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Aug-Nov 2013



 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside


It's "HOT" Outside but be Steve McQueen "COOL" at Inside Outside!   School is starting soon, Vacations ending, the Summer heat will be with us for awhile yet! Let's get ready for all the upcoming Fall and Holiday Events!  Living "The Inside Outside Way of Life!" is a great place to start! Break GOod at Inside Outside! Do it Today!



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  • Our Newest Inside Outside Star: Jessica McGhee, Personal Trainer, Showing the Way!!!
  • From Dr. Christian: Breaking Bad or Breaking GOod? Great Cooking at Inside Outside!
  • Dr. William Dement on "Sleep and Optimal Performance"!
  • Laurie Garrett and "The Survival of Global Health", sounds important to me....
  • Welcome Shane Diet and Fitness Resort Clients for your DXA Body Composition Scans!
  • Update on our Web Analytics by Revolver, 105 Countries! They love us around the World!!!
  • Say it isn't so!!  Inside Outside says "Farewell" to Jessica McGhee, Personal Trainer!!
  • Welcome to our Go Roadrunners!! Fall 2013 Kinesiology and Public Health Interns!
  • It is Better to Give than Receive! Gift Certificates!! Personalized!
  • Member Spotlight: Dr. Neal and Pam Gray! Proud to have them as Inside Outside Family!!
  • Community Relations:  Silent Auctions, Raffles, Walks and Runs!  34 Events so far 2013!!
  • From Dr. Christian: Breaking Bad or Breaking Good ?  Great Cooking at Inside Outside!!

    165lbs of Rompin, Stompin, Airborne Romance in Jump Boots!     This is a great idea!!  Do it!!

    My daughter recently told me about the Breaking Bad TV Series and I am slowly working my way through the past 4 seasons on Netflix.  I'll have to admit I enjoy the series but can't help but think about one of my slides in one of my PowerPoint Presentations where I try to make the point that a early death is usually due to us living "Dangerous Lifestyles".  We live Dangerous Physical Lifestyles where we risk violence or accidents and we wreck our bodies and we live Dangerous Metabolic Lifestyles where we wreck our metabolism.  This series is full of examples of both of these kinds of Lifestyles and it's sad to see the characters going through all the misery they bring on themselves. Granted, the main character's lung cancer problem may just be bad luck, but I'm amazed how much trouble he and the others can get in and out of!  There are a lot of lessons here but one to take away is to remember that "In life's great experiment, you are your own Guinea Pig, so take care of the Pig!"  At Inside Outside we've got some good Cooks and Recipes to show you the way!  Make Inside Outside your Drug of Choice!  And, please, don't anyone tell me what is going to happen this 5th and final season.

    Break GOod at Inside Outside!

    Start Here with "The Whole New You Program!"

    Dr. William C. Dement on "Sleep and Optimal Performace"  Google Personal Growth Series


    My Zeo ZQ Score, 120, after 38hrs Sleep Deprivation. 11:13 hrs total sleep, 5:29 REM Sleep (Amazing amount of REM Sleep), woke up once, cat wanted out

    "Sleep, that knits up the ravell'd sleave of care.

    The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath,

    balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course,

    chief nourisher in life's feast." 

    Shakespeare, MacBeth, Act II.


    Everyone at Inside Outside knows that we emphasize the need for adequate quality sleep for optimal health and performance.  When people ask Dr. Christian what he does for fun his usual reply is "I like to Sleep"!  One of the first books I read about 15 years ago when I was beginning to learn about sleep was written by Dr. William Dement, Founder and Division Chair of the Stanford Sleep Research Center, "The Promise of Sleep".  Dr. Dement has been researching sleep for over 50 years and was the first to describe REM or Rapid EyeI am a Self Quantifier, there, I said it! Movement Sleep and is thought of as the Father of Sleep Medicine.  REM sleep is the type of sleep which occurs when we Dream and Dr. Christian knows he gets a lot of REM sleep from wearing his ZEO Headband each night which transmits wirelessly his sleep architecture to a beside console and then creates a graph which shows details about a nights sleep in the form of a graph called a Hypnogram (see above right).  I regularly review sites related to self monitoring and a favorite site is Quantified Self.  Yes, I'm a Quantified Selfer, there, I said it.  Recently, someone posted a link to a lecture given by Dr. Dement to employees of Google as part of their Google Personal Growth Series. To put it simply "healthy sleep is by far the most important determinant of high level performance and productivity"  Learn More, Check out the YouTube Video of the Month, "Sleep and Optimal Performance", Dr. William Dement.   

                                     Stanford Center for Sleep Medicine

    Dr. William Dement at Wikipedia

    Sleepless at Stanford, Undergraduate Advice on Sleep by Dr. Dement?

    Dr. William Dement YouTube "Sleep and Optimal Performance"

    Laurie Garrett and "The Survival of Global Health"   Sounds Pretty Important to me!!


