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Dec 2017



 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside



Holiday season is upon us!  Christmas tomorrow and a New Year around the

Corner.  Let's get serious about our Nutrition, Exercise and Skin care & make 2018 the best year yet!!  At Inside Outside we have "The Cure" for our Health and Fitness Crisis, never doubt it!! "The Inside Outside Way of Life"!

Live It in 2018 & Take it to a New Level! It's Magic! Commit!!




in this issue

  • Our Newest Inside Outside Star: Lee McCarty, Showing the Way! Let's build some Muscle!
  • From Dr. Christian: Reflections on the 5 Levels of Commitment!
  • Thoughts on Commitment, MacArthur, Kipling, Jobs, Frost, Brande and others!
  • 2017! Lease Renewal and Lots of Upgrades and Un Cluttering for Inside Outside!
  • We Can Now Send/Receive Text Messages with Land Line 210.616.0826 via ZipWhip!
  • Update on our Web Analytics by Revolver, 151 Countries! They love us around the World!!!
  • Dr. Brant Mittler's Russia Adventures! Soyuz Capsule Recovery & Flight to "Edge of Space!
  • We Welcome our Six Spring 2018 Kinesiology & Public Health Interns! Yes Six!
  • It is Better to Give than Receive! Gift Certificates!! Personalized!
  • Member Spotlight: Vivian Spurlock, CEO Commercial Facility Management Company!
  • Community Relations:  Silent Auctions, Raffles, Walks and Runs!  70 Events so far 2017!!
    From Dr. Christian: Reflections on  the 5 Levels of Commitment!


    One of the many things I share with my Staff and Interns is the concept of Commitment.  Webster's defines it as "a pledge to do something; the state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to an ideal or course of action". Last summer I wrote about the very obvious commitment the Summer Olympic Athletes make and how they follow the Scout's Motto of "Allzeit Bereit" Be Prepared. The "Ham and Egg Omelet" analogy clearly is an example of the Pig being Committed and the Chicken just involved. As you think about some Commitments you might want to make in 2018 you might want to consider what I call the "5 Levels of Commitment".  The 1st Level is simply "I will try".  We all know that when we hear this or say this that usually nothing happens.  The 2nd Level is "I will do my best".  This sounds better but gives us a little wiggle room doesn't it. How do we know what is "my best" and how do others know? The 3rd Level is "I will do whatever it takes, as long as it is legal".  This sounds much better and is what Peter B. Kyne wrote about in his 1921 wonderful short story "The Go Getter" Sub Title "A Story that Tells you How to Be One. It's pretty easy to recognize a Go-Getter, they are goal oriented and willing to do "Whatever It Takes". Many Entrepreneurs are Go Getters, investing their time, money, energy, blood, sweat and tears to achieve their dreams. The 4th Level is "I will do whatever it takes, even if it is illegal". This obviously is a dangerous level but used often by ConMen who are out to "help" you.  Everyone wants to believe that there is an easy solution to their problems and the "Short Cuts" that these ConMen promise usually involve something illegal.  Run, Don't walk from these people, They will drain you of Time, Money and Energy and might get you in trouble with the law.  The 5th Level of Commitment is "Giving it All", best demonstrated by the sacrifices our Military (Pvt. Treptow's Pledge), Police and others make every day.   As we look forward to 2018 let's reflect on some of these thoughts about "Commitment" What is clear is that as Benjamin Franklin wrote "The presence of health makes all things easier, it's absence, everything more difficult" That's where living "The Inside Outside Way of Life" can help, first make a commitment to yourself, you are worthy of it.

    Thoughts on Commitment, MacArthur, Kipling, Jobs, Frost, Brande and others

       Marianne Williamson "Our Deepest Fear"

    Douglas MacArthur "Duty Honor Country"

    R. L. Sharp "A Bag of Tools"

    Rudyard Kipling "If"

    Og Mandino "And Most of all I will Love Myself.."

