribute to the welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I look forward to continued progress and a healthier life as I exercise and follow the principles of The Inside Outside Way of Life!"



May 2014  Virginia Cherniss May 2014  Newsletter

Virginia Cherniss, our newest Inside Outside Spa!

Gain  muscle, lose fat, that's the goal

Read Her Story!

In Virginia's Own Words!

"I was first introduced to the Inside Outside Wellness Center and Medical Spa when my husband won a “The Whole New You” package in a silent auction at last year’s CRTC fundraising skeet shoot. I was thrilled to have the body scan, bone density, and microdermabrasion, but I was nervous about the Hi-Lo Strength Training sessions. I imagined a typical gym-type setting with pushy trainers and unreachable goals that would in the end (like most other workouts I have tried) have me discouraged and disheartened. Instead what I found was an easy atmosphere and friendly faces who genuinely wanted me to succeed. Dr. Christian is not only teaching me how to optimize the short time I am in the gym to lose weight and gain muscle, but he does it with the heart of a teacher, educating me on the science behind the program. He caters each workout to the personal goals of his patients and specializes in revising the sessions for each person. I have noticed an incredible difference the energy, strength, and confidence I have gained since beginning the program. I have a demanding job in the medical center and I love that I am literally just down the street from Inside Outside and I can simply walk in wearing scrubs for my workout.  I am a busy wife and mother of three active boys, and for just half an hour, once a week, I can take some “me” time to give my body some well-deserved TLC. I have enjoyed the compliments I am hearing and even more thrilled to share the good news of this unique program. I am truly honored to be this quarter’s Inside Outside Star!  Virginia


Dec 2013  Sylvia Samano Dec 2013  Newsletter

Sylvia Samano, Our Newest Inside Outside Star!

Gained 5lbs of Muscle and lost 20lbs of Fat!

Read Her Story!


"Thank you for selecting me to be your newest Inside Outside Star!  This has given me motivation to continue my training with resolve!  I had tried many different workout programs with limited results. The Hi-Lo strength training combined with my weight loss is the first time I've had tangible results of replacing body fat with lean muscle.  I had had lost weight before, but never had the muscle tone I do now.  Thank you Dr. C and your fine staff Sierra, Eli, Jessica and the Interns!"  Sylvia






Aug 2013  Jessica McGhee Aug 2013  Newsletter

Gained 7lbs of Muscle and lost 14lbs of Fat!

Read Her Story!


"In August 2011, I was given the opportunity to come join Inside Outside Wellness Center as an UTSA Kinesiology Intern and since then I have gained a whirlwind of knowledge and experience that has helped me change Inside and Out. When I started as an intern I weighed about 145 pounds and was around 25% body fat according to the DXA scanner. I was what’s considered a “skinny fat” person which was pretty eye opening to me. I took what I learned as an intern about strength training/nutrition and gradually adopted a new, healthier lifestyle. It wasn’t easy and change does not occur over night, but I remained consistent and learned from my mistakes. Now as of August 2013, I am 135 lbs and 15% body fat. I put on about 7 pounds of muscle and lost 14 pounds of body fat. I feel great and am in the best shape that I’ve ever been in.  I plan on keeping it up from here on out. Thank you Dr. Christian for being an amazing teacher/mentor, thank you to my fellow trainers that encourage me and share a passion for fitness, and thank you to my clients that make personal training well worth it to me.  Grrr!."    Jessica


Apr 2013  Tim Hassenger Apr 2013  Newsletter

Tim Hassenger does one of the best workouts we have seen and his body loves it!

In 3.5 Months, gained 3lbs of Muscle and lost 8 lbs of Fat!

Read His Story and check out his strength and body composition graphs!


"My Inside/outside experience began only in December.   Having spent years in and out of the gym, in recent years I had abandoned the gym experience due to its lack of recreation.  What little time I did have to spend on this – it better be good and grinding out the miles on a treadmill just didn’t have any interest.    I had my first session in late December and learned quite a bit.  The progression of the science behind the practices that Charlie is attempting to get his clients to change to is impressive.   I started at over 20% body fat and who knows just how weak I had become.  A little over 90 days later, by body fat is 16%, while lean mass is up by 3 pounds.   I tried 2 workouts a week early and quickly learned what role rest/recovery plays in all this.  My success so far is likely due to the fact that when I do the strength training, I work out very hard.  I adhere pretty well to the nutritional plan although I’m not too hard on myself if I miss.  This is a great program." Tim




Dec 2012  Barbara Massey Dec 2012  Newsletter

In 6 Months, gained 2 lbs of Muscle and lost 6 lbs of Fat!

