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Newsletter Member Spotlights!!


Jan 2023 Member Spotlight: John Yantis,  Founder of Yantis Company and Aggie Legend!

We salute John Yantis in our Member Spotlight this Month!  John has been a faithful member of the Inside Outside Family since 2005.  A 1953 Graduate of Texas A&M, he has been honored with the Distinguished Alumnus Award, the highest honor bestowed on a former student of Texas A&M and awarded since 1962 to only 268 of Texas A&M's nearly 500,000 students.  John was the founder of the family owned Yantis Company in 1965 which has grown to be one of the 10 largest General Contractors in San Antonio. Three generations of the Yantis family have guided this prestigious and respected company and Inside Outside has played a part in the life of most of the "Yantis Clan" over the years.   His Daughter Susan has an embroidery shop and has provided all our embroidery needs for Inside Outside and our UTSA Interns each semester. We celebrated John's 90th birthday last year and he is pictured with Dr. Christian and personal trainer Marissa Sinni.  We are honored to have John as a valued member of the Inside Outside Family.         The Yantis Company, Inc.  



Dec 2021 Member Spotlight: John McMurray,  Investment Advisor Russell Investments

We salute John McMurray in our Member Spotlight this Month!  John has been a member of the Inside Outside Family since August.  He has had a long career in Investment and Banking, currently for Russell Investments, and recently moved to San Antonio from Seattle where he participated in SuperSlow Strength Training at the SuperSlow Zone in Seattle.  He found us via our DXA scanning service and was thrilled to find a facility which promoted this method of Strength Training.  He has always been interested in health and for many years followed the conventional advice about diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, these strategies (healthy whole grains and aerobic activity) didn't keep him from getting fat as he entered middle age.  11 years ago influenced by Art De Vany and Dr. Doug McGuff's book, "Body by Science", he radically changed his thinking about diet and exercise and within a few months was  back to his college weight. His long time primary care physician in Seattle, Ted Naiman (P:E Diet), was also a strong influence in his transformation.  John grew up in Texas and has degrees from UTSA, MIT and Trinity University where he met his wife of 40 years.   We enjoy having John as a valued member of the Inside Outside Family.  




Dec 2020 Member Spotlight: Martha Kott,  Attorney at Law and Tennis Player!


We salute Martha Kott (appropriately masked for COVID-19!) in our Member Spotlight this Month!  Martha has been a member of the Inside Outside Family since April 2019 and was referred by Inside Outside clients Leah Glast and Alan Schuminsky.  Martha is very serious about her twice a week workouts and is using Spa and DXA Bone Density and Body Composition services also. Martha is a local Attorney in Solo practice and graduated from from St. Mary's University Law School in 1989 and her areas of interest are Personal Injury and Family Law. One of the reasons she found Inside Outside was her love of Tennis and she plays regularly 3 or more times a week.  She credits our Hi-Lo Strength Training with much improvement in her Tennis matches.  The increased strength also will make the Tennis more enjoyable and she should be more resistant to injury. In addition to her strength training she enjoys Pilates.   We enjoy having Martha as a valued member of the Inside Outside Family.






Dec 2019 Member Spotlight: Norine Torres, Retired Nuclear Radiology Technician


We salute Norine Torres in our Member Spotlight this Month!  Norine has been a member of the Inside Outside Family since 2005 and enjoys her once a week Hi-Lo Workout and Spa Services.  Norine is a San Antonio native and trained at the Scott and White Clinic in Temple, Texas for her Nuclear Radiology Technician License. She retuned to San Antonio where she worked for 28 years at the Methodist Metropolitan Hospital and the 15 years at the Audie Murphy VA Hospital in their Nuclear Radiation Departments.  After 43 (Yes, 43 Years!) years of service and lots of "on call" duty she retired and now spends much of her free time traveling with the Los Amigos Ski & Travel Club. Over the past few years she has had trips to Portugal, Italy, Spain and Scotland and credits her strength training allowing her more enjoyment of the trips.  She is a avid pet lover and favors Dobermans and cats.  We appreciate having Norine as a valued member of the Inside Outside Family.






Dec 2018 Member Spotlight: Aimee Villarreal, Independent Stylist Fonz Salon


Aimee and the Fonz Salon Staff and their Christmas 2018 Picture in Padre Park!

We salute Aimee Villarreal in our Member Spotlight this Month! Call Aimee for a great haircut! Aimee has been a member of the Inside Outside Family since 2006 and enjoys her once a week Hi-Lo Workout and Spa Services. Aimee was our Inside Outside Star of the Month for December 2015.   She is an Independent Stylist at Fonz Salon on Callaghan and takes care of Dr. Christian's hair and a number of other Inside Outside Clients. She does it all and one of her specialties is hair color. The staff at Fonz Salon always has a Christmas Card with a different theme.  This year's photoshoot was on the San Antonio River in Padre Park. Check out their the Fonz Salon Facebook Page for previous years!  We appreciate Aimee and look forward to serving her for many more years!

Click on her business card for contact details!