    Steve Jobs "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"

    James Allen "You Will be what you will to be"

    Henry David Thoreau "if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams"

    Alan Cohen "The Main Thing"

    Theodore Roosevelt "The Man In the Arena"

    Barbara Streisand "Putting It Together"

    Robert Frost "The Road Not Taken"

    D'Invilliers "Then wear the gold hat"

    Richard Bach "the gull sees farthest who flies highest"

    Jack London "Jack London's Credo"

    Dorthea Brande "The Will to Fail"

    W. H. Murray "Commitment"

    L. P. Jacks "Working or Playing"

    Anais Nin "Hibernating"

    Robin Williams "Carpe Diem"  Dead Poet's Society

    2017!  Much Accomplished, 5 yr Lease Renewal and Lots of Upgrades at Inside Outside!!

    At Inside Outside we are always looking for ways to make our Center run more smoothly and efficiently to serve you.  In addition to renewing our lease this year for another 5 years, we made a number of upgrades to help accomplish this.  One of the big projects was the creation of a new Learning Center in the Gym with a 49in Sony 4K TV.  It has been hooked to a computer and we will use it for all teaching sessions for our Interns and Staff.  The area for the TV was created about 15 years ago when Dr. Christian designed the millwork in the Gym but we are just now able to make the investment in the equipment. Other upgrades include new software and hardware for the DXA Scanner which allows us to do Visceral Fat Analysis.  Communications upgrades include a new High Speed Sonic Firewall, 1GB Ethernet Switch, High Speed Internet from Spectrum Business and 3rd Generation Artificial Intelligence Antivirus Software from Cylance on all workstations.  In addition, we have switched our 5 Landlines to Spectrum from AT&T for less $$ and upgraded our printer.  We replaced 4 pads in the gym (TrainingBuddy) added carpet to the storage room and had a huge cleanout of old computer workstations and monitors and cables (Goodwill), had 32 gallons of Botox needles disposed of properly (Medsharps), did a lot of shredding and generally uncluttered the office.  It's been a great year and we are excited about 2018!!  Plus Text Messaging (ZipWhip) from our Land Line to help you make your appointments.

      Check Out our FaceBook Album of all these Upgrades! 

    We Now Have Ability to Send a Text Message Via Our Land Line 210-616-0826 via ZipWhip

       Many Clients over the years have asked us if we have the ability to send reminders or if there would be a way to communicate with us using Texting Capabilities of SmartPhones.  We are please to announce that we now are able to offer this service using one of our existing LandLines through ZipWhip. We have to have your permission to communicate with you in this manner and we can't use it for marketing or to send you any Protected Health Information and you would not want to send us any Credit Card or Payment Information.  This service will only be used to schedule appointments or to remind clients of appointments or that they are due for a Botox Treatment.  We certainly won't abuse this capability with unnecessary messages and by Typing STOP, you can opt out for these messages. We have developed a little Botox Emoji to send along with the messages to remind you that you might be due for Botox!! 

    Update on our Web Analytic Reports, The Revolver Map!!  They love us around the world!

       Everyone is aware that Businesses & Organizations use Web Analytic Tracking Services to monitor their web site traffic for marketing purposes.  Inside Outside uses Google Analytics, Clicky and Revolver Maps for tracking services. The Top Ten Countries are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, Philippines, France, Brazil, and Italy! The map shows hits over the past 66 months, monitored by Revolver Maps, 151 Countries & over 69,500 Visits. Recent additions since the last newsletter are Botswana, Belarus, American Samoa, Angola and Paraguay.  Popular pages for international visitors are the DXA Body Composition, DXA Bone Density & our Dark Side of the Sun page.   

    To Checkout our current Revolver Map, click on the 2D Version and Hover over the Red Dots to see Location, Requires Java!

    Dr. Brant Mittler, More Adventures in Russia, Soyuz Capsule Landing and Edge of Space Flight!


