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June - July 2008


 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside!

I WANT YOU in here this summer.  It's "HOT" Outside but be Steve McQueen "COOL" at Inside Outside!  Be Patriotic! Join us NOW and make this the best summer of your life!     



in this issue
  • This Month's Inside Outside Star: Bob Jennings Jr.
  • Dr. Christian announces Artefill $300 Summer Rebate on 1st Injection!!!
  • Vitamins!  Vital to our health, Part 11 of The Vitamins, Vitamin D3.
  • Inside Outside now offering the Medifast Diet Program!
  • Spotlight on Sun Protection, Understanding "The Dark Side of the Sun!"
  • Check out our New Nutrition Tools and Links Page!!  Count your Alcohol Calories!
  • What does 200 Calories Look Like? Check out this site.
  • Our Veterinarian, Dr. Loretta Ehrlund opens new location for Heritage Animal Medical Center
  • San Antonio 4th of July Events!  Places to go and things to do.
  • Member Spotlight: Susan Marburger, Award Winning Realtor!
  • Dr. Sears Zone Pasta and NO CALORIE Walden Farms Salad Dressings, Dips & More
  • Dr. Christian announces ArteFill $300 Summer Rebate on your First Injection!


    Through 30 Sep 08, Artefill is offering a $300 Rebate for your first injection.  This is what everyone has been waiting for!!  An Injectable Filler designed to last.  Previously the only fillers available would last only 6 and at the most 8 months before you needed another injection. This produced Wallet and Needle Fatigue.  Now with ArteFill, we have a filler which in their 5 Year Study showed that the results at 5 years were as good as those at 1 year!!  Call today for your Complementary consultation and free Skin Test.   We have product in stock! No More Deputy Dog Smile Lines!!

    Vitamins, these are vital, Part 11 , Vitamin D3




    Vitamine was the term coined by Casimir Funk, a Polish Biochemist, (1884-1967) for the unidentified substances present in food which could prevent the diseases scurvy, beriberi, and pellagra. This is the pioneer work in the study of vitamins in which Funk reviews his research work and postulates his theory of the existence of vitamines, essential factors in the diet.  We continue our series on the Vitamins.   Part 11  Vitamin D3.          

    Click on Mr. Vitamin to learn about Vitamin D

    Inside Outside Now Offering Medifast Diet Program,  lose 2-3 lbs per week. 

    We are now offering the Medifast Diet Program,  Modified a little by Dr. Christian to have a little more Protein, for our clients.  This is a good program for men and women alike and should allow a weight loss of 2-3 lbs per week.  Check out the details at our

    Medifast Diet Page

    Spotlight on Sun Protection, Understanding "The Dark Side of the Sun"

    The Sun is the source of all life on earth but for many the sun has produced a vide range of unwanted changes and sometimes even cancers on our faces and bodies.  In this review, Dr. Christian discusses the "Dark Side Of the Sun" and what we can do to prevent and even reverse some of the unwanted effect of the Sun. 


    "The Dark Side Of the Sun"

    Check out our new Nutrition Tools and Links Page.    Count Your Alcohol Calories!


    Check out our new Nutrition Tools and Links Page.  There are interactive calculators for figuring out how many calories are in a meal or product, a BMI Calculator and a nifty calculator to count how many calories you are consuming as alcohol for a day or week.  Simply enter the # of drinks and you can see how much your drinking is affecting your calorie intake.  There are many other links to Calorie Counters and articles about Nutrition.

    Check out Nutrition Tools and Links

    What does 200 Calories Look Like?   Wise Geek shows us in great pictures!

    A Picture is worth a thousand words and wise GEEK has put together a collection of pictures of 71 Different food items and how much of each would equal 200 Calories exactly.  The plate of Celery weighs in at 1425 Grams and the Pat of Butter is only 28 Grams but they both contain 200 Calories!!

    Check out the remaining 69 Pictures at

    What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

    Dr. Loretta Ehrlund opens New Heritage Veterinary Medical Center!!

    We congratulate long time Inside Outside client and friend, Dr. Loretta Ehrlund on the opening of her new 3500sq ft center on Culebra Road.  Loretta and her daughters, Charlotte and Michelle are shown cutting the official Cake at their Open House held last month.  Loretta has been featured several times in our newsletters, once when she was asked to examine a 400Lb Siberian Tiger, then when she went to Sri Lanka to teach and finally as our Inside Outside Star of the Month for July 2006!

    Michelle is a 3rd Year Veterinary Student at Texas A&M and Charlotte is enroled in a Business Program at Texas A&M. They help out with the Center during their breaks from school.  The facility includes a well-stocked pharmacy, in-hospital surgery suite, in-house x-ray capabilities, a closely supervised hospitalization area, a diagnostic lab and indoor boarding kennels.   Call Loretta and her team for any of your pet problems at 210-509-1707.                                 Heritage Veterinary Medical Center

    San Antonio 4th of July Events!  Things to do and places to go!


    San Antonio is one of the premier cities for 4th of July Events.  The Official San Antonio Event is at Woodlawn Lake but there are many others including Lackland AFB, Ft. Sam Houston, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Institute of Texan Cultures and Sea World.  There is an Arts and Crafts Festival on the River Walk and the FreedomFest at Market Square.  Willy Nelson is having his 4th of July Picnic at the Verizon Theatre this year! And the Ringling Circus is at the Alamodome! 

    Woodlawn Lake Park Celebration

                               Links to More Events at Antonio

                                                    Willy Nelson's 4th of July Picnic at Verizon

    Member Spotlight: Susan Marburger, Award Winning Realtor


    We salute Inside Outside Member Susan Marburger, one of San Antonio's Premier Realtors.   She works with Kuper and Southby International. Quality neighborhoods with luxury homes of any size are her specialty, with extensive transactions to include The Dominion, Sonterra, Stone Oak, Anaqua Springs, Bentley Manor, Champions Ridge, Leon Springs, Boerne and beyond. A multiple award winner, Susan boasts 100% satisfaction in client rating with her professionalism, and has consistently been Top 20 in company sales volume, Platinum Top 50 Winner (2005 & 2006) Realtor of the Year (2003) and Top 40 Elite Group chosen by her peers. Please contact Susan at 210-413-0731.

    See Susan's Current Offerings at Kuper

    Dr. Sears Zone Pasta and Walden Farms NO CALORIE Salad Dressings, Dips and more


    Inside Outside is now offering the New Zone Pasta.  Made in Italy, this pasta boosts a whopping 22gm of Soy and Pea Protein per serving with only 27gm of Carbs and Zero Fat!Add a teaspoon of Olive Oil and a teaspoon of Parmesan Cheese and you have about 300 Calories, a perfect 3 block meal.  Available as Pennette and Fusilli for the Gourmet in you!  In addition we are now carrying a variety of Walden Farms NO CALORIE Salad Dressings, Dips, Syrups and other items for our clients.

    Check out Walden Farms Product Line


    Call and we can Personalize and Mail to you or you can come by and pick it up!

    How about a

    Clarisonic Pro Skin Care System

    for the New Bride??


    "Though no one can go back

    and make a brand new start,

    anyone can start from

    now and make a

    brand new ending!"

    Carl Bard

    This Month's Inside Outside Star
    Bob Jennings Jr.

    Bob is is a great example of what commitment + effective strategies can produce!

    Read His Story  


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