Dec 2017 Member Spotlight: Vivian Spurlock, CEO Commercial Facility Management Company


We salute Vivian Spurlock in our Member Spotlight this Month!  Vivian has been a member of the Inside Outside Family since 2005!  She is well known for the unwavering commitment and hard work she shows every week in the Hi-Lo gym!  In 1965, Vivian moved to the United States from her homeland Argentina.  She spent her 20s in California, where she also attended college.  After 10 years in California and 6 years in Las Vegas, Nevada; Vivian made her way to San Antonio in 1981 where she established herself as the head of a commercial facility management company.   Later, she met her husband on one fateful blind date and married in 2001!   Vivian decided 2011 was the year for a long deserved retirement.  She is now a very active member of Chaine des Rotisseurs,  an international Food and Wine Gastronomy Society, which focuses on sponsored culinary activities, hospitality of arts, and much more regarding the dining experience.   Between the society, her passion for traveling, and desire to maintain an active lifestyle, her schedule is consistently busy with activities.  We are so grateful Vivian include Inside Outside as a part of her journey to sustain a healthy lifestyle!





May 2017 Member Spotlight: Julie Kenfield, Professional Engineer, Aviation Airport Design


We salute Julie Kenfield in our Member Spotlight this Month! Julie has been a member of the Inside Outside Family since 2004 and was the Inside Outside Star in Aug 2004!  She does a very disciplined workout just once a week! Julie is a Professional Engineer and is the Director of Planning, Implementation and Operations Management at Jacobson Daniels which plans and implements airport projects nationwide. So, if you need a runway or terminal designed, Julie can do it!  Julie has been married to Guy for 32 Years and has two sons Ian and Graham plus a cat named Minnie!  Her passions include cycling and she participates regularly in the annual Multiple Sclerosis bike rides plus volunteers regularly for the New Braunfels Food Bank!  We are thankful to have Julie as a member of the Inside Outside Family.                                   

   Julie Kenfield at LinkedIn




Dec 2016 Member Spotlight: Doug and Katherine McCall, Retired Advertising Executives



We salute Doug and Katherine McCall who have been members since 2005!  They were introduced to Inside Outside by Ralph Bender and Liz Fritz! Doug and Katherine have faithfully done their Hi-Lo Workouts once a week.  Doug and Kathryn met in 2001 while at a ski club meeting where they knew Ralph and Liz and married on May 14, 2005 shortly before joining Inside Outside’s Hi-lo Program.   Doug, a Corpus Christi native, moved to San Antonio to attend Trinity University.   He soon went into advertising which led to the development of Shark Television.   Kathryn was born and raised in Knoxville, Iowa, where she attended The University of Iowa.  She was very computer savvy; some might even say she was a Computer Guru!  Over the past decade, Doug and Kathryn have enjoyed many vacations across the world, dinner parties with friends, and a game of golf here and there.  Together they share 7 kids and many grandchildren.  We are so grateful for their hard work and commitment to our Inside Outside Family! 





Aug 2016 Member Spotlight: Gary West M.D., USAF Academy  Grad & Retired Radiation Oncologist


We salute Inside Outside Client Dr. Gary West in our Member Spotlight for this newsletter.  Dr. West is a retired radiation oncologist and currently a member of the Board of Directors, Azaya Therapeutics, San Antonio, Texas. Dr. West attended the USAF Academy , graduating in 1964. He then graduated from the University of Colorado Medical School and was a resident in radiation oncology at the University of New Mexico where he was affiliated with the Los Alamos Meson Facility (LAMF), Los Alamos, New Mexico. He completed his residency at the Joint Center for Radiation Oncology (JCRO), Harvard University.  He was board certified in Radiation Oncology in 1975 and thereafter completed a research fellowship at the Harvard JCRO in 1979 where he investigated chemotherapy drug delivery in human tumor cells. While in the Air Force he continued his affiliation with the LAMF and was Chief of the Radiation Oncology Department, Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center. From 1992 to 2005 he served on the USAA Life Investment Trust Board of Governors and was chairman of the audit committee. While in private practice he was Chief of Staff University of Texas Health Science Center, Cancer Therapy and Research Center (CTRC), in San Antonio and a member of the CTRC Board of Governors. He is a retired member of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists and the American Society of Therapeutic Radiologists. Gary is an avid golfer and credits his Hi-Lo Training with his enjoyment of and improvement in the sport!  Gary is seen with his favorite Hi-Lo Trainer Ely at the 2014 Sports Foundation Hall of Fame Gala!  We are proud to have Gary as a  member of the Inside Outside Family and enjoying The Inside Outside Way of Life! 


May 2016 Member Spotlight: Lana Sund, Owner & Account Executive Insurance Concepts SA.



We salute Lana Sund in our Member Spotlight this Month! Lana has been a member of the Inside Outside Family for over 7 Years and faithfully does 2 very disciplined workouts a week.


Lana and her husband Dave own Insurance Concepts of San Antonio which provides a large variety of commercial insurance products primarily for the construction industry in San Antonio and other Texas Communities.  They offer Performance and Payment Bonds and a Program for Earth Moving Contractors of Texas.   Dave got into the insurance business during the 1970's recession years and worked at Fireman's Fund.  Fireman's moved the family to San Antonio and they started Insurance Concepts 36 Years ago. They have 3 children and enjoy biking and swimming.






Dec 2015 Member Spotlight: Dr. Leopoldo Zorrilla, CardioVascular & Thoracic Surgeon for 43 Years!

