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Current Staff + Spring 2024 Interns


Charles B. Christian, Jr. M.D.  Medical Director and Hi-Lo Strength Training Instructor

Breanna Lessing  Hi-Lo Strength Training Instructor & Office Manager. B.S. Kinesiology UTSA

Spring 2024 UTSA Interns: Jhenessis Alvarado, Victoria Garza, Itzel Garcia, Madeline Obregon


Check out all our current and former & future UTSA Interns.



Staff Personnel Picture Archive

October 2023

Matthew Rhodes (UTSA Intern)  Britney Carteret (Office Manager), Felisha Rios (UTSA Intern)

 Yselda Rodriguez (UTSA Intern), Dr. Christian and Faiza Bootwala (UTSA Intern)



July 2023

 Britney Carteret (Office Manager), Klarissa Gonzalez (UTSA Intern)

 Jasmine Coronado (UTSA Intern), Dr. Christian and Amber Sanchez (UTSA Intern)


Mar 2023

Olivia Browne (UTSA Intern), Britney Carteret (Office Manager), Jamie Baroro (UTSA Intern)

 Emily Netek (UTSA Intern), Dr. Christian and Sarah El Bayeh (UTSA Intern)

Emily Trevino (UTSA Intern) & Brooke Orme (UTSA Intern)



Oct 2022

Nora Epko (UTSA Intern), Britney Carteret (Office Manager), Alexis Garcia (UTSA Intern)

 Salma Rangel (UTSA Intern), Dr. Christian and Clarissa Munoz (UTSA Intern)



July 2022

Kendal Smith (UTSA Intern), Alexis Grasso (UTSA Intern)

Britney Carteret (UTSA Intern) and Dr. Christian


February 2022

Jin Kim (UTSA Intern), Marissa Sinni, Julia Wasicek (UTSA Intern)

Hilary Navarro (UTSA Intern), Dr. Christian & Alexis Bradshaw (UTSA Intern)


September 2021

Amani McKnight (UTSA Intern), Marissa Sinni, Xandria Roman (UTSA Intern) & Dr. Christian


Christmas 2021

Amani McKnight (UTSA Intern, Dr. Christian, Xandria Roman (UTSA Intern) and Marissa Sinni



Christmas 2020

Billain Roldan, Dr. Christian, Marissa Sinni and Sativa Martinez



Christmas 2019

Lora Lane, Dr. Christian, Darian Smith and Billain Roldan



Nov 2019

Darian Smith, Adrianna Rodriquez

Joshua Camapan, Sanchez McDonald


Jun 2019

Kennedy Shoemaker, Chelsea Alvarado, Destiny Torres

Jenny Gee, Dr. Christian, Natalia Muguira



Staff Picture with Spring 2019 UTSA Interns!

Apr 2019

Christina Espinosa, Chelsea Alvarado, Joseph Kim

Darian Smith, Dr. C., Victoria Champion

Melissa Carranco, Crystal Rubio


Christmas 2018

Chelsea Alvarado, Dr. Christian, Rocio Moran and Billain Roldan


October 2018

 Rocio Moran, Daniel Marquez

Miya Biggins, Dr. Christian,

Chelsea Alvarado


Staff Jun 2018 with Summer UTSA Interns!