    The USA has made lots of promises it can't keep!!Last year Dr. Christian and staff attended a seminar at the UTHSC sponsored by their CenterFunding for Global Health depends on the USA! Everybody else has quit! for Humanities and Ethics.  The speaker was Laurie Garrett,  a journalist and global health expert at the Council on Foreign Relations.  Even for someone like me who has been exposed to medical issues all my adult life, it was a real eye opener.  Laurie has written and spoken extensively about our growing Global Public Health Concerns and the prospects for any meaningful improvement based on the recent downturn in economies worldwide and the recent effect of sequestration on funds needed to continue Global Health Efforts which to a large extent are now dependent on US Funding.   She has completed a 6 Part Series this year updating some of her concerns she wrote about in her 2000 bestseller "Betrayal of Trust, the Collapse of Global Public Health.  See the Graph from Part 2 "The Future of Global Health Funding".   Here are the links to the reports, full of great graphs and information. To use a phrase from NASA "Houston, we have problem".........

    Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5  Part 6   Laurie Garrett Website! UTHSC Humanities/Ethics

    Welcome Shane Diet and Fitness Resort Clients for your DXA Body Composition Scans.

    Debbie Davis, Program Director of Shane Resort is briefed by Dr. Christian about DXA Body Composition testing.Inside Outside has been tasked with providing DXA Body Composition and Bone Density Scans for clients of Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts rts located at La Cantera WestinInside Outside Client goes from 23% to 10% in 5 months! Resort.  Shane has locations in New York and Texas and offer weightShane Diet & Fitness Resort!! loss vacations at luxury resort and spa destinations for those who are determined to live happier and healthier and stop living life on a perpetual diet hamster wheel.  Dr. Christian is showing Debbie Davis, the San Antonio Program Director the capabilities of our Hologic Discovery A DXA Scanner.

    Check out Shane Diet and Fitness Resorts!

    Update on our Web Analytic Reports, The Revolver Map!!  They love us around the world!

    They love us!!

    Everyone is aware that Businesses & Organizations use Web Analytic Tracking Services to monitor their web site traffic for marketing purposes.  Inside Outside uses Google Analytics, Clicky and recently started using Revolver Maps for tracking services. The Top Ten Countries are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Philippines and France!.  We recently added #105 Ghana in Africa!  The map shows hits over the past 10 months, monitored by Revolver Maps, 105 Countries and over 11,508 Visits. Popular pages for international visitors are the DXA Body Composition, DXA Bone Density & our Dark Side of the Sun page.   

    To Checkout our current Revolver Map, click on the 2D Version and Hover over the Red Dots to see Location, Requires Java!

    Say it isn't so!  Inside Outside says "Farewell" to Jessica McGhee, Personal Trainer..

    Dr. Christian and Jessica, couldn't be prouder of this young lady!!


    Dr. Christian and Inside Outside wish Personal Trainer Jessica McGhee, our newest Inside Outside Star, best wishes as she  leaves Inside Outside to assume a full time Personal Trainer Position at Gold's Gym in Austin, Texas.  Jessica came to Inside Outside as a Kinesiology Intern in the Fall of 2011.  At the end of her Internship she became a member of the Inside Outside Staff and received training as a Hologic DXA Operator.  While at Inside Outside she was the driving force behind production of our two YouTube Videos and became a member of the 500 Club and the Row Your Own Weight Club. In addition to her strength gains, she had great personal results with her own body composition which her earned the Inside Outside Star for this Newsletter. Ask to see her Six Pack!  Jessica plans to continue to pursue her goal of becoming a Physician Assistant.   She will be missed by me and her many friends at Inside Outside!!

    Welcome to our Fall 2013 UTSA Kinesiology and Public Health Interns!

    Elena Camargo, 2013 Fall Kinesiology Intern.We welcome Sara Gavia, 2013 Fall Public Health Intern! 

    Inside Outside welcomes Elena Camargo and Sara Gavia as our UTSA Interns for Fall 2013.  Elena, a Kinesiology Major plans on pursuing Medical School and Sara, our First Public Health Major is interested in a career in Nutrition.  We are excited to have these future health care providers with us for the Fall and to share with them The Inside Outside Way of Life!


    UTSA Health and Kinesiology Department Website

    Our Current and Past UTSA Kinesiology Interns 


    We have Gift Certificates for all of our products and services!

     Gift Certificates for Any Occasion

    Christmas, Birthday, Valentines, Mother's Day, New Bride, Graduation

    Don't forget Mom at Christmas!

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    Great Gift Certificate Ideas Here!!