We salute Dr. Leopoldo Zorrilla in our Member Spotlight this Month.  Dr. Zorrilla has been in private practice of Cardiothoracic Surgery since 1972! Over 43 Years!! He attended National Medical School at the National University of Mexico and then did his Internship, General Surgery and Thoracic and CardioVascular residency at the the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. He then went to Houston for further fellowship training in CardioVascular Surgery at the Texas Heart Institute under the direction of Dr. Denton Cooley.  He is Board Certified in Thoracic Surgery and has served as a Clinical Professor at The UT Health Science Center.  He performed the 1st Open Heart Operation at Methodist Hospital in 1974 and Dr. Zorrilla was one of the original members of the Methodist Hospital Heart Transplant/Ventricular Assist Device program which began in 1985 and is now Surgical Director of the program.  Over the years, Dr. Christian and Dr. Zorrilla have worked together on several hundred heart transplants and thousands of other Cardiac/Thoracic procedures.  He has 2 daughters, Aida who operates Studio A: Pilates,  and Monica who is a CPA for AT&T and a son Mike, an investment advisor. There are 3 grandchildren, Emilliana 11 (Monica) and Gabriel 8 and Tenzin 5 (Mike) He is passionate about Porsches and classical music!  He has served on the Board of Directors of the San Antonio Symphony and is one of their long time supporters.   We are proud to have Dr. Zorrilla as part of the Inside Outside Family!  

Dr. Leopoldo Zorrilla at South Texas Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgical Associates!


Aug 2015 Member Spotlight: Dr. Carl Dukes featured in UAB Alumni Medical Magazine

Long time Inside Outside Client and San Antonio Nephrologist, Dr. Carl Dukes (Inside Outside Star Apr 2006) was recently featured in the Alumni Profile section of UAB Medicine, the Magazine for Alumni and Friends of the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Medicine.  Dr. Dukes was the first African American Internal Medicine Chief Resident at UAB.  Dr. Dukes attended Cornell University for his undergraduate studies and the University of Rochester School of Medicine for his M.D. degree.  Then to UAB for his Internal Medicine Internship in 1976 and the his Internal Medicine Residency which he completed in 1979.  Dr. Dukes has translated his gratitude for the training he received at UAB into a philanthropic gift to help other young physicians, and particularly to advance the School of Medicine's efforts for minority recruitment to the UAB Internal Medicine Residency.   Please read the entire profile to understand his journey!

Dr. Carl Dukes' Profile in UAB Medicine  




Aug 2015 Member Spotlight: Captain Dan Hassenger!  Veteran United Airlines Pilot

We salute Inside Outside Client Captain Dan Hassenger.  Dan was born and raised in Sioux City, IA, #6 out of 7 kids. He graduated from Morningside College with a BS in Business, yet he ended up chasing an aviation career. His Grandfather started flying in 1930 and his father took it up for pleasure and subsequently for business use as well. After obtaining the necessary ratings during school, he flew for Mesa Airlines in 1984, then Continental Airlines in 1987 which was merged with United Airlines, where he serves as a Captain!  Old cars are a fun hobby for him as well as walking with his wife Kathy when she’s around with his 2 dogs in tow. Dan's wife Kathy, his brother Tim Hassenger (Inside Outside Star Apr 2013) and Tim's wife Sylvia Samano (Inside Outside Star Dec 2013) are also Inside Outside clients.

 More of Dan #1    More of Dan #2






May 2015 Member Spotlight: Matt Shover, Rackspace Project Engineer & Avid Endurance Athlete!


We salute Matt Shover in our Member Spotlight this Month!  Matt, in his 8th year at Rackspace leads a project engineering team.  He graduated from California State University with a MBA in 2005.  He came for a DXA Body Scan in Jan 2014 and we discussed how Hi-Lo Strength training might help him in his endurance sports.  Matt runs and cycles frequently and completed a Half Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii.  Earlier this year, he finished a Ragnar Relay where he and 11 friends ran 200 miles from Miami to the Florida Keys. Matt loves the high intensity of the Hi-Lo workouts and always trains to failure using perfect form. He eats a Paleo diet and it helped him lose 30lbs in preparation for his Ironman event. His workout has become a weekly routine as well as for his Dad, who comes for a workout when he visits from Phoenix.  He credits Hi-Lo for increasing his muscularity and giving him a competitive edge for his endurance challenges.   We are proud to have Matt as a member of the Inside Outside Family. 


Matt Shover at ZoomInfo





Dec 2014 Member Spotlight:  Jim Tomlin, Ex Pro Football Player & Owner Padre Mud Company


We salute Jim Tomlin in our Member Spotlight this Month.  Jim and his wife Christa found Inside Outside through long time member Michelle West. Jim and Christa are owners of Padre Mud Co. which supplies mud and chemicals for drilling and fracking operations. Jim wrote a Novel entitled "Pipeline". Prior to this Jim was a Professional Football Player in both Canada and America.  After graduation from Steven F. Austin College, Jim played for New Orleans, the Toronto Argonauts, British Columbia and the Denver Broncos.  Jim, considered the fastest player in Canadian Football History, still holds the record for longest interception and return for a touchdown in the Canadian Football League (112yards, Montreal, 12 Oct 1970!)  We are proud to have the Tomlins as part of the Inside Outside Family!  