Read Her Story!


"I purchased The "Whole New You Program" at a silent auction late last spring.  I was a little skeptical at first, but the price was right so I figured I had nothing to lose.  Starting the middle of June, I worked out two 20-minute sessions per week, and for the last six weeks, I’ve been exercising only one day a week.   I am totally amazed at the results I’ve achieved with what seems like so little time and effort.  I was thin to begin with, but with very little muscle tone.  I have lost 6lb body fat and gained 2lbs lean muscle mass.  My arms look toned and strong instead of skinny.  My thighs actually have muscle definition and I’m getting rid of the sidekicks I’ve been plagued with my entire life.  My husband has even commented on how great I look.  The workouts are tough, but it feels really good to push myself as hard as I can.  When I’ve completed my session, I’m huffing and puffing and my muscles are acutely aware that they have been challenged, but I feel so accomplished--I look forward to Wednesday mornings, 7 am.  Thank you, Dr. C and staff.  With your guidance, I feel like I am well on the way to “A Whole New Me”!"  Barbara



Apr 2012  Nancy Greaves Aug 2012  Newsletter

Lose Fat, Check, Put on Muscle, Check..

Read Her Story!


"Before I started coming to Inside Outside I had never had any type of weight training. I purchased an 8 week session from "Go Red For Women" with the American Heart Association and had no idea what I was getting in to. Lifting weights was difficult at first and when I would leave the spa I would be drained. While the weights continue to be difficult, I can complete my workout and regain my energy fairly quickly. Now, I am constantly amazed at how I struggle with a new weight but yet after a few weeks I am able to improve my time and repetitions. Protein is not as easy for me to incorporate into my diet but I have been trying to add more lean meats to my meals. The biggest difference for me is the way I have been able to control my weight, I have noticed it is easier to keep the weight off since I have started with Inside Outside. I don't like to miss a session and the staff is also great to work with!"    Nancy




Apr 2012  Pam Gray Apr 2012  Newsletter

In 5 Months, gained  1.5lbs of Muscle and lost 13 lbs of Fat!

Read Her Story!


"I came to Inside Outside Wellness Center because all that I was doing to lose weight and get fit was not
working. In fact, I was gaining weight and hated going to the gym. It was boring, time consuming, and
I could see no results. So after many months of feeling I was going no where, I decided to talk to Dr.
Christian and join his program of wellness and fitness. It made so much sense. I learned that through
a new way of eating and exercise I could gain optimum health. The staff at Inside Outside is
incredible!   Everyone is very knowledgeable, helpful, and encouraging. Unlike before, I now look
forward to going to exercise and I like the new me."  




Dec 2011  Brenda Ramirez Dec 2011  Newsletter


In 2 Months, gained 2.5 lbs of Muscle and lost 9 lbs of Fat!

Read Her Story!


"I walked into Inside Outside with curiosity and a little skepticism. I had lost a significant amount of weight on my own in years past, but had gained some of it back as life happened.  I tried to manage life and apply things that had worked for me in the past to get back to a healthy weight, but I wasn’t having success.  Dr. Christian explains the how’s and why’s of his program so they make sense and can be applied to life very easily.   The slow, efficient workouts take very little of my time and reduce the risk of injury. I’m grateful to have found Inside Outside, and I thank God for giving me the patience to see this process through. The program has worked for me and the progress continues…so worth it!!!"   Brenda







Aug 2011  Mike Crossey Aug 2011  Newsletter

In 4 Months,

6 lbs of Muscle!

Read His Story and how his

Son Mitch put on 6 lbs Muscle in 6 Weeks!  


