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Aug 2016



 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside

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Inspired by the Olympics! Check out the Medal Count!It's "HOT" Outside but be Steve McQueen "COOL" at Inside Outside!   School has started and your vacation is over! The Summer heat will be with us for awhile yet! The Rio Olympics have inspired us all! These Athletes are living "The Inside Outside Way of Life!" 



Picture It!  Believe It! Do It!



in this issue

  • Our Newest Inside Outside Star: Mac Rattan, Living "The Inside Outside Way of Life"
  • From Dr. Christian: The Scout Motto & the Olympics! "Allzeit Bereit"Preparation + Opportunity = Chance for Olympic Gold"Be Prepared"
  • Olympic Gymnast Laurie Hernandez teaches us the joy of "Allzeit Bereit"!
  • Let's Revisit The Health Triad!  Olympians Practice it! Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3!
  • Elydia and Patrick welcome Jameson Isiah Miles, born on 18 Aug 16!
  • Update on our Revolver Web Analytics! They Love us Around the World!
  • Unique Class of Skin Care Products! SENTE Heparan Sulfate, Very Hydrating & Nourishing!
  • Welcome to our Go Roadrunners!! Fall 2016 Interns, Esmeralda, Miebaka, Ruby and Ashna!
  • We welcome Jaclyn Flores and Erika Navarro, New Inside Outside Staff!
  • Member Spotlight: Gary West M.D. Air Force Academy Grad & Retired Radiation Oncologist!
  • Community Relations:  Silent Auctions, Raffles, Walks and Runs! 29 Events so far 2016!!
  • From Dr. Christian: The Scout Motto & the Olympics! "Allzeit Bereit"Preparation + Opportunity = Chance for Olympic Gold  "Be Prepared!"

    165lbs of Rompin, Stompin, Airborne Romance in Jump Boots!     Your worst Nightmare!  Not being prepared......

    It's impossible to not be inspired and amazed at the performances of the Olympic Athletes over the past two weeks.  NBC has produced the best to date in media technology which gave us wonderful, near intimate details and insights into the athletes and their events! One of the messages which should be perfectly clear to all of us is that their accomplishments border on the supernatural; we are of course seeing the "best" or "bestiest" each country has to offer at least for the physical aspect of their events. We have to accept that there is some degree of gifted genetics at play but there is much more we can learn from them.  I can't help but think that what these athletes teach and show us is that they have dug deeper and discovered in themselves a level of "grit" unknown to most of us. They embody to the highest degree the basic principles of the old fashioned, easily spoken Scout Motto of "Allzeit Bereit" or "Be Prepared". We all give some lip service to this simple phrase and it is a basic tenet of military, medicine and most other professions and for a life with fewer "surprises".  Steven Covey, author of the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" promotes  "Be Proactive, not Reactive", Quadrant 4 Activities of "Putting First Things First" and "Sharpen the Saw" as the basics of "Be Prepared".

    The athletes have mastered "Allzeit Bereit". The Scout Motto asks us to

    Be Prepared In Mind:

    By having disciplined yourself to be obedient to every order, and also by having thought out

    beforehand any accident or situation that might occur, so that you know the right thing to do

     at the right moment, and are willing to do it.

    Be Prepared In Body:

    By making yourself strong and active and able to do the right thing at the right moment, and do it.  

    They have reminded us that "Preparation" + "Opportunity" = "Success!"

    I'm sure some of my worst nightmares have been when I ignored "Allzeit Bereit"

    General Douglas McArthur emphasized the importance of lessons learned from athletics when he wrote

    "On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields will bear the fruits of Victory"  affirming the Olympic Motto ""The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.

    The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

    "BE PREPARED" requires Bravery, Enterprise, Purpose, Resolution, Endurance, Partnership, Assurance, Reformation, Enthusiasm and Devotion.

    See our "Quotes" Page for More Inspiration     Olympic Medal Count

    USA Olympic Gymnast Laurie Hernandez teaches us the lessons and pleasures of "Allziet Bereit"

    "Winking" the Judges before Floor Routine             "I Got This" before Beam Routine

    Grrrrrrrrrrr........at it's Best!

    Laurie Hernandez at Wikipedia

    Let's revisit the Health Triad!   Olympians Practice It!   Thing 1, Thing 2 & Thing 3

    AKA, The Inside Outside Way of Life!


      The Performance Triad of the U.S. ARMY! Keeping our Soldiers Healthy!

    Elydia and Patrick welcome Jameson Isiah Miles, born on 18 Aug 16!