Jim Tomlin Bronco's Trading Card!      "Pipeline" by Jim Tomlin

Aug 2014 Member Spotlight:  Dr. Ritchie Spence Retires!  50 Years as Physician & Urologist


We salute Dr. Ritchie Spence on his retirement after 50 years as a Physician and Urologist! Dr. Spence attended Texas Western College and his medical school was UTMB Galveston. He then began a 20 year Distinguished Career in the U. S. Army doing his Internship and Urology Residency at Tripler Army Hospital in Hawaii. After his retirement from the Army, Ritchie came into private practice for another 30 years as a Urologist.  He served as the Chief of Staff of Methodist Hospital in 1997 and was on the Executive Board for 4 years. He was President of the South Texas Organ Board and active in Kidney Transplantation for many years.  He has 2 children and 2 grandchildren and enjoys traveling to see them. Ritchie has been a proactive advocate of fitness since he stopped smoking in 1975 when he started running. He ran the 2013 San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon, finishing 4th out of 40 participants running in his age group (71-75). Besides running he enjoys Golf and Skiing.  He credits Hi-Lo Strength Training with helping him continue his recreational activities with more enjoyment and safety.  We are proud to have Dr. Spence as a member of the Inside Outside Family! Dr. Spence will be greatly missed by the San Antonio Medical Community and the many thousands of his beloved patients.





Aug 2014 Member Spotlight:  Dr. David White & Andrea Retire!  40 Years as Physician & Cardiologist!

We celebrate the contributions of Dr. David White and his wife Andrea as they retire after over 40 years as a Physician and Cardiologist in San Antonio. Dr. White and Andrea met at the University of Connecticut. David attended Medical School at UTHSC San Antonio and did his Internal Medicine and Cardiology Fellowship there also, coming into private practice in 1979. Andrea, a Certified Medical Technologist worked for many years as his Office Manager! At the time of his retirement he was a member of the South Texas Cardiovascular Consultants. David and Andre have 2 children and 4 grandchildren and their beloved dog Gracie! David is an avid photography enthusiast and enjoys fine wine and computers. We are proud to have them as part of the Inside Outside Family and look forward to helping them stay young, strong and healthy during their retirement! They will be greatly missed by the San Antonio Medical Community and the many thousands of their beloved patients.

Dr. David White at South Texas Cardiovascular Associates!! 


May 2014 Member Spotlight:  Lee Lytton J.D.  Professor of Law at St. Mary's School of Law!


We salute Lee Lytton in our Member Spotlight this Month!  Lee found us during some research on strength training and reviewing Dr. Doug McGuff's book "Body By Science".  Lee is the Castleberry Professor of Oil and Gas Law at St. Mary's University. Lee began his legal practice in Austin, Houston and Corpus Christi after a stint as a Special Agent with the FBI. While in Corpus Christi, practicing law as an oil and gas title attorney, he founded an oil and gas exploration company, and later, in the mid-1980s, joined academia at St. Mary’s Law School where he continues to teach as a Property Law professor. He is a founding member and consultant to Teamwork Financial Group, a San Antonio based integrated tax, legal, and financial firm that emphasizes legacy estate planning and asset preservation strategies, with his particular individual interest directed toward property rights, oil and gas, and farm/ranching interests.  Lee does a very disciplined Hi-Lo Workout and is living "The Inside Outside Way of Life!!"

Lee Lytton J.D. at LinkedIn





Dec 2013 Member Spotlight:  Sid and Zane Williams!!  Owners of Willson Davis Company!


We salute Sid and Zane Williams in our Member Spotlight this Month.  Sid and Zane purchased our "Whole New You Program" at the Silent Auction of the Village at Incarnate Word 2013 September Soiree.  The Williams family has been a long time supporter of The Village and the Soiree raised funds for the new Aquatic Center there which has been named the Linda and Sid Williams III Aquatic Center in honor of his mother and father.  Sid is the 4th generation of this Alamo City Family and he and Zane are Owners of Willson Davis Company, a family owned Wholesale Produce Broker.  Willson Davis Company was established in 1927 by Sid's Great Uncle and sells produce items to distributors which supply fresh produce to restaurants, schools and the Military. Since 1927 their mission is to "Feed the Public"!  They have 6 children and Zane home schooled them for 20 years!  They are owners of the Williams Ranch near Pearsall which raises cattle. We are proud to have them as part of the Inside Outside Family!






Aug 2013 Member Spotlight:  Dr. Neal and Pam Gray!!

We salute Dr. Neal and Pam Gray in our Member Spotlight this month.  Neal and Pam have been faithful clients for over 2 years now.  Pam was our Inside Outside Star in April 2012. Neal is an Anesthesiologist who graduated from the University of Missouri Medical School and worked with Dr. Christian over 30 years ago at Wilford Hall during his 10 year Air Force career. After leaving the Air Force Neal spent 28 years in private practice and he was the Anesthesiologist for a number of Dr. Christian's surgical cases in the 1980's.   Dr. Grey currently works several days a week at SAMMC (San Antonio Military Medical Center) in their Outpatient Surgical Center teaching and monitoring their Anesthesia Residents.

Pam grew up in South Texas, received her BSN from UTHSCSA, and worked as an SICU nurse. Together, Pam and Neal have 5 children, 13 grand children, and 1 great grand child.  They spend much time going back and forth to Austin and Houston. They enjoy traveling and have been to many interesting places and countries but mostly they stay at home with their two big dogs, Jack and Katie.  They are members of University United Methodist  Church where they have done medical mission trips and bible studies.  Inside Outside Spa has become part of their weekly routine and they miss it when they cannot go.