"I first learned of Hi-Lo Strength Training at a health fair in 2005, just before being transferred to Houston. Upon returning to San Antonio a year ago, I began working out in a gym with a trainer. The trainer was a former Navy seal type, who pushed me hard but my strength wasn’t increasing.  I reconnected with Dr. Christian and began a program designed primarily to increase my strength. I’m very happy with the results. I’m much stronger now and am better able to enjoy sports with my kids and look forward to my weekly workouts.  Dr. Christian has taught me that health involves much more than working out – both nutrition and proper rest were components that were lacking in my former fitness program.  My two oldest son’s have also gotten an enormous benefit from working out at Inside Outside. Conner, a 500 lbs club member, just entered the Navy.  Mitchell is expected to start at wide receiver on his high school football team this fall.  Thank you Dr. Christian and Sierra for helping me and my boys reach our fitness goals."   Mike Crossey



May 2011  Jean Willenbeg May 2011  Newsletter

5 Months, 5 lbs of Muscle!

Read Her Story and see her great results!

In Jean's Own Words!

"I came to Inside Outside in an interesting way.  I saw results first!  I started by being involved in a class with over 50 other individuals.  Right away I noticed several of the ladies who seemed approximately my age looked amazing.  One day I asked one of them what her secret was to looking so slender and fir.  She told me about Inside Outside, then said that three others in our group also went there.  All three were among the ones I had admired.  I went to see Dr. Christian right away and got started with the program, but deep inside I don't think I believed it would really happen for me.  I had worked out almost all of my adult life and walked or ran almost every day.  Still the realities of aging were setting in.  Aches and pains, lack of energy, bulges no matter how hard I was trying.


To tell you the truth, I just showed up when I was supposed to ad mad a maximum effort while I was there, but it seemed too easy...A fraction of the time I had been spending and less often. 

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw the results of my followup DXA Body Composition Scan. I had gained 5lbs of muscle and lost 2 1/2 lbs of fat!  I did feel stronger and my clothes seemed to fit better, but the results of the test were a complete surprise.  this has been a huge morale booster.  I'm committed to push harder now and don't think I'll ever quit the program.  I feel the greatest appreciation for the staff an Dr. Christian for their guidance and support.  I met a woman wearing work out clothes on the elevator when I left after my test results.  I was beaming thinking about my results and couldn't help telling her all about it.  by the time we parted she had written down the contact information for Dr. Christian!"


Jean Willenberg

Dec 2010  Cory Hatfield Dec 2010  Newsletter


How about losing 14lbs of fat and gaining 17lbs of Muscle. One Killer Workout a Week! Cory Did It!

Read His Story!


In Cory's Own Words!

"Somewhere between my fast paced life and busy work schedule I found an excuse to stop eating right, working out, and basically taking good care of my health.  The next thing I knew middle age was upon me.  I needed a lifestyle change.  In my search for a Health and Wellness coach my research lead me to Dr. C.  I scheduled an initial consultation to learn more about the benefits of the strength training program and how participating would help me.  I must admit I was skeptical that training 20 minutes one time per week that I could achieve the results I needed.  I decided to give the program a try and after 6 weeks of training I began to see and feel positive changes.  By following Dr. C’s advice I have reduced my stress levels, lowered my blood pressure, and reduced my bad cholesterol.  I am getting stronger and feeling better each and every week.  I have fewer aches and pains than I did several years ago.  Although I have not reached my end goal, I feel healthy and years younger.  I really appreciate all the positive encouragement and support by Dr. C, Sierra, Andy and Billain.  They are truly the “A” Team in health and wellness.

Thank you Dr. C for everything you have done for me."


Cory Hatfield

May-Jun 2010  Stacy Beach May-Jun 2010  Newsletter

Bride to Be Stacy is a great example of how to focus and get it done! In Two Short Months!

Read Her Story!  


In Stacy's Own Words!

