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"What Men Live By"

Leo Tolstoy 1881

Dr. Christian has several collectable out of print versions of this classic and moving short story by Leo Tolstoy.  Several of these have beautiful illustrations by various well known artists.


Leo Tolstoy "What Men Live By" "The Three Lessons of God" paraphrased..


I have several collectable versions of this short story that I have found at rare book sites on the internet. The top one was published in 1970 and the lower one is a limited edition of only 150 published in 1951. Both are beautifully illustrated.


Learn, "What dwells in man".

Love has been given to men

To dwell in their hearts.


Learn, "What is not given to man".

It is not given to men

To know their own needs.


Learn, "What Men Live By".

Man does not live by care for himself

But by the love for them that is in other's hearts.



God does not wish men to live apart, and therefore he does not reveal to them what each one needs for himself; but he wishes them to live united, and therefore reveals to each of them that they are needful to each other's Happiness.

Leo Tolstoy  1828-1910 



Text Version Web Page of "What Men Live By"


View, Download and Print a .pdf Version of "What Men Live By"


 Version at Christian Classics Ethereal Library  "What Men Live By"






1885-1889 "What Men Live by"  Leo Tolstoy  Walter Scott Publishers, London. Gilded Cover and edges of pages. Also includes "What Shall It Profit a Man" Volume II of a 3 Volume set of Tolstoy's Short Stories. 

Illustrations by H.R. Millar.   From David Mason Books, Toronto.


1901 "What Men Live by"  Leo Tolstoy  First Edition, The Free Age Press, Christchurch, Hants (Hampshire) England

(No. 22 of The Free Age Press cheap editions of Tolstoy)  "One Penny"  See letter from Leo Tolstoy to Free Age Press thanking them for publishing his works!   From ZH Books, Freemont, California.


1922 "What Men Live By" Leo Tolstoy, The Happy Hour Library New York, Collection of 4 Short Stories,

including "The Bear Hunt" Tolstoy, "Doomed to Live" Honor de Balzac, "Father Boniface's Crime" Guy de Maupassant and "The Power of Words" Edgar Allen Poe.    From The Bookworm Bookstore, Lemoyne, PA.



1944 "Tolstoy, Stories and Legends" Leo Tolstoy, Pantheon Books, New York, Collection of 8 Short Stories,

including "What Men Live By". Beautiful color and black and white illustrations by Alexander Alexeieff, inventor of the Pinscreen technique of animation.  From Rare Book Cellar, Pomona, New York.


1951 "What Men Live By"  Leo Tolstoy, The L.D. Allen Press Belvedere, California.  #1 out of Limited Edition of 150 copies. The type face is Romanee, hand-set; the paper is hand-made Maidstone, printed damp. The book was designed, printed on a hand-press and bound by Lewis & Dorothy Allen at the L-D Allen Press. Wood engravings by Mallette Dean. From Oak Knoll Books, New Castle, Delaware.

1958 "What Men Live By"  Leo Tolstoy, Fleming H. Revell Company, Mount Vernon, NY.  Also contains "Where Love Is, There God Is Also"   From Andre Strong Bookseller, Bluehill, Maine.

1965 "What Men Live By"  Leo Tolstoy, The popular Peter Pauper Press Version, Mount Vernon, NY.  1st Edition Copy.  Illustrated by Jeff Hill.  There have been a number of printings of this volume over the years from 1965 to mid 1970's as far as I can tell.  A number are still available on the internet, even on Amazon.  From Abe Books, Victoria, Canada.






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