Apr 2013 Member Spotlight:  Bob and Frances Jean Sunderland! Friends & Supporters of Inside Outside


We Salute Inside Outside Clients Bob and Frances Jean Sunderland! They have been devoting 30 minutes, twice a week, to Hi-Lo Strength training since 2006!  Over the decades, Bob and Frances Jean have helped the community grow by way of Frances Jean’s Father, and several other land owners, who donating almost 200 acres of land to what we know as the Medical Center.  Bob and Frances Jean  owned a Life Insurance company whose headquarters were in San Antonio for 56 years. Eventually the Life insurance Company was bought by American National but they still invest in commercial real estate. They also spend their time managing investments in two Ranch Properties in Texas that have been in family ownership throughout the years.  One of their properties is 1,500 acre McMarr Ranch, a hunting lodge in Waring, Texas, for people to book a hunting weekend. The other is Trinity Ranch in Batesville which is also a hunting ranch.


Bob and Frances Jean have been happily married for 57 years and surely their 5 Grandchildren help motivate them to maintain their strength!  They travel every summer for a few months to Estes Park Colorado where they have a second home and have their families visit during their summer break. They are members and supporters of University United Methodist Church.  We are blessed to have these kind and gentle friends as part of the Inside Outside Family!

Visit the McMarr Ranch Site

Dec 2012 Member Spotlight: Thomas & Cynthia Schluter and Beckwith Electronic Engineering!


We Salute Inside Outside Clients Thomas and Cynthia Schluter, owners of Beckwith Electronics Engineering.  Beckwith Electronic Engineering Company is a family owned business since 1962 specializing in the Design, Sales, Installation, and Service of Communication, Security, and Life Safety Systems. For nearly 50 years they have brought innovative solutions to their customers in the Healthcare, Education, Commercial, Apartment/Condos, Restaurant, Senior Housing, Government, and Hotel industries. Thomas and Cynthia are long time athletes and advocates of a healthy lifestyle and are enjoying the new level of strength they are achieving at Inside Outside.

Beckwith Electronic Engineering Website



Aug 2012 Member Spotlight: Dr. Brant Mittler and Louise Mandel, World Adventures!


We Salute Inside Outside Clients Dr. Brant Mittler and his wife Louise Mandel. Dr. Mittler is a local Cardiologist and Attorney and Louise is an accountant who manages family affairs.. They are two of the most prolific world adventures I have known and they credit much of their ability to travel and trek to their conditioning at Inside Outside. On the left they are seen in the Dolomite Alps with their guide Marion Posch a World Champion Snowboarder from Italy.  On the right, Brant is seen taking a MIG jet flight in Russia!!.  They have been to Kilimanjaro up to 15,400 feet and to Everest Base Camp and Lake Titicaca in Peru at 14.596 feet. Click on either picture for a link to our Inside Outside Facebook Album of these and other pictures.

Dr. Mittler's Album on our Facebook Page







Apr 2012 Member Spotlight: Dr. Stacey Johnson featured in PeakLife SA Magazine!


We Salute Inside Outside Client Dr. Stacey Johnson who was the Cover Feature for the April Edition of PeakLife SA Magazine. The article focuses on Dr. Johnson's contributions as an Olympic Fencer (see our August 2011 Newsletter), her personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle and her contributions to the community as Vice President of Academic Affairs of Palo Alto College and a member of the Mayor's Fitness Council.  Dr. Christian is shown with Dianne Glover, the Publisher and Editor of PeakLife SA Magazine who recently stopped by to check out our DXA Bone Density and Body Composition Services!

PeakLife SA Magazine






Dec 2011 Member Spotlight: Bobby and Nancy Greaves, Owners of JSR Incorporated.


We Salute Inside Outside Clients Bobby and Nancy Greaves, owners of JSR Incorporated.  Bobby and Nancy bought a Strength Training Program at the Silent Auction for the American Heart Association Go Red for Women Gala earlier this year!!  JSR is a construction company founded in June 2003 and based in Schertz, Texas which specializes in fabrication and installation of miscellaneous, specialty architectural metals, carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel.  They have completed projects for  private, educational, hospital sectors, and government agencies including the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Air Force.   They have been recognized for their abilities and proven quality services on highly complex Fabrication and Installation Projects.

JSR Inc Website




Aug 2011 Member Spotlight: Dr. Stacey Johnson elected to   U.S. Fencing Hall of Fame!




We salute long time Inside Outside Member Dr. Stacey Johnson (Inside Outside Star Jan 2009 and Member of the Row Your Own Weight Club) who was recently honored for her contributions to the fencing world by being inducted into the USA Fencing Hall of Fame!  The Ceremony was held in Reno, Nevada on 5 Jul 11.  Stacey was on the 1980 U.S. Olympic Fencing Team and from 2000-2004 was the first woman to serve as President of the U.S. Fencing Association in it's 125 year history.   Among her greatest accomplishments was her successful campaign to have Women's Saber included in the Olympic Games.  She has been inducted into the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame (2005), San Jose State University Hall of Fame (2003) and the San Antonio Women's Hall of Fame (1997).  

Dr. Johnson currently serves as Vice President of Academic Affairs for Palo Alto College one of the 5 Alamo Colleges.

Dr. Johnson at the U.S. Fencing Hall of Fame! 

The San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame

May 2011 Member Spotlight: Ralph, Liz & Rod go to Washington on Alamo Honor Flight for WW II Veterans!

Long time Inside Outside member Ralph Bender was recently honored for his World War II service with a flight to Washington D. C. as part of the Alamo Honor Flight.  He was accompanied by 38 other WWII Vets!  Liz Fritz and Rod Reed, both Inside Outside clients were chosen to be official escorts for the group. Alamo Honor Flight is a non profit organization, and a proud member of the Honor Flight Network, created solely to honor America's veterans for all their sacrifices.  They transport our heroes from San Antonio, Texas to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials.

