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"The 6 Components of Optimal Health & Aging"


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Optimal Health sets the stage for “Successful Aging.”  Careful attention to these six areas is crucial to maintain Optimal health, mental and functional capacity. In short, Living "The Inside Outside Way of Life!®"

1.   Injury Prevention.  Injuries, intentional and unintentional are the main cause of death and disability for ages 1-35.  We must realize that "Self Injury" related to Smoking, Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity and Alcohol/Drug abuse are the primary "Actual Causes" of Death in our country.

Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL) Reports, 1999 - 2010

Physical Inactivity and Poor Nutrition Catching up to Tobacco as Actual Cause of Death, CDC Data charts

List of preventable causes of death from Wikipedia

"Escape Fire" The Fight to rescue American Health Care. CNN Documentary

2.   Checkups & Screening Procedures.  Routine Screening for Serious Chronic Disease, Functional Screening for Silent Metabolic Disease, and Genetic Screening for Predisposition to Chronic Disease. Being, as Dr. Steven cover writes in "The 7 Habits of Effective People", "Proactive, Not Reactive", "Putting First Things First" and "Sharpen the Saw".




See how Dr. Christian monitors his "Health Triad" Sleep, Nutrition and Exercise!





Recommendations for Adults

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) was convened by the Public Health Service to rigorously evaluate clinical research in order to assess the merits of preventive measures, including screening tests, counseling, immunizations, and preventive medications.

3.   Nutritional Education and Screening.  Everyone should learn and follow a good anti-inflammatory MacroNutrition program like the “Zone” or "Paleo" to control Insulin levels and ensure adequate amounts of High Quality Protein. Start a reasonable  MicroNutrition program with lots of Omega 3 to help prevent the chronic diseases of aging, slow the aging process & assist with your exercise program.  Pay special attention to your Gut Health!  Plus, Adequate Omega 3, Polyphenols and Systemic Proteases will reduce inflammation.

Zone/Paleo Nutrition at Inside Outside

Zone/Paleo Meals from the Doctor's Lounge

Some Zone Paleo Books!

"Origins and evolution of the Western Diet: health implications for the 21st Century"  Cordain, L et al  Am J Clin Nutr 2005"

Obesity Trends Among US Adults,  Center for Disease Control

The Weight of the Nation, HBO 4 Part Special

4.   Exercise, Vitamin “X”.  For anti-aging purposes, muscle mass maintenance and strength are critical!  “Sarcopenia, Be Gone”!!     Think High Intensity Low Velocity or Hi-Lo Strength Training®!

Dr. Christian Article:  "Strength Training: a strategy to combat the loss of lean mass and strength associated with the Frailty Syndrome", San Antonio Medicine, Dec 2013  .pdf file

High Intensity Strength Training Links

Inside Outside Hi-Lo Strength Training® Programs and Services

Physiologic Monitoring Upper Body Hi-Lo Strength Training® Video

"Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin! The Myth About Exercise"  Time Aug 2009

"Physical activity and public health: updated recommendation for adults from the American College of Sports Medicine & the American Heart Association", Circulation 2007

"Walking versus Running for hypertension, Cholesterol and Diabetes Mellitus Risk Reduction", Williams PT et al Aterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. May 2013 33: 1085-91.

Gretchen Reynolds  New York Times Journalist Articles

"The Scientific 7-minute Workout", 9 May 2013

"Reasons Not to Stretch", 3 Apr 2013

"The Right Reasons To Stretch", 16 Nov 2011

"Do We have to Cool Down After Exercise?", 24 Apr 2013

5.   Hormone Optimization.  As we age, important hormones decline and other harmful hormones increase.  Nutritional and Lifestyle changes may lower the level of harmful hormones and make the good ones more effective.  There is increasing evidence that restoring some of the hormones which decrease as we age to achieve youthful levels may be of benefit.   Omega 3 fats help balance the Important “Good” and “Bad” powerful hormones called “Eicosanoids”.

"The Endocrinology of Aging" Lamberts et al.  Science 278, 1997.

6.   Stress Recognition and Management.  Too much stress can have a profound affect on your health.  Learn how stress affects your body and what you can do  to diminish the harm. Developing a good Support System and Sleep habits goes a long way!

National Geographic!  Must See to understand how stress affects us.  Dr. Robert Sapolsky!!


HeartMath Software for Stress Management



The Health Triad:  Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep from the Sleep Foundation


"Associations of job strain and lifestyle risk factors with risk of coronary artery disease: a meta-analysis of individual participant data.  7.3 Year Followup" Kivimaki M Canadian Med Jour 2013 May 13 (Epub ahead of Print)


"Primary Prevention of coronary heart disease in women through diet and lifestyle." Stampfer et al. NEJM: 2000; 343:16-22.



Download "6 Components of Optimal Health and Aging" NuStar PowerPoint Seminar (94Mb)  Here


Download Stress-Bad Day video clip

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Doctor (gen.: doctoris) means teacher in Latin and is an agent noun derived from the verb docere ('teach').

Dr. Christian teaches in the San Antonio area about how best to use your Limited Time, Money and Energy on Nutrition, Exercise, Preventive and Skin Care Strategies. His 45 min “6 Components of Optimal Health and Aging” or the “Hi-Lo Strength Training” or “Basic and Specialty Skin Care Products"  or "My Health, Where Do I Start & What Is It Going To Take?" seminar is perfect for any audience. 

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