"I have always been active and fairly athletic, but over the last couple of years – with two kids, an upcoming wedding, an out-of-state move, not to mention turning 45 in a few weeks - my life seems to have taken over and my workouts have dropped off.  Although I had steadily kept up the running pace, I hadn’t seen any change in my weight, or how I felt in general.  My mom, BA Nicholas, has always talked about Hi-Lo Strength Training and how much she loves it, and decided that she would give me a pre-wedding present – the Bridal Boot-Camp!  I was a bit skeptical at first, but figured, “What the heck, I’ve hit a plateau with my running and I could definitely lose some weight before the big day!”  And, boy, have I!  With the diet change and adding the weights into my routine, not only have I noticed a big change in the way I feel, but I’ve noticed a big change in how my clothes fit – which is great with my upcoming dress fittings!  And, as an added bonus, my running has improved!  I had never worked out with weights before, and know now that it is something I will always keep in my workout regimen.  Thanks, Dr. Christian, Sierra and Andy for all your support and for encouraging me to pull out that last rep!  It has definitely made a difference!"

Stacy Beach

Jan-Feb 2010  Rod Reed Jan-Feb 2010  Newsletter


Rod is a great example of how a Mesomorph responds to High Intensity Strength Training!!

Read His Story!  


Why did I want to give Inside Outside a try? First ,was my high cholesterol - for which I was prescribed Lipitor or Crestor for more than 5 years. My internist said I would have to take it for the rest of my life. Taking those medications made my muscles sore so I took something for that. I also felt stiffness in my joints (shoulders mostly) and wasn’t very flexible anymore. Lastly, I had a belly hanging over my belt that I was not very proud of. You here it all the time – “diet & exercise”… I also knew that if I controlled my diet, I should be able to bring down my bad cholesterol level. I decided to stop taking the meds and see my doctor again in six months and check all my blood levels.

Dr. Christian’s Inside Outside clinic and staff have been the answer for me. I first started the Hi-Lo weight program and started feeling better and stronger. But after one month and no weight loss, I talked with Dr. Christian, went to his nutrition seminar and really started thinking about losing the fat I had on board. With Dr. Christian’s help, “I changed what I ate” and I didn’t think of it as a diet. I got serious about protein, fish oil and supplements. I started every morning with a Brain Shake, made sure I got my daily protein for the strength program (so I wouldn’t lose muscle) and cut down on so many carbs and the bad fats in my meals. I stuck with the strength program twice a week, thanks to my “Super Trainer – Sierra” . I never thought I’d make the “500 Club or the Row Your Own Club” when I started but I have with her help.

And well, I saw my internist after six months at Inside Outside. My cholesterol level was great, and in fact, lower than at any time over the last 5 years while I was taking a prescription to lower it . The doctor said no more medications where needed. Where am I now after 10 months of Super Slow? I have lost almost 20 pounds of pure body fat. My body fat percentage is down to almost 16%. My weight has not been this low in more than twenty years and I feel great! Thanks Sierra for pushing me on the weights. Thanks Dr. Christian for changing the way I think about nutrition and health."

Rod Reed


Nov-Dec 2009  Cindy Daskivich Nov -Dec 2009 Newsletter


Cindy is a great example of enviable results in a short time! Focused & determined, that's Cindy!!

Check out her results!  

It’s hard to put into words exactly what this program means to me.  I have been on just about every known weight loss plan you can think of over the years.  I would diet, exercise, lose the weight and then put it right back on with additional weight every time.  Four years ago over a 3-month period, I lost 20lbs. by watching my diet and exercising 6 days per week.  Then I developed tendinitis in my right shoulder and all the weight came right back.  I was literally a doctor’s appointment from going on blood pressure and cholesterol medication. 

Then this past summer thinking “why can’t I lose weight anymore”, I ran into a friend who told me about Dr. Christian’s Strength Training and Zone Program.  I made an appointment and signed up on the spot.  After 23 workouts (two 20 minute sessions a week) and following the Zone Diet, I have lost 15 lbs. of fat and put on 4 lbs. of muscle.  I have 10 workouts to go to complete my initial program.  All my aches and pains are gone.  Also, my cholesterol has plummeted and my blood pressure has dropped into a healthy range.

The Hi-Lo Strength Training and Zone Diet are now a permanent part of my new healthy lifestyle.  I thank The Lord every day for sending me to Dr. Christian and his amazing staff.

I heard once “I want to die very young at a very old age”!  That says it all!"

God Bless,

Cindy Daskivich

50+ is the new 30!!

Aug-Sep 2009 Andy Patterson Aug-Sep 2009 Newsletter


Andy, one of our trainers has made great

progress since he began working here!

