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 Our Newest Inside Outside Star: Carolyn Salter

May 2017

Carolyn with her "rescue golden"!


Our Newest Inside Outside Star is Carolyn Salter!  Carolyn found Inside Outside through our December 2015 Inside Outside Star Aimee Villareal who is her hair dresser. Carolyn is an avid Tennis Player and was looking for an edge in her game plus she spends Summers in Colorado where she does a lot of hiking with her "rescue golden"!   The thought of more strength and a faster and harder forehand plus Aimee's great example was all it took! 


In Carolyn's Own Words!

"Hiking in Colorado with my rescue golden brightens my day! I have always been active. However, as I get older, I find that it takes more effort to maintain muscle. My legs are strong, but my upper body not so much. My arms are where I first started noticing muscle loss. A friend of mine who has been using Inside Outside for a long time, suggested that I talk to Dr. Christian. Amazingly, I have added 4 pounds of muscle in just a month! It has certainly improved my tennis game! I can't wait to tackle the hiking trails in Colorado this summer. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Inside Outside!"     Carolyn



Here are some graphs which demonstrate Carolyn's progress in body composition based on our DXA Body Composition Scanner, and her strength changes.

Gaining 4lbs of lean mass!  Great for Tennis and Hiking!









Gaining 4lbs of pure muscle makes for a stronger tennis player who is more resistant to injury!!






















Nice strength changes!









Carolyn does a great disciplined workout!






















Carolyn, we are proud of you!!  Thanks for setting a great example of how our strategies work!!


Congratulations on being selected our newest Inside Outside Star, earning 4 free sessions and being part of the Inside Outside Family!
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