Honorees Ralph Bender, Louis Jimenez and Escort Liz Fritz above,  Escort Rod Reed to the right!


The flights and tours that Alamo Honor Flight provides World War II veterans are absolutely FREE.  Alamo Honor Flight is a way of paying a tribute to those who gave so much—a memorable and rewarding TOUR of HONOR!
See KENS 5 Slideshow of Welcome Home Ceremony
Of all of the wars in recent memory, it was World War II that truly threatened our very existence as a nation—and as a culturally diverse, free society. Now, with more then 1,000 World War II veterans dying each day, our time to express our thanks to these brave men and women is running out.  Monday, 30 May is Memorial Day, another way to celebrate the sacrifices made by our Veterans!  See the General Order which established Memorial Day!

            General Orders No.11, Washington, D.C., May 5, 1868     Alamo Honor Flight Home Page

Dec 2010 Member Spotlight: Sister Schodts Reed, CEO and Owner of Reed Candle Company!!


We salute Sister Schodts Reed, the CEO and Owner of Reed Candle Company located at 1531  W. Poplar Street in San Antonio.  Reed Candle Company was started in 1937 by Peter Doan Reed in his garage behind his home in San Antonio, Texas.  Reed Candle Company is the originator of the Religious Prayer Candle and is the largest producer of Religious Prayer Candles in the USA.   They also make all types of candles including jar filled, household, and  private labeling for numerous companies.




May 2010 Member Spotlight: Michele West, Four Sisters Catering, Owner and Executive Chef!

Michele West, owner and executive chef, has been in the catering business for 18 years. Michele is famous for her home cooked meals and her creation of all the recipes for Four Sisters Catering. Michele personally hand picks all of the produce and menu items to provide the freshest foods for your occasions. She has been a chef for Mardi Gras Café as well as French Quarter Grill, which provides her with an enormous array of delectable dishes and treats. Her precise detail to cooking puts Four Sisters Catering over the top in gourmet foods. Michele West is one serious executive chef!  If you have been to Houston, you know about Jamail Family Market.  Michele was their executive chef for 7 years prior to coming to San Antonio.  She has recently been selected as the Exclusive Caterer for 2900 Estates Venue, a beautiful destination for events such as weddings and parties.  There is an Open House at 2900 Nacogdoches on 17 Jun 10 and all Inside Outside Clients are invited to see this new venue.  RSVP at 210.824.2931!

Four Sisters Catering Inc, Web Site

Jan 2010 Member Spotlight: Jack Stalsby, The Jack E. & Greta W. Stalsby Charitable Foundation!


We salute Inside Outside Client Jack Stalsby! Jack and his wife Greta have established  a foundation which bears their names.  The Jack E. & Greta W. Stalsby Charitable Foundation was founded and funded in January 2006 to accomplish the goals and objectives of “giving back” and “provide others a chance” to grow and succeed in life through education. Grants are provided on an Annual basis to the Hope Cottage Pregnancy & Adoption Center, The University of Houston, The Bauer College of Business and Hillsdale College, Hillsdale Michigan. The Foundation's motto is "My Creed", written by the Honorable Dean Alfange, an American Statesman, and is our Quote of the Month. Learn more about their philosophy of "giving back" at their website.

The Jack E. & Greta W. Stalsby Charitable Foundation!


Nov 2009 Member Spotlight: Justin Johnson, Executive Director, the Adoption Alliance



We salute Inside Outside Client Justin Johnson, the Executive Director of the San Antonio based Adoption Alliance. The Adoption Alliance is an adoption agency licensed to place children and infants for permanent adoption. The agency also provides foster care and home study services. The birth mother, birth father, or birth family chooses the adoptive parents for their baby through the adoption planning process. The Adoption Alliance has specialized in domestic infant adoption for over 20 years. We are proud to have Justin with us and living the Inside Outside Way of Life!!

Adoption Alliance Website!



Aug 2009 Member Spotlight: Lora Watts retires after 30 years at ATT!!!


We salute long time Inside Outside Client Lora Watts on her retirement after 30 years of service at ATT.  She began her career in 1979 and moved up to her final position as Senior Vice President-Global Events. She was responsible for all national and international AT&T customer and employee events, such as the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, the Olympic Games, The Masters, Tiger Jam & many others.

Her plans are to continue to live in San Antonio and spend more time with her family and her grandson. Lora and her husband Jim (Also Retired ATT and Inside Outside Client) will enjoy travel and spending time with friends.  A tireless community servant, she will continue to serve on a number of Boards of Directors including, Operation Hope, After School All Stars and Trinity University. We are proud to have Lora with us and living the Inside Outside Way of Life!!

Read More ...Lora Watts Bio!


 May 2009 Member Spotlight: Rosa Romero, Owner Methodist Plaza Gift Shop, Indulgence!


We salute Inside Outside Client Rosa Romero, Owner of Indulgence Gift Shop located on the 1st  Floor of Methodist Plaza near the main elevators.  Rosa has owned and operated the shop for the past 3 years and comes from a background of Fine Art.  She has a beautiful assortment of items from many countries in South America and Arizona.  There are items for every season and occasion and one can always find bargains and on sale items offered on two tables just outside the shop. Check out Rosa's shop next time you are here!!