    Inside Outside Client Dr. Brant Mittler has continued his adventures in Russia over the past 18 months.  In May 2016 he flew in a Mig 29 "Edge of Space" Flight!  Then on 3 Sep 17, he was in Kazakhstan for the landing of the Soyuz MS-04 Capsule from the International Space Station.  On board were 2 American Astronauts, Peggy Whitson and Jack Fisher and Soviet Astronaut Fyodor Yurchikhin.  Peggy Whitson wrapped up her 3rd spaceflight and has spent just shy of 666 days of time in orbit.  We have created a Facebook Album of these adventures!

    Dr. Mittler's New Russian Adventures!

    Welcome to our Six Spring 2018 UTSA Kinesiology & Public Health Interns!

    Inside Outside welcomes Mercedes Jolley, Amber Hinkle, Jessica Cantu, Jasmine Whitaker, Elizabeth Ochoa and Kristen Healey as our UTSA Interns for Spring 2018.  They are all Kinesiology/Exercise Science Majors except for Jessica who is a Public Health Major.  We are excited to have these future health care providers with us for the 2018 Spring Semester and to share with them The Inside Outside Way of Life!  Coming 9 Jan 2018!!!

    UTSA Health and Kinesiology Department Website

    Our Current and Past UTSA Kinesiology Interns 

    We have Gift Certificates for all of our products and services!

     Gift Certificates for Any Occasion

    Christmas, Birthday, Valentines, Mother's Day, New Bride, Graduation

     We can Personalize Gift Certificate

    for any Product or Service We Offer!

    Great Gift Certificate Ideas Here!!

    Member Spotlight: Vivian Spurlock, Retired CEO Commercial Facility Management Company


    We salute Vivian Spurlock in our Member Spotlight this Month!  Vivian has been a member of the Inside Outside Family since 2005!  She is well known for the unwavering commitment and hard work she shows every week in the Hi-Lo gym!  In 1965, Vivian moved to the United States from her homeland Argentina.  She spent her 20s in California, where she also attended college.  After 10 years in California and 6 years in Las Vegas, Nevada; Vivian made her way to San Antonio in 1981 where she established herself as the head of a commercial facility management company.   Later, she met her husband on one fateful blind date and married in 2001!   Vivian decided 2011 was the year for a long deserved retirement.  She is now a very active member of Chaine des Rotisseurs,  an international Food and Wine Gastronomy Society, which focuses on sponsored culinary activities, hospitality of arts, and much more regarding the dining experience.   Between the society, her passion for traveling, and desire to maintain an active lifestyle, her schedule is consistently busy with activities.  We are so grateful Vivian include Inside Outside as a part of her journey to sustain a healthy lifestyle!

    Community Relations: Silent Auctions, Raffles, Walks and Runs, 70 Events so far in 2017!

    Since it's inception, an important mission at Inside Outside has been to make

    a difference in our community.  The best way we have found to do this is to

    make contributions to Non-Profit organizations through silent auctions at their

    annual fund raising events, seminars, health fairs or direct donations.  We would

    consider it an honor for any request for items to be donated or for Dr. Christian to speak to Non-Profit and other organizations/businesses in San Antonio and surrounding cities. Check out our New Community Service Page chronicling Inside Outside's Community Service efforts since 2004!

    Inside Outside Community Service, 70 Events this Year so Far!

    Thanks to our Community Service Director Lora Lane!

    Silent Auctions and Raffles

    Over the past 6 months we have made donations for the following Silent Auctions, Raffles or Door Prizes organized by these fine Non-Profit Organizations!!  this is one of our favorite ways to support them!



    A Great Christmas White Board by Gabriella, Kim and Jennifer, Our Fall 2017 UTSA Interns!



    Our Newest

    Inside Outside Star Lee McCarty

    Loves Hi-Lo Workouts!

    Read Her Story!

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    Jennifer, Gabriella and Kimberly with Their Scrapbook of Memories of their Fall Internship at Inside Outside

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