    Member Spotlight: Dr. Neal and Pam Gray! Friends & Supporters of Inside Outside

    Pat and Neal Gray!!  Members of the Inside Outside Family!!We salute Dr. Neal and Pam Gray in our Member Spotlight this month.  Neal and Pam have been faithful clients for over 2 years now.  Pam was our Inside Outside Star in April 2012. Neal is an Anesthesiologist who graduated from the University of Missouri Medical School and worked with Dr. Christian over 30 years ago at Wilford Hall during his 10 year Air Force career. After leaving the Air Force Neal spent 28 years in private practice and he was the Anesthesiologist for a number of Dr. Christian's surgical cases in the 1980's.   Dr. Grey currently works several days a week at SAMMC (San Antonio Military Medical Center) in their Outpatient Surgical Center teaching and monitoring their Anesthesia Residents.

    Pam grew up in South Texas, received her BSN from UTHSCSA, and worked as an SICU nurse. Together, Pam and Neal have 5 children, 13 grand children, and 1 great grand child.  They spend much time going back and forth to Austin and Houston. They enjoy traveling and have been to many interesting places and countries but mostly they stay at home with their two big dogs, Jack and Katie.  They are members of University United Methodist  Church where they have done medical mission trips and bible studies.  Inside Outside Spa has become part of their weekly routine and they miss it when they cannot go.
    Community Relations: Silent Auctions, Raffles, Walks and Runs, 34 Events so far in 2013!

    Since it's inception, an important mission at Inside Outside has been to makeAsk Us!  Inside Outside has helped many San Antonio non-profit organizations!

    a difference in our community.  The best way we have found to do this is to

    make contributions to Non-Profit organizations through silent auctions at their

    annual fund raising events, seminars, health fairs or direct donations.  We would

    consider it an honor for any request for items to be donated or for Dr. Christian to speak to Non-Profit and other organizations/businesses in San Antonio and surrounding cities. Check out our New Community Service Page chronicling Inside Outside's Community Service efforts since 2004!

    Inside Outside Community Service!

    Silent Auctions and Raffles

    Over the past 4 months we have made donations for the following Silent Auctions, Raffles or Door Prizes organized by these fine Non-Profit Organizations!!  this is one of our favorite ways to support them!

    Silent Auction items for The UTSA Alumni Association Gala supports the Alumni Scholarship Program.Silent Auction Items and donation to the "Bridge the Gap" fund helping families of the "rib kids'!Silent Auction Items and donation to the "Bridge the Gap" fund helping families of the "rib kids'!

    Items for the Cancer Center Council's Spring Luncheon!Reception honoring supporters of the Cancer Center Council. Dr. Christian with CCC Members and Inside Outside Clients Jim & Lora Watts!Reception honoring supporters of the Cancer Center Council. Dr. Christian with CCC Members and Inside Outside Clients Doug & Kathryn McCall!

    The 47th Annual Blazing Gavels Auction!! 10 DXA Body Comp Scans, 3 Microderms and 1 Whole New You Program!Proceeds will go towards serving families who have children with a chronic illness, disability or developmental delay. Proceeds will go towards serving families who have children with a chronic illness, disability or developmental delay.

    Dr. Christian was invited to speak to employees of NuStar Energy by Garrett Brown who is in charge of their wellness program.Sierra Lee, Dr. Christian, Garrett Brown and Jessica McGhee at the Dud to Stud Luncheon!Dr. Christian talking about the 6 Components of Optimal Health and Aging at NuStar.

    Silent Auction items for their annual gala!SOLI Chamber Ensemble is deeply devoted to education. Each season, SOLI presents a series of short concerts for young people entitled “New Sounds for Little Ears.” These concerts are designed to introduce the music of today and tomorrow to our next generation of listeners.Dr. Christian with Stephanie Key, Clarinetist of SOLI. Stephanie was a friend of Dr. Christian's daughter and they both played in YOSA, the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio.

    Silent Auction for scholarships for fiber art students!  Check out this amazing art!Silent Auction for a Cure for Type 1 Daibetes!

    Dr. Christian represented Inside Outside at this event honoring Ralph Bender, long time Inside Outside client and friend!Dr. Christian represented Inside Outside at this event honoring Ralph Bender, long time Inside Outside client and friend!The San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB) provides food and grocery products to more than 500 partner agencies in 16 counties throughout Southwest Texas.


    Grrrrrrrr.....Gotta admit this is BAD.....


    Check out this Great White Board About Omega-3s that our Summer

    Interns Kristy and Mary created!

    Kristy and Mary!!  We enjoyed working with you both this Summer!Click for a large version of this great white board by Kristy and Mary!!

    Our Newest

    Inside Outside Star Jessica McGhee

    Jessica McGhee, IO Star!  130lbs of lean and mean feminine pulchritude!!

    Gained 7lbs of Muscle and lost 14lbs of Fat!

    Read Her Story!

    This is a web page version if your email browser does not show the newsletter clearly.

    Check out the  Inside Outside

    Star Archive


    500 Club


    "Row Your Own Weight Club"


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    Staff Pictures

    New Staff Picture with our Summer Interns Mary and Kristy!!


    Kristy and Mary hold their Scrapbook of Memories of their Summer Internship   at Inside Outside

    Kristy and Mary with their Scrapbook of Memories!!  Thanks!


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