Mar 2009 Member Tribute: George "Bill" Thorsby passed on 4 Feb 09


We are all going to miss Bill Thorsby who passed on 4 Feb 09 at the age of 82.  Bill and his Wife Mary Lee have been faithful members since May 2005, introduced to us by Ralph Bender and Liz Fritz.

They were our Inside Outside Stars of October 2005 and were featured in a KSAT 12 News Feature in Dec 2005!!!


Bill was one of the strongest men in the gym and was in the 500Club. He loved his workouts and I am sure he is looking for the gym in the after life.


 Take time to read the obituary of this very special man at Porter Loring and the loving Eulogy given by Mary, his daughter, at his funeral on 7 Feb 09.


  George William Thorsby, Porter Loring Obituary

George William Thorsby, Eulogy, Mary Thorsby


Jan 2009 Member Spotlight: Don Haynes General Manager Alamo Toyota


This month we salute long Inside Outside Member Don Haynes.  When the subject of Automobiles in San Antonio comes up, Don's name always comes up.  He has been in the Automotive Industry for over 30 years. For the past 12 years, he has been the General Manager at Alamo Toyota and prior to that worked with Red McCombs for 20 years!!  He is an avid golfer and has referred a number of his many friends to Inside Outside.  His wife Brenda, a hair stylist has worked out at Inside Outside also. He has 3 sons, Justin, Thomas and Michael.  He has served on the Board of Directors of the Children's Shelter, Winston School and the High Risk Infancy Program of Methodist Hospital.  According to Don, It's a great time to get a great deal on a Toyota!!!

For a Great Deal on a Toyota Check out Alamo Toyota



Nov 2008 Member Spotlight: Irene Bejarano & Cory Hatfield, Bejarano Construction Services.



We salute Inside Outside Clients  Irene Bejarano and Cory Hatfield, owners of Bejarano Construction Services Inc. of San Antonio.  Irene and Cory own and manage a construction company which specializes in Government Contracts and Projects as well as Custom Home and Apartment Building. 

Bejarano Construction Services Inc. Web Site       







Aug 2008 Member Spotlight: Dr. Claudia Miller, Professor of UTSA Medical School


We salute Inside Outside Client  Dr. Claudia Miller.  Claudia is a Tenured Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center, serving also as Vice Chair of Community Medicine in the Department of Family and Community Medicine. She is the author of professionally acclaimed book, "Chemical Exposures and High Stakes" and has authored or co-authored numerous book chapters and peer reviewed publications on the health effects of low level chemical exposures. She is Board Certified in Allergy/Immunology and Internal Medicine and her current interests include Occupational and Environmental Health, Health effects of low level exposures, Gulf War veterans’ illnesses, Sick building syndrome, Pesticides, US-Mexico border environmental issues and public health.

Bio of Dr. Miller       


Jun 2008 Member Spotlight: Susan Marburger, Award Winning Realtor

We salute Inside Outside Client Susan Marburger, one of San Antonio's Premier Realtors.   She works with Kuper and Southby International. Quality neighborhoods with luxury homes of any size are her specialty, with extensive transactions to include The Dominion, Sonterra, Stone Oak, Anaqua Springs, Bentley Manor, Champions Ridge, Leon Springs, Boerne and beyond. A multiple award winner, Susan boasts 100% satisfaction in client rating with her professionalism, and has consistently been Top 20 in company sales volume, Platinum Top 50 Winner (2005 & 2006) Realtor of the Year (2003) and Top 40 Elite Group chosen by her peers. Please contact Susan at 210-413-0731.

See Susan's Current Offerings at Kuper



Apr 2008 Member Spotlight: Emily Skillman, Group Executive Vice President, Frost Bank


We salute Inside Outside Client Emily Skillman. Group Executive VP - Human Resources for Frost Bank.  Emily has been with Frost Bank for 20 years, having served in Human Resources for the past 10 years with major responsibilities regarding executive compensation, benefits as well as leadership and staff development.  She has served on the Advisory Board of the Southwest Mental Health Center and on the Employment Education Council and is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management Association.







Feb 2008 Member Spotlight: Wiede Cutshall, Professional Engineer, Cutshall Consulting

We salute Inside Outside Client Wiede Cutshall,. Professional Engineer and owner of Cutshall Consulting. 

Wiede Cutshall started Cutshall Consulting in 2004, following sixteen years of structural engineering activity, primarily on aircraft modification and repair programs.  Her prior experience includes time with NASA/Johnson Space Center, Southwest Research Institute, and the University of Texas (as a Graduate Research Assistant) where she provided analytical and experimental support to a wide variety of programs.  During extended periods with Aircraft Design Services, Inc., and The Dee Howard Company, she performed structural analysis and data package review in support of aircraft certification programs. She is an advisor to San Antonio Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (SA BEST) and especially enjoys their Robotic for Teenagers Program.

Visit  Cutshall Consulting    and   SA BEST

Dec 2007 Member Spotlight: Jack Laurence Corporation and the Laurence Clan

We salute Inside Outside Clients Jack Laurence and his Son Lynn and his wife Caroline.  Jack Laurence bought Allied Sheet-metal and Air Conditioning, a company founded in 1956, in 1962.  There were 7 employees.  In 1968 the company was incorporated as Jack Laurence Corporation.  Over the years they have fabricated metal products such as monkey feeders and cages for Southwest Foundation, floats for radio stations and duct work for our and other companies use.  Air conditioning was installed in houses, churches and retail outlets.  In 1981 Lynn Laurence joined the operation after graduating from Texas A & M.  In 1984 plumbing was added to the mix with larger projects being completed along the way.  Today we have 100 employees air conditioning, plumbing and fabricating metal for all over South Texas.  We have participated in the building of power plants, hospitals, hotels, meat plants, milk plants, grocery stores, theaters, jails, office buildings, schools, churches even buildings in the Kwajalein atoll.   In addition, service for A/C and plumbing is provided for both commercial and residential customers.  Caroline is an Operating Room Nurse in the Methodist Hospital.  Contact Jack Laurence Corporation at 210-696-0273 for your Plumbing and Air Conditioning Needs!!