Read His Story!  


I have been working out consistently for the last two years.  I hit plateau where it was hard to see any improvements in my muscle size.  I then started working at Inside Outside and started real high intensity workouts.  After starting this form of exercise, I dropped about 2 percent boy fat and gained over 5 lbs of muscle  This is great considering I wasn’t showing any improvements from my traditional workout methods.  High Low Intensity Strength Training helped me break through this barrier and into a higher level of fitness!”






May-June 2009 Ruby Muza  May-June 2009 Newsletter


It took awhile, but Ruby stuck with it and has had great results!!

Read Her Story!  


This has been the first program that I have stuck with because it just made sense. After having several car accidents, no other training had given me the strength and healing my body needed to keep up with what I love to do, photographing beautiful people and keeping up with my amazing kids.   Being educated by Dr. Christian about nutrition and how the body builds muscle and strength have been a real blessing.  It has allowed me to succeed and attain my Goals in health.  It also has been a great stress reliever.   So many of my friends were amazed at my strength and how good my body looked  while pregnant.   It made me feel so good to be strong and feel good.   I delivered a very healthy 9.5 pound baby boy named Joshua at home.    I want to say that words can not express my gratitude to Dr. Christian for what he’s done to help me.   It is few people that change your life and make such an impact.  Thank you Dr. Christian for all that you do and who you are.   You are a blessing in my Life."









Mar-Apr 2009 Daniel Eisenhauer  Jan-Feb 2009 Newsletter

Daniel was looking for a program to take it to the next level, He found it!!

Read His Story  

"My name is Daniel Eisenhauer, and I first heard about inside outside fitness through a friend and colleague of my father’s, Mr. Joe Hanna.  Joe Hanna was busy doing some consulting work with Dr. Christian and Joe knew that I had become out of shape and was interested in gaining strength and losing fat. I came in at the best of Mr. Hanna and sat through about a 30 minute consultation. At the conclusion of the consultation, I decided to go through with the body scan and trial workout. I was amazed after the first workout at how fatigued I felt after just a 25 minute workout. The following day my muscles were so sore. I was more sore than spending 2 hours at a regular fitness gym. I decided to follow Dr. Christian’s advice and alter my diet to my body’s needs and begin the workout regiment.

 During the first couple of weeks with the help of Inside Outside’s great personal trainers I kept going up in weight on the equipment, but I was skeptical on how I could get into better shape with no cardio or aerobic exercise. After the end of my first full month at Inside Outside I needed to buy different slacks and my arms and chest were visibly larger. I could also begin to see muscles in my abdomen for the first time since college. I was asked by countless people ”Have you been working out?” Or “Have you been losing weight?” I am thankful everyday that Mr. Hanna referred me to Inside Outside. My follow up scan in addition to the way my clothes fit differently and the complements I received was proof enough.

Dr. Christian, Sierra, Andy and the rest of the staff are amazing and I tell everyone that I know about Inside Outside, even though I am a bit reticent to give up my secret workout advantage. All kidding aside however, Inside Outside is a serious way to reach to your fitness goals fast without taking a vast amount of time out of your schedule, risking serious injury, and don’t ever have to worry if your workout partner will show up. It is a one stop shop, one that really works, for everything your body needs to be its best."  see his results


Jan-Feb 2009 Stacey Johnson PhD  Jan-Feb 2009 Newsletter


Stacey has found a perfect program to regain the strength she enjoyed as an Olympic Fencer!!

Read Her Story  


Dear Dr. Christian

"When I came for my first session with you my clothes were fitting too tight and I had lost the core body strength I had always enjoyed as an athlete.  As I was getting older, I was losing muscle strength and gaining more fat.  The first job was to lose those extra pounds and the next job was to find my inner athlete again.  Last week I mentioned that I really felt my core strength returning.  I just felt strong, walking and moving again.  Today we took a body scan and low and behold -- my body indeed was building back its muscle strength.  Simply focusing on eating less carbs and more protein, along with the high intensity workouts, had my body responding so positively and in just a few months time.

Thank you for all that you do to help folks rebuild their health and strength all over again.  It is fun getting to know you and the staff and to see the progress so concretely reflected in the results.