Jun 2018

Kelly Snowden, Rocio Moran

Megan Peek, Dr. Christian, Alyssa Hernandez


Feb 2018

Amber Hinkle, Rocio Moran, Elydia Miles, Elizabeth Ochoa

Mercedes Jolly, Dr. C., Kristen Healy

Jasmine Whitaker, Jessica Cantu


Christmas 2017

Rocio Moran, Dr. Christian, Jaclyn Flores, Elydia Miles and Billain Roldan


September 2017

Elydia Miles, Jennifer Felhofer, Rocio Moran

Gabriella Avila, Dr. Christian and Kimberly Padilla


June 2017

Lora Lane, Ely Miles, Amanda Grogan

 Rocio Moran, Dr. Christian, Raelissa Diaz


February 2017

Lora Lane, Jaclyn Flores, Ely Miles

Rachael Saunders, Dr. Christian, Alexa Patel

Ciindi Montanya and Krystle Riojas


Christmas 2016

Erika Navarro, Dr. Christian, Jaclyn Flores, Elydia Ybarbo and Billain Roldan



October 2016

Lora Lane, Jaclyn Flores, Erika Navarro

Miebaka Semenitari,  Dr. Christian, Ruby Munoz

Ashna Raju & Esmeralda Limon




July 2016

Lora Lane, Ely Ybarbo,

Emily Perez, Dr. Christian, Erika Navarro

Interns , Matt Edralin, Jaclyn Flores


February 2016

Ely Ybarbo, Lora Lane

Interns Tiera Gaston, Dr. Christian, Erika Navarro

Interns Emily Perez, Tatum Neely




Christmas 2015

Lora Lane, Dr. Christian, Ely Ybarbo and Billain Roldan


November 2015

Lora Lane, Ely Ybarbo

Crystal Colin, Dr. Christian, Kelsey Hixon


August 2015

Ely Ybarbo, Sierra Lee,

Anissa Munson, Dr. Christian, Kayla Hunt


February 2015

Interns, Krystle Ritcherson, Kemi Omotola and Mackenzie Cooper

Ely Ybarbo, Dr. Christian, Sierra Lee,


Christmas 2014

Billain Roldan, Dr. Christian, Sierra Lee and Elydia Ybarbo


September 2014

Sierra Lee, Ely Ybarbo

Haley Titsworth, Dr. Christian, Gilbert Vazquez


June 2014

Sierra Lee, Ely Ybarbo

Blanca Mendez, Dr. Christian, Racquel Winborne


January 2014

Sierra Lee, Ely Ybarbo, Elena Camargo

Laura Oseghae, Dr. Christian,  Victoria Seng


Christmas 2013

Ely Ybarbo, Dr. Christian, Sierra Lee, Billain Roldan

Elena Camargo


November 2013

 Sierra Lee, Ely Ybarbo

Elena Camargo, Dr. Christian, Sara Gavia


August 2013

Ely Ybarbo, Sierra Lee, Jessica McGhee

Christy Guerra, Dr. Christian, Mary Krenek


February 2013

Ely Ybarbo, Sierra Lee, Jessica McGhee

Kevin Palomero, Dr. Christian, Shanell Johnson


Christmas 2012

Jessica McGhee, Dr. Christian, Sierra Lee, Billain Roldan

Ely Ybarbo



November 2012

Sierra Lee, Ely Ybarbo, Jessica McGhee

Clarissa Trevino, Dr. Christian, Ashley Allen



August 2012

Caitlyn Ivy (UTSA Summer Intern), Sierra Lee,

Jessica McGhee, Dr. Christian, Ely Ybarbo



April 2012

 Billain Roldan, Drew Zamora Summer 2012 Intern, Sierra Lee,

Jessica McGhee, Dr. Christian, Ely Ybarbo


Christmas 2011

 Ely Ybarbo, Dr. Christian, Sierra Lee, Billain Roldan,

Jessica McGhee

December 2011

Billain Roldan, Ely Ybarbo, Sierra Lee

Jessica McGhee (UTSA Intern), Dr. Christian, Linh Tran (UTSA Intern)



May 2011

 Andy Patterson, Sierra Lee

Ely Ybarbo (UTSA Intern), Dr. Christian, Billain Roldan,



Christmas 2010 

Billain Roldan, Dr. Christian, Andy Patterson, Sierra Lee


November 2010

Dr. Christian and Andy Patterson


Aug 2010

Andy Patterson, Sierra Lee

     Casandra Fuentes (UTSA Intern), Dr. Christian, Billain Roldan



Christmas 2009

   Billain Roldan, Dr. Christian, Andy Patterson, Sierra Lee




August 2009

  Andy Patterson, Sierra Lee

        Jessye Grigsby (UTSA Intern), Dr. Christian, Billain Roldan


Christmas 2008

Billain Roldan, Nancy Flater, Dr. C, Rosa Gonzales, Virginia Mozeley, Sierra Lee and Jill Niccum


Nov 2008

Jill Niccum, David Brown (UTSA Intern), Nancy Flater,

Sierra Lee, Dr. Christian


August 2008

Alex Allard, Jill Niccum, Dr. Christian


November 2007

Jill Niccum, Nancy Flater

Danika Lewis, Dr. Christian


Christmas 2007

Danika Lewis, Dr. Christian, Rosa Gonzales, Nancy Flater, Jill Niccum, Billain Roldan


Christmas 2006

Jackie Urbanzyk, Dr. Christian, Rosa Gonzales, Nancy Flater, Billain Roldan


SA Wedding Reception May 2006

Dr. Christian, Jody Ognowski, Jackie Urbanzyk



January 2006

Misty Bashara, Dawn Blem, Dana, Dr. Christian


Christmas 2005

Misty Bashara, Dr. Christian, Dawn Blem, Billain Roldan

 Rosa Gonzales, Dana


Spa Staff June 2005

Billain Roldan, Blank, Noel


POSH 2005 Bridal Show May 2005

Dr. Christian, Amanda Antonini, Dawn Blem, Noel


Christmas 2004

Dr. Christian, Amanda Antonini, Nancy Flater, Rosa Gonzales, Dawn Blem, Ashley Kuhn


American Heart Association Gala May 2004


Dallas Lumenis Laser and IPL Training Feb 2004

Rosa Gonzales, Dr. Christian, Ashley Kuhn, Nancy Flater



Original Staff Feb 2004

Dawn Blem, Dana Carter, Nancy Flater            

       Amanda Antonini, Dr. Christian          


Original Spa Staff

Rosa Gonzales, Spa Technician,  Ashley Kuhn, Aesthetician


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