    Wishing Ely the best as she begins Maternity Leave!Ely and Jameson Isiah Miles, 2 Days Old, 20 Aug 16.


    We are excited to announce that Jameson Isiah Miles was born on 18 Aug 16, weighing a healthy 7bs 10oz and everyone is doing well!   We wish Elydia, Patrick and Jameson the best during her maternity leave!  We all know her as Ely and she has been a significant part of the Inside Outside Adventure for the past 5 years since she was our Kinesiology Intern in the Spring of 2011!  On the left, a week prior to delivery, Ely is holding a wire basket made by Inside Outside client Wiede Cutshall holding goodies for Jameson!!  Ely will be back with us in December helping out while attending to her son and finishing courses needed to start Nursing School!  

    Baby Registry at "The Bump" for Elydia & Patrick!

    Update on our Web Analytic Reports, The Revolver Map!!  They love us around the world!

    144 Countries!  They love us around the world!!


    Everyone is aware that Businesses & Organizations use Web Analytic Tracking Services to monitor their web site traffic for marketing purposes.  Inside Outside uses Google Analytics, Clicky and recently started using Revolver Maps for tracking services. The Top Ten Countries are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Germany, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, & China!  We recently added #144 the country of Sudan in Africa! The map shows hits over the past 64 months, monitored by Revolver Maps, 144 Countries & over 51,300 Visits. Popular pages for international visitors are the DXA Body Composition, DXA Bone Density & our Dark Side of the Sun page.    

    To Checkout our current Revolver Map, click on the 2D Version and Hover over the Red Dots to see Location, to see all recent Locations Click on Location Button!  Requires Java!

    A Unique Class of Skin Care Products by SENTE ! Heparan Sulfate, Very Hydrating & Nourishing!

    Unique class of products with Heparan Sulfate!

    Amanda Addington M.S. Account Executive for Sente Products and Dr. Christian!

    Amada Addington M. S. is our new Account Executive for an exciting new class of skin care products made by SENTE!  These products contain Heparan Sulfate which is a key molecule which is needed to facilitate a wide variety of critical chemical reactions which create a very hydrating and favorable environment for growth factor and collagen production.  As you all know from Dr. Christian's teaching, maintaining skin hydration and creating a favorable environment for protection and production of collagen is the vital key to healthy and youthful appearing skin and reversal of aging and photodamage changes.  Check out the article of the Month!  Local Dermatologist Dr. Vivian Bucay was an author of this study which appeared in the Journal of Drugs In Dermatology. Ask Dr. Christian how you can incorporate their products in your skin care program!

     "The Potential Role of Topically Applied Heparan Sulfate in the Treatment of Photodamage"

    Check out the Sente Website!

    Go Roadrunners!! Welcome to Our Fall 2016 Kinesiology and Public Health Interns!  Go Roadrunners!!

    We wecome Esmeralda Garza 2016 Fall Public Health Intern!We wecome Miebaka Semenitari 2016 Fall Public Health Intern!We wecome Ashna Raju, 2016 Fall Public Health Intern!We wecome Ruby Munoz, 2016 Fall Kinesiology Intern!

    Inside Outside welcomes Esmeralda Garza, Miebaka Semenitari, Ashna Raju and Ruby Munoz as our UTSA Interns for Fall 2016.  Esmeralda, Miebaka and Ashna are Public Health Epidemiology Majors and Ruby is a Kinesiology Major!  We are excited to have these future health care providers with us for the 2016 Fall Semester and to share with them The Inside Outside Way of Life!  Coming 23 Aug 2016!!!

    UTSA Health and Kinesiology Department Website

    Our Current and Past UTSA Interns 

    Our Facebook Album for our Interns

    We welcome Erika Navarro and Jaclyn Flores as new Inside Outside Staff!

    We welcome Erika Navarro and Jaclyn Flores as New Inside Outside Staff!



    We are please to have Jaclyn Flores and Erika Navarro as new Inside Outside Staff.   Most of you know them from their recent Kinesiology Internships with us. Erika was with us in the Spring of 2016 and Jaclyn  was a Summer 2016 Internship and they both have earned a B.S Degree in Kinesiology from UTSA with Specialization in Exercise Science. Jaclyn will be full time and Erika Part Time.  They are both well qualified to teach and monitor your progress through your Hi-Lo Training Sessions.  They will also be assisting Dr. Christian with all the other services we provide at Inside Outside and will be helping orient and train our new Interns arriving on 23 Aug 16!  Welcome Jaclyn and Erika!  And as a bonus, Erika is fluent in Spanish!


    Member Spotlight: Gary West M. D. Air Force Academy Grad and Retired Radiation Oncologist!