Who would have thought that "slowing" things down could help someone move better as in the Olympic motto, "Swifter, Higher, Stronger!" 

Best to you in this New Year!

Dr. Stacey Johnson



Nov-Dec 2008 Renee Hausmann  Nov-Dec 2008 Newsletter

Renee has met her goals with Strength Training and Medifast!

Read Her Story  


In Renee's own words:

"Dear Dr. Christian and Nancy,


Words truly cannot express my deep joy in getting to goal!!! I am so energized and feel more focused than I have felt in years!  Beginning in March of 2008, I only invested in the Super Slow sessions once a week. I could truly FEEL the benefits within 2 to 3 sessions. By June I wanted to do something more and get to those muscles underneath by participating in the Medifast program. My goal was that by my 50th birthday I would be down to a size 4 and eureka, I finally got there! I also love the fact that I can get my beauty aids done in one place so far as skincare and I use some of the supplements that you recommend. I am truly appreciative of your research and commitment to health and wellness. Thank you to you and your staff for being encouraging to stick with my strength training, diet and having great products to aid in the fight against unhealthy aging. I am looking forward to the next decade with confidence and excitement.

Most sincerely and with gratitude, Renee

August 2008 Tony Bunn  August 2008 Newsletter

Tony was lean already but Strength Training added more muscle and he got even leaner and meaner!

Read His Story and see his results.


"When I first heard about Dr. Christian I was intrigued by the philosophy of Strength Training...maybe even somewhat skeptical.  I had worked out before and as most people and I had a perception that you lift as much weight as you can as fast as you can. Although I felt good about working out I never truly saw the results I was looking for.  In the past 2 months since I began Strength Training I am finally seeing the results I was wanting, less body fat, better definition and an overall positive image of myself!"






June 2008 Bob Jennings, Jr.  June 2008 Newsletter

Bob is is a great example of what commitment + effective strategies can produce!    Read his story and see his results!


"I first heard about Strength Training from my parents.  I normally don’t enjoy exercise, but I was intrigued by 2 20-30 minutes a sessions a week.  I thought “Maybe I can do this”.  Plus, no RUNNING!  I haven’t really lifted weights since I was in Junior High School, so I was a little apprehensive.  If I was sore at 13 after lifting weights, what’s it going to feel like at 45?  Surprisingly, after the first session, I was a little tight, but after that, nothing.  Within a few weeks, I could actually start to feel the differences in my body.  I was standing straighter, and generally feeling better.  And the comments from my wife and kids felt pretty good too.  I haven’t missed a session yet (thanks to the staff at Inside/Outside Spa for some last minute schedule adjustments), and look forward to many sessions in the future.  Now, if I could just tackle the diet part."

and see his results!



Apr 2008 Janet Powell  Apr 2008 Newsletter

Janet shows us how to put on muscle and lose fat with Strength Training® and the Zone!   Read her story and see her results!

"I'm one of those lucky persons who has benefited from my parents' "slim-genes." And because I've always been slender, I've never been interested in exercising.  Twenty years ago I might have tried some leg lifts or some crunches, but not with any type of consistency.  As those little dimples and pouches of fat started to develop where they are the least appealing, I resigned myself to the fact that "that's just how women are built."  Then a couple of women at my company signed up for the Strength Training program at Inside Outside and wow! What a difference it made.  I watched the clothes start to hang off of them and wondered if it could really be so simple.  But it was the sight of beautiful shoulders and upper arms when sleeveless shirt time came around that truly sold me. For years I'd said I didn't have the discipline for an exercise program.  Now I have no problem with being disciplined. With a true commitment to the program and just a little piece of time out of my schedule twice a week, I'm a new person.  Not only have I been rescued from my "rider's breeches" on my thighs, but within 8 weeks I saw such a dramatic improvement in my muscle tone in my legs and in my arms. I feel much better, and the real benefit will be for the long haul.  As I age, the improvement in my bone density, in strength, in posture will all be attributed to my commitment to this program.  I'm sold, and I try to tell someone about the program every week. If it's changed my life, it can change yours!

Feb 2008 Jack Laurence  Feb 2008 Newsletter

Jack shows us how to put on muscle and lose fat at any age with Strength Training® and the Zone!   Read his story and see his results!


