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Aug 2015



 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside

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It's "HOT" Outside but be Steve McQueen "COOL" at Inside Outside!   School has started your vacations is over! The Summer heat will be with us for awhile yet! Let's get ready for all the upcoming Fall and Holiday Events!  Living "The Inside Outside Way of Life!" is a great place to start!  Break GOod at Inside Outside!


Picture It!  Believe It! Do It!



in this issue

  • Our Newest Inside Outside Star: Chris Feller, Showing the Way!
  • From Dr. Christian: Dr. Seuss ""unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not!"  Once-ler from The Lorax someone like YOU, cares a whole awful lot........."
  • The Great Dr. Seuss White Board by Anissa, Kayla, Sierra and Eli!
  • Let's Review The Health Triad! And, Let's Keep it Simple!  Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3!
  • Dr. Christian's Self Quantifying Utilities. How he monitors Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep!
  • Update on our Revolver Web Analytics! They Love us Around the World!
  • New Use for Botox! Botulinum A Toxin for Depression and BRF.....
  • Welcome to our Go Roadrunners!! Fall 2015 Kinesiology Interns, Crystal Colin & Kelsey Hixon
  • Member Spotlight: Dr. Carl Dukes Alumni Profile featured in UAB Magazine!
  • Member Spotlight: Captain Dan Hassenger, Veteran United Airlines Pilot!
  • Community Relations:  Silent Auctions, Raffles, Walks and Runs! 31 Events so far 2015!!
  • From Dr. Christian: Dr. Seuss ""unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not!"  Once-ler from The Lorax someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot.........."

    165lbs of Rompin, Stompin, Airborne Romance in Jump Boots!    

    Thanks to our Summer Interns, Anissa Munson and Kayla Hunt and staff members Sierra and Eli we have a wonderful white board which displays several of the many simple truths which Dr. Seuss has shared with us over the years!  "The Lorax" written in 1971 chronicles the plight of the environment and The Lorax speaks for the Truffula trees which Once-ler has cut down completely. The Lorax leaves Once-ler a stone with the word UNLESS carved in it.  After many years Once-ler gets the hint and figures out the rest of the message and says to a young boy "Unless AKA, "The Inside Outside Way of Life"!someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not". (see Video)  A true "in your face"  reminder of the need for each of us to take personal responsibility for not only protecting the environment but  also for our own health! The Once-ler then gives the boy the last Truffula seed and tells him to plant it.   The 10 most important 2 letter words in the English language are "If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me"Yes!  UNLESS!.  A newer book, featuring The Cat in The Hat, "Oh, the THINGS you can DO that are Good for You" reminds us in simple terms of the basics of healthy living.  The book is the companion book for the Partnership for a Healthier America promoted by President Obama and his Wife.  The goal of the partnership is to reduce childhood obesity. The book, of course, details all the strategies we promote at Inside Outside.  It's "The Inside Outside Way of Life"!  "Some do it Different, None do it better".  A better, more satisfying life is only aPreventing Childhood Obesity!! decision away!  Make "The Decision" today!  You are worth it.  Just say Grrrrrr and Do It!  Join Us Today!  The Lorax and Once-ler will be proud!

    Partnership for a Healthier America Website 

    "Why don't we take better care of ourselves?"

    My First Newsletter July 2004

    The Great Dr. Seuss White Board by Annissa, Kayla, Sierra and Eli!

    Anissa Munson gets credit for the great drawing of the Dr. Seuss Characters, especially like what she did with the Inside Outside Stick Man on our Logo!!

    Let's review the Health Triad! And, let's keep it Simple. Thing 1, Thing 2 & Thing 3

    AKA, The Inside Outside Way of Life!


      The Performance Triad of the U.S. ARMY! Keeping our Soldiers Healthy!

    Dr. Christian's Self Quantifying Utilities.  How He Monitors Sleep, Exercise and Nutrition!

    Most of you know that Dr. Christian likes to measure things. He is a true self-quantifier and technology has allowed him to monitor many aspects of his health and daily life. All of this has become a daily habit for him and it requires a little time to review the data but the logistics to gather the data are pretty much automated by the technology. His Smartphone is the HTC One M8 using Lollipop 5.0.2.  Categories of monitoring include Sleep, Exercise, Steps, Nutrition & Calories In, Calories Burned, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Blood Pressure, Weight & Body Fat/Lean Mass % and Blood and Tissue Measurements. 

    In Life's Great Experiment You are Your Own Guinea Pig, Take Care of the Pig...

    Monitoring the Health Triad and More!!

    Check out Dr. Christian's Self-Quantifying Utilities!

    Update on our Web Analytic Reports, The Revolver Map!!  They love us around the world!


    Everyone is aware that Businesses & Organizations use Web Analytic Tracking Services to monitor their web site traffic for marketing purposes.  Inside Outside uses Google Analytics, Clicky and recently started using Revolver Maps for tracking services. The Top Ten Countries are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Germany, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, & China!  We recently added #133 the country of Barbados in the Caribbean and before that Namibia and Macau!  The map shows hits over the past 40 months, monitored by Revolver Maps, 133 Countries & over 37,900 Visits. Popular pages for international visitors are the DXA Body Composition, DXA Bone Density & our Dark Side of the Sun page.   

    To Checkout our current Revolver Map, click on the 2D Version and Hover over the Red Dots to see Location, to see all recent Locations Click on Location Button!  Requires Java!

    Another Use for Botox!   Botulinum A toxin for Depression and BRF........

    Feeling Depressed!  Botox $9 per Unit! That should cheer you up!