    We salute Dr. Gary West!

    Dr. Gary West with his favorite Hi-Lo Trainer, Elydia Ybarbo at the Sports Foundation Hall of Fame Gala!


    We salute Inside Outside Client Dr. Gary West in our Member Spotlight for this newsletter.  Dr. West is a retired radiation oncologist and currently a member of the Board of Directors, Azaya Therapeutics, San Antonio, Texas. Dr. West attended the USAF Academy , graduating in 1964. He then graduated from the University of Colorado Medical School and was a resident in radiation oncology at the University of New Mexico where he was affiliated with the Los Alamos Meson Facility (LAMF), Los Alamos, New Mexico. He completed his residency at the Joint Center for Radiation Oncology (JCRO), Harvard University.  He was board certified in Radiation Oncology in 1975 and thereafter completed a research fellowship at the Harvard JCRO in 1979 where he investigated chemotherapy drug delivery in human tumor cells. While in the Air Force he continued his affiliation with the LAMF and was Chief of the Radiation Oncology Department, Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center. From 1992 to 2005 he served on the USAA Life Investment Trust Board of Governors and was chairman of the audit committee. While in private practice he was Chief of Staff University of Texas Health Science Center, Cancer Therapy and Research Center (CTRC), in San Antonio and a member of the CTRC Board of Governors. He is a retired member of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists and the American Society of Therapeutic Radiologists. Gary is an avid golfer and credits his Hi-Lo Training with his enjoyment of and improvement in the sport!  Gary is seen with his favorite Hi-Lo Trainer Ely at the 2014 Sports Foundation Hall of Fame Gala!  We are proud to have Gary as a  member of the Inside Outside Family and enjoying The Inside Outside Way of Life! 

    Community Relations: Silent Auctions, Raffles, Walks and Runs, 29 Events so far in 2016!

    Since it's inception, an important mission at Inside Outside has been to makeAsk Us!  Inside Outside has helped many San Antonio non-profit organizations!

    a difference in our community.  The best way we have found to do this is to

    make contributions to Non-Profit organizations through silent auctions at their

    annual fund raising events, seminars, health fairs or direct donations.  We would

    consider it an honor for any request for items to be donated or for Dr. Christian to speak to Non-Profit and other organizations/businesses in San Antonio and surrounding cities. Check out our Community Service Page chronicling Inside Outside's Community Service efforts since 2004!

    Inside Outside Community Service, 29 Events this Year so Far!

    Silent Auctions and Raffles

    Over the past 4 months we have made donations for the following Silent Auctions, Raffles or Door Prizes organized by these fine Non-Profit Organizations!!  this is one of our favorite ways to support them!

    Silent Auction Items for UTSA Alumni Assn Gala!Silent Auction Items for Boysville Strike Gold for Children GalaSilent Auction Items for Boysville Strike Gold for Children Gala!Silent Auction Items for Project Mend Toast of Town Gala!

    Silent Auction Items for Pars for Prevention Golf Tournament. San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse!Silent Auction Items for Ronald McDonald House Gala!Community for LIfe Foundation Black & White Gala!Community for LIfe Foundation Black & White Gala!Silent Auction Items for UTSA Alumni Assn Gala!

    Silent Auction Items for Junior Achievement Wild West Auction!Silent Auction Items for Junior Achievement Wild West Auction!Silent Auction Items for Pars for Prevention Golf Tournament. San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse!


    A Great Rio 2016 Olympics White Board by our Summer 2016 UTSA Kinesiology Interns

    Jaclyn Flores and Matt Edralin!!

    "Citius, Altius, Fortius" "Faster, Higher, Stronger"

    A great Olympics White Board by Jaclyn and Matt!


    Our Newest

    Inside Outside Star Mac Rattan

    We Salute Mac Rattan, Our Newest Inside Outside Star!

    Lose 7.5lbs fat, gain 3.5lbs lean! Great Results!

    Read His Story!

    This is a web page version if your email browser does not show the newsletter clearly.

    Check out the  Inside Outside

    Star Archive


    500 Club


    "Row Your Own Weight Club"


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    Staff Pictures

    New Staff Picture with our Summer Interns Matt & Jaclyn!


    Matt Edralin & Jaclyn Flores with their Scrapbook of Memories of their Summer 2016 Internship

    at Inside Outside

    Anissa and Kayla +1 at their going away lunch at Fujiya!

    "Forsan et haec olim meminassi juvabit" "Perhaps someday it will be pleasant to remember

    these things"

    Virgil's Aeneid


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