"I was introduced to the Strength Training  Program when Lynn arranged to have Dr. Christian come and speak to the San Antonio Breakfast Club in Oct 2007.  When he said about loss of muscle and strength as you age made a lot of sense to me and at 81 years I was starting to realize I was losing both muscle and strength.  I decided to start the program with some skepticism as to whether I could, at my age, actually build muscle and feel younger. Dr. Christian performed my followup scan and I had gained 3lbs of muscle and lost 10lbs of fat!! I recently realized how much the program had helped me when I slipped on a curb and was able to keep myself from having a bad fall.  Without Strength Training I would surely have broken something.  Strength Training is something I can see myself doing indefinitely.  Why would anyone ever stop?"





Dec 2007 Johnny Toy  Dec 2007 Newsletter

Johnny found in Strength Training® the Perfect Workout Read his story


     "I was introduced to the Strength Training Program by my personal physician who just so happens is enrolled in the program.  After my initial consultation with Dr. Christian I was convinced that this was the program for me. I really like the one on one personal training regime you receive.  The program has increased my strength level and awareness of the importance of strength training as you age.  Having been in the program now for a short while there is significant improvement in my physical physique and overall health.  With my personal physician there are noticeable results in my lab work that I attribute to my workout with the Strength Training Program.  I enjoy the A/B routine that I have.  I gives me a complete workout of the body in a short 20-25 minute span twice a week.  Thank you to the entire Strength Training team and a special THANK YOU to Dr. Christian and Jill for a job well done."





Oct 2007 John Likovich  Oct 2007 Newsletter

4 Months + hard work = 15lbs of Muscle for John.   Read his story


"After approximately four months of training, it is very rewarding to see the fruits of the labor in the numbers, which far exceeded my expectations.  The Strength Training Program is unique in that it is one of the few things athletically that I can pursue as vigorously as  I would like without getting hurt.  My Strength Training Instructor, Jill Niccum, (who is one of the reasons the program’s name should indeed have “super” in it) encourages me to set a record every work out.  Thanks to the design of the cutting-edge equipment, the  expert instruction and a great atmosphere for self-improvement led by Dr. Christian, much can be accomplished in a very short period of time.  The intensity is up to you, as are the results."






2007 Aug 2007 Maria Ryke  Aug 2007 Newsletter

Strength Training was the perfect program for Maria. Read her story

"Finding Dr. Christian’s Inside Outside Super Slow program was an answer to my prayer.   For the past 12 years, I have been totally inactive.  Zero exercise!

I sit at a desk all day, everyday, and the lack of exercise took its toll on my life and my body.  I  developed neck, lower back problems, a meniscus tear in my left knee, foot and ankle problems, poor sleep, low energy.  I was visiting the chiropractor once a week.  I joined a gym, twice, at the advice of my chiropractor who told me I desperately needed to start some strength training exercises.  I was caught in a vicious cycle, I needed to exercise, but I could not find the right place or the right program.  I tried the gym, yoga, Pilates, water aerobics; nothing seemed to work for me.   In February  2007 during a retreat,  I Shared my dilemma with Jan Scott, a current Inside Outside member, whom by the way is in great shape. She shared her secret with me.  I was very skeptical of the program when she mentioned weight training, (since I have never attempted to work with weights)  and that it only took 20-25 minutes twice a week at first then once a week thereafter.  I will be eternally grateful to Jan for sharing her secret.                                      


The Strength Training and the Zone Program are amazing.  Dr. Christian and his staff have been extremely helpful and supportive in helping me realize that I am stronger than I think I am.  Their knowledge and expertise have made all the difference in making this program work for me. The results have been amazing, I am starting to see muscles I didn’t even know I had. I can actually feel I am getting stronger every day.  I feel better, I sleep better, I have more energy.  Most of my days are now pain free!!  I look forward to working out.  The results of the Inside Outside program keep me motivated. After each session, I feel great. I intend to make the Super Slow/Zone program a permanent  part of my life.


2007 Apr 2007 Chris Surratt  April 2007 Newsletter



Chris has found in Strength Training the perfect exercise strategy for her busy lifestyle.