    I have noted over the years that many clients have remarked that they "feel" better after$9 per unit for BRF........Do the world a favor. their Botox injections.  Now researchers Eric Finzi MD, PhD, and Norman E. Rosenthal MD, found that 52% of subjects suffering from moderate to severe depression showed relief from depression after injection of Botox to the glabellar area between the eyes, compared with only 15% of those those who received the saline placebo!  And, we know Botox works for Bitchy Resting Face!

     Check out the Botox For Depression Website!

    Botox for $9 per Unit at Inside Outside! That should cheer you up! 

    Of Course We all know Botox works for BRF, The Original BRF Video!!!

    BRF on Pinterest, is this you?

    We Welcome Crystal Colin and Kelsey Hixon as our Fall 2015 UTSA Kinesiology Interns!  

    We welcome Kelsey Hiixon, our Fall 2015 Kinesiology Intern!We Welcome Crystal Colin, Fall 2015 Kinesiology Intern! 

    Inside Outside welcomes Crystal Colin and Kelsey Hixon as our UTSA Interns for Fall 2015.  Crystal and Kelsey are Kinesiology Majors with Specializations in Exercise Science and will Graduate in Dec 2015.   We are excited to have Crystal and Kelsey with us for the Fall and to share with them  "The Inside Outside Way of Life!"


    UTSA Health and Kinesiology Department Website

    Our Current and Past UTSA Interns 

    Our Facebook Album for our Interns

    Member Spotlight:  Dr. Carl Dukes featured in University of Alabama Birmingham Magazine

    Long time Inside Outside Client and San Antonio Nephrologist, Dr. Carl Dukes (Inside Outside Star Apr 2006) was recently featured in the Alumni Profile section of UAB Medicine, the Magazine for Alumni and Friends of the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Medicine.  Dr. Dukes was the first African American Internal Medicine Chief Resident at UAB.  Dr. Dukes attended Cornell University for his undergraduate studies and the University of Rochester School of Medicine for his M.D. degree.  Then to UAB for his Internal Medicine Internship in 1976 and then his Internal Medicine Residency which he completed in 1979.  Dr. Dukes has translated his gratitude for the training he received at UAB into a philanthropic gift to help other young physicians, and particularly to advance the School of Medicine's efforts for minority recruitment to the UAB Internal Medicine Residency.   Please read the entire profile to understand his journey!

    Dr. Carl Dukes' Profile in UAB Medicine  

    Member Spotlight: Captain Dan Hassenger:  30+ Year Veteran United Airline Pilot

    We salute Captain Dan Hassenger!

    Captain Dan Hassenger!  United Airlines Pilot! 30+ years experience!

    We salute Inside Outside Client Captain Dan Hassenger.  Dan was born and raised in Sioux City, IA, #6 out of 7 kids. He graduated from Morningside College with a BS in Business, yet he ended up chasing an aviation career. His Grandfather started flying in 1930 and his father took it up for pleasure and subsequently for business use as well. After obtaining the necessary ratings during school, he flew for Mesa Airlines in 1984, then Continental Airlines in 1987 which was merged with United Airlines, where he serves as a Captain!  Old cars are a fun hobby for him as well as walking with his wife Kathy when she’s around with his 2 dogs in tow. Dan's wife Kathy, his brother Tim Hassenger (Inside Outside Star Apr 2013) and Tim's wife Sylvia Samano (Inside Outside Star Dec 2013) are also Inside Outside clients.

     More of Dan #1    More of Dan #2

    Community Relations: Silent Auctions, Raffles, Walks and Runs, 31 Events so far in 2015!

    Since it's inception, an important mission at Inside Outside has been to makeAsk Us!  Inside Outside has helped many San Antonio non-profit organizations!

    a difference in our community.  The best way we have found to do this is to

    make contributions to Non-Profit organizations through silent auctions at their

    annual fund raising events, seminars, health fairs or direct donations.  We would

    consider it an honor for any request for items to be donated or for Dr. Christian to speak to Non-Profit and other organizations/businesses in San Antonio and surrounding cities. Check out our Community Service Page chronicling Inside Outside's Community Service efforts since 2004!

    Inside Outside Community Service, 31 Events this Year so Far!

    Silent Auctions and Raffles

    Over the past 4 months we have made donations for the following Silent Auctions, Raffles or Door Prizes organized by these fine Non-Profit Organizations!!  this is one of our favorite ways to support them!

    Silent Auction Items for Boysville San Antonio!Silent Auction Items for the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center!Silent Auction Items for Junior Achievement!

    Silent Auction Items for UTSA Alumni Association!Silent Auction Items forProject Mend!!

    Silent Auction Items for the Cactus Pear Music Festival!Silent Auction Items for SA Aids Foundation!Silent Auction Items for Ronald McDonald House 5th Annual Charity Event!Silent Auction Items for Culinaria San Antonio!


    A Great Health Triad White Board by our Summer 2015 UTSA Kinesiology Interns

    Anissa Munson and Kayla Hunt +1 !!

    Anissa and Kayla and The Health Triad White Board!


    Our Newest

    Inside Outside Star Chris Feller

    We Salute Chris Feller, Our Newest Inside Outside Star!

    Gain muscle, lose

    fat, that's the goal!

    Read Her Story!

    This is a web page version if your email browser does not show the newsletter clearly.

    Check out the  Inside Outside

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    500 Club


    "Row Your Own Weight Club"


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    Staff Pictures

    New Staff Picture with our Summer Interns Anissa and Kayla


    Anissa Munson and

    Kayla Hunt with their Scrapbook of Memories of their Summer 2015 Internship

    at Inside Outside

    Anissa and Kayla +1 at their going away lunch at Fujiya!

    "Forsan et haec olim meminassi juvabit" "Perhaps someday it will be pleasant to remember

    these things"

    Virgil's Aeneid


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