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Why do we recommend High Intensity Low Velocity or Hi-Lo Strength Training?

Physiologic Monitoring 6 Minute Video Hi-Lo (High Intensity Low Velocity) Strength Training Workout

Our "Science of Hi-Lo Strength Training" Seminar!!

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Description of High Intensity Strength Training/Zone Nutrition Programs, Eat More and Exercise Less!!


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Strength Training San Antonio


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Please Note:  Our Strength Training Facility should not be considered a Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation Center.  Neither Dr. Christian or his staff have credentials that would qualify them to provide Medical Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation services.  The protocols utilized are designed to build strength and muscle mass safely, but are not considered Medical Services and are not covered by Medicare or Insurance and are not covered by Dr. Christian's Medical Malpractice Policy.  The Strength Training gym carries Liability Insurance through it's Nationwide Premier Businessowner's Policy.  Sometimes, a Health Savings Account can be used for these services. See our Waiver you will need to sign if you become a client of our Strength Training Services. 


Why do we recommend “High Intensity, Low Velocity or Hi-Lo Strength Training?"


 It is Effective:   High Intensity Strength Training provides the stimulation needed to cause the muscles to get stronger and often bigger. We will gradually increase the amount of weight in the sessions to insure that you continue to make progress The only thing muscles really respond to is Intensity, but you knew that!!  We are going to treat exercise as a drug, not too much and not too little!!

 It is Safe:   High Intensity Strength training can be very safe when performed with proper form and low velocity means less trauma to the joints, ligaments and tendons.     

It is Timewise: The most common reason people do not exercise, besides the fact that most “exercise” does not produce the results we want, is lack of time.  When you are doing proper exercise, it is amazing how little time it takes to get results.  Two 20-25 minute workouts a week is really all it takes. The mantra in the High Intensity Strength Training arena is: "We always look for the least amount of exercise that stimulates the desired results." 

It Combats “Sarcopenia”:  Quite possibly the most significant silent epidemic facing our aging population is “Sarcopenia’ or the age related loss of muscle mass.  As we lose muscle we gradually lose our ability to perform what are termed “Activities of Daily Living”.  This leads to various levels of functional disability.  In addition, loss of muscle lowers our Basal Metabolic Rate and if we don’t change our diet we gradually gain fat!!  For anti-aging purposes, muscle mass maintenance and strength are critical!   

Your Metabolism Will Improve:  Increasing your strength and muscle mass and losing fat will often improve your lipid profile, glucose tolerance, bone density, Basal Metabolic Rate and combined with our Modified Zone/Paleo Diet, you may reduce your risk of chronic diseases.  

Physiologic Monitoring 6 Minute Hi-Lo (High Intensity Low Velocity) Strength Training Workout



Science of Strength Training Seminar Description

This 90min PowerPoint Multimedia Seminar includes the following topics and detailed handouts of the seminar are included.  It is intended to explain the "Whys" and the Science behind High Intensity Strength Training. 

"Why all Physical Activity is Not Exercise"  You will be perfectly clear about what the definition of effective exercise is after this seminar.

"Why Muscle is King"  There is no dispute, to avoid loss of functional ability as we age we must maintain Muscle Mass.   This seminar nails this point!!

"How and Why Genetics Limit Us"  This seminar explains the Known genetic factors which limit our strength, size and body habitus.  It explains why most of us, no matter how hard we try, will ever grace the cover of a Muscle Magazine.  Answers the question "Are you White or Dark Meat" and everything you ever wanted to know about muscle Fiber types.

"The Physiologic Why"  The ins and outs of ATP production and why it is so important to improve our ability to burn fat as a energy source.  You will understand the adaptations our muscles undergo in response to intense strength training.  

"Finally, How!!"  A review of the  Philosophy of Strength Training based on the principles outlined by Arthur Jones, Founder of Nautilus and the Resistance Training Recommendations of the American Heart Association.  "Train to near death, rest, repeat."

"Strength Training and the Work of Arthur Jones Smith D et al JEPonline, Dec 2004


"Resistance Exercise in Individuals With and Without Cardiovascular Disease:2007 Update: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association Council on Clinical Cardiology and Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Metabolism" Williams MA et al   Circulation 2007:116:572-584.


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Strength Training San Antonio

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