Read her story











2007 Feb 2007 John Glover  February 2007 Newsletter



John struggled to find a workout routine that gave results and he could work into his busy lifestyle.

Read his story











2006 Dec 2006 Mike Yantis  December 2006 Newsletter




Mike, a busy executive at the Yantis Company had never worked out seriously in his life, enter Strength Training!

Read his story









2006 Oct 2006 Kacee Surratt  October 2006 Newsletter





Kacee, a prior athlete wanted to regain her strength and shape up.  Strength Training and the Zone were just what she needed!

Read her story






2006 August Loretta Ehrlund  August 2006 Newsletter



Loretta, a long time Inside Outside Member has made steady and significant changes in her strength and body composition with once a week workouts.

Read her story









2006 June Lari McCauley  June 2006 Newsletter




Lari is one of a number of Nurses who are living the Inside Outside Lifestyle. She is

 really strong!!

Read her story








2006 May Minnie Ruiz  May 2006 Newsletter






Minnie has had dramatic body composition and strength changes!

Read her story








2006 April Dr. Carl Dukes  Apr 2006 Newsletter




Dr. Dukes has worked out once a week for 66 weeks! Check out his Strength and Body Composition Changes!

Read his story










2006 February Richard Winkler  Feb 2006 Newsletter





Richard is one Strong Dude!  Check out his Strength and Body Composition Changes!


Read his story






2006 January Ruben Rodriguez  Jan 2006 Newsletter




Ruben, a Marathoner and Ultramarathoner is going to be a faster, stronger runner.


Read his story









2005 December Michele Yamin  Dec 2005 Newsletter




Michele is a perfect example of the power of Strength Training®! Don't push or pull her around!!


Read her story






2005 Oct/Nov Bill & Mary Lee Thorsby Oct/Nov 2005 Newsletter





Bill and Mary Lee have challenged the aging process & WON!


Read their story








2005 September Liz Fritz September 2005 Newsletter



Liz says

"I can row my weight, How about you?"


Read her story









2005 August Lynda Hernandez August 2005 Newsletter



Lynda, a busy wife,  new mom and 2nd Year Medical Student wanted lose weight and shape up!


Read her story







2005 July Luke Drapal  July 2005 Newsletter


Luke got a lot stronger without getting bigger!


Read his story








2005 June Laura Richmond  June 2005 Newsletter


Laura head about Strength Training from her husband! It was the perfect program to fit into her busy life! Check out her

great results!


Read her story






2005 May Barbara Gober  May 2005 Newsletter



Barbara came to Dr. Christian's Zone Workshop, heard about Strength Training and was Sold on the program! Check out her great results!


Read her story






2005 April Betty Tejeda  April 2005 Newsletter


Betty heard Dr. Christian on the Radio and headed over. Check out her great results!



Read her story






2005 March Dan Young  March 2005 Newsletter

Dan needed to lose weight, get Stronger.  Welcome to the 500 Club Dan!

Read his story








2005 February George Ellis  February 2005 Newsletter


At Age 78, Stronger, Younger, Hunkier...

Read his story








2005 January Doug & Donna Jacobson  January 2005 Newsletter



Our most disciplined couple. Remarkable gains and losses..

Read their story







2004 December Clarice Martinez December 2004 Newsletter


6 Months and 60lbs Lighter....Bradley is very proud and so are we!!

Read her story






2004 November Pete Guerreo  November 2004 Newsletter


Pete had worked out before, he knew that Strength Training® was different!!

Read his story







2004 October  Janet Florey  October 2004 Newsletter


Janet Flory had never worked out and boldly decided to start with  Strength Training®?

Read her story










2004 September  Jan Scott  September 2004 Newsletter


Jan Scott overcame 2 hip replacements and tackled Strength Training®..

Read her story







2004 August  Julie Kenfield  August 2004 Newsletter

Julie Kenfield, a cycling enthusiast wanted to get stronger..enter Strength Training..

Read her story & see the Amazing Strength Gains for less than 8 Hours of exercise over 4 Months....








2004 July  John Griffis     July 2004 Newsletter



John Griffes wanted to lose weight, improve his health and get stronger...



Read his story










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