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Why Do We Recommend the "Zone" and "Paleo" Approach to Nutrition?

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Description of High Intensity Strength Training/Zone-Paleo Nutrition Programs

Example of our Modified Zone/Paleo Prescription for our Hi-Lo Strength Clients!

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Why do we recommend the “Zone”and "Paleo" for a long term approach to your Diet?

It's what your Grandmother taught You!


 Dr. Christian is the ONLY  Physician in San Antonio who has beeb Certified by Dr. Sears to teach the Anti-Inflammatory Zone Nutrition Program and its principles.  For some of our Strength Training clients we have increased the Protein to a higher level to allow for gaining of muscle. See an example of our Modified Zone/Paleo Prescription for one of our High Intensity Low Velocity Strength Training and Nutrition Program clients. This prescription is based on Body Fat and Body Lean measurements made by our DXA Body Composition Scan.  Dr. Christian is also a member of the American Society of Nutrition (Only M.D. Physician in San Antonio, Most ASN members are Phd type research Doctors) and the International Society of Sports Nutrition.


It is a very reasonable starting point to make decisions about Macronutrition, meaning Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat sources in your diet. Similar in many ways to the Mediterranean Diet.   We have modified our Nutrition Prescriptions for many clients to include more Protein in the Zone diet for strength training and to preserve lean mass while losing fat.

It treats food as though it were a drug. It is a “Hormonally Correct Way to Approach Food.”

It manages the balance of important hormones for Glucose control and lowers elevated Insulin levels. This is  critical for Type II diabetics.

It is a perfect program for patients with Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease and the Metabolic Syndrome.

It emphasizes the critical need for Omega 3 Fats (Fish Oil) to balance the good and bad Eicosanoids, important hormones which control many bodily functions. When these are out of balance you are at risk for many chronic diseases and accelerated aging.  Omega 3 fats are converted to Pro-Resolving Lipid Mediators which help to resolve inflammation.  Most of our chronic Diseases are related to unresolved Chronic Low Grade Inflammation.  See my Webinar on "Inflammation and Chronic Pain" 






It is somewhat calorie restricted which may slow the aging process.

It creates a hormonal environment for efficient fat burning which is critical for weight loss!!


It avoids the swings of appetite and mood associated with hypoglycemia.  It is the diet that we are genetically

designed to eat. Similar to the  “Hunter-Gatherer Diet.”


It is easy to teach and understand.


It is a great long term approach to Macronutrition.  You will be eating more and exercising less when

combined with our High Intensity Low Velocity Strength Training Program!!


It's what your Grandmother taught You!!


Zone/Paleo Workshop Description

 We are very interested in all our clients understanding the “Why”s of a Zone/Paleo Nutrition Program.  Dr. Christian teaches personally a 2 1/2 hour PowerPoint Multimedia Seminar to the UTSA Interns and interested clients.  This seminar/workshop includes the following topics and Powerpoint presentations of each topic are available for download.


"The Six Components of Optimal Health and Aging.” "The Overall Picture Why"  This short seminar will preview all the important areas to achieve Optimal Health.


"Introduction to the OmegaRx™ Zone.” "The Philosophical Why" A discussion of the definition of the zone and the benefits of using food as a medicine.


"Are We Genetically Designed for the Zone?” "The Evolutionary Why" What does evolution teach us about what foods we should eat?


 "What I Want To Prevent"  "The Scary, Emotional Why" The problem of Atherosclerosis is reviewed and several videos of actual operations are shown!!


"The Hormonal Effect of Food” "The Physiologic Why" The science about how the Zone/Paleo diet and Omega 3 fatty acids work  to control important hormone systems which influence our mental alertness and how we burn and store fat and our risk for the chronic diseases of aging.


"Application of the OmegaRx Zone.” "Finally, How!!" How to apply the Zone/Paleo Principles and make this diet enjoyable and your long term approach to food. Eat More and Exercise Less!

Zone/Paleo Links

The Official Science Site of the Zone Diet!!!

Dr. Sears.Com about "Metabolic Engineering" and the "Resolution Response"

The Site to order all the Zone Products

The Inflammation Research Foundation of Dr. Sears

The Paleo Diet Site of Dr. Cordain








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