Oct 2007 Member Spotlight: Lisa Mittler, Artist and Teacher


We salute Inside Outside Member Lisa Mittler, Artist and Art Teacher at Warren High School, aka Little Corn Flower. Lisa came to us by way of her father, Cardiologist and Attorney, Dr. Brant Mittler, a member of the prestigious 500 Club.


Lisa earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art at Baylor University in 2000 and specializes is Fiber Art, Metal Sculpture and Photography.  Mittler's work has been shown in juried exhibitions and galleries all over the country and is included in several private collections in the United States, Canada and China.   A piece of her fiber art was recently selected to be featured in the 15th Edition of "Living Artists"     Visit




Aug 2007 Member Spotlight: Karen Jennings  retires after 35 years at ATT

We congratulate Inside Outside Client Karen Jennings on her retirement from ATT!

Her 35 year career at ATT culminated serving as Senior Executive Vice President for Advertising and Corporate Communications. She was responsible for all aspects of corporate communications, media relations, advertising and sponsorships and all customer and employee events.

Karen has served on the board of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, The Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum, Cullen/Frost Bankers, United Way of San Antonio, and the San Antonio Spurs.

He husband Bob and Son Zach are Inside Outside clients as well and love to share the Inside Outside story to their friends.   Immediate plans include relaxing, traveling, playing more golf and enjoying her first grandchild Harper!   

 Karen Jennings Bio      

Apr 2007 Member Spotlight: Priscilla Hill-Ardoin  retires after 32 years at ATT

We congratulate Inside Outside Client Priscilla Hill-Ardoin, Senior Vice President for Regulatory Services for ATT,  on her well deserved retirement after 32 years of service.  An Attorney, she joined Southwestern Bell in 1975 and has held numerous management positions with SBC Communications and several of its subsidiaries. including Southwestern Bell Telephone Company and Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages. She served as associate vice president-corporate services for SBC and as chairman of the board for the SBC Foundation, the company’s philanthropic entity. She has served as the company’s director of diversity, and held positions in strategic planning, marketing and network operations.

Additionally, she represented SBC in an Executive Exchange Program where she served on the International Operations Subcommittee of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives handling international telecommunications issues.

 Immediate plans include relaxing, focusing on her health and the development of a Foundation for Research and Resources related to the cure and treatment of Sickle Cell Anemia which afflicted her son.

 Bio of Priscilla Hill-Ardoin...

Jan 2007 Member Spotlight: Chris Surratt, High School Teacher and Great Dane Owner!


Inside Outside Client Chris Surratt is a High School teacher at Reagan High School where she is the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Teacher. She is the mother of SuperSlow Star Kacce Surratt (also featured in this Newsletter) and a son Kyle and has 2 grandchildren.  After a hard day at school she is greeted at home by by Eli and Lola a pair of Great Danes!  Eli is a 1 year old male who weighs in at 150lbs and Lola, a 2 year old female at 110lbs.

Chris' Home Page at Reagan High School . Check out  Eli   Lola   Chris and Lola


Nov 2006 Member Spotlight: Sylvia Carvajal Sutton: Genealogist



Inside Outside member Sylvia Carvajal Sutton is one of San Antonio's premier Genealogists!  She is a retired High School Principal and now dedicates much of her time to Genealogy and helping her friends in their quest of knowing who they are and from where they come. She has been selected to have a seat on the National Archives in Washington and is a member of the Texas Connections to the American Revolution.  In addition, she is a Board Member of the San Antonio Living History Association, and a member of the Los Bexasrenos, Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters of the Republic of Texas and the Los Granaderos and Damas de Galvez.  If you want help researching your ancestry contact her at 210-341-3824 or email her at  



Sep 2006 Member Spotlight: Ruby Muza, Wedding  Photographer!


Inside Outside member Ruby Muza is one of San Antonio's premier wedding and event photographers. Specializing in capturing the spirit of her clients in a journalistic flattering way is what she enjoys most!  Her gift and talent lies in create a unique piece of art for her client's personality. This  has taken her all over the US and abroad photographing people from different cultures & all walks of life.       

 Visit Ruby Muza Photography






Jul 2006 Member Spotlight: Ralph Bender, Architect, Sports Promoter and Hi-Lo Fanatic!


Inside Outside member and fanatic Ralph Bender is a well known architect and promoter of sports in San Antonio.  He is the founder of the San Antonio Sports Foundation and is a member of the San Antonio Sports Foundation Hall of Fame.  He recently celebrated his 82nd birthday and we at Inside Outside take some credit for getting him through another one!  Click to see his 82nd Birthday greeting card featuring SuperSlow! Dow Patterson, a professional associate at the Architect Firm has created these birthday cards for Ralph every year for over 30 years!






Jun 2006 Member Spotlight: Blake Yantis,  Sleight of Hand Photography!


Inside Outside member Blake Yantis is an accomplished Nature Photographer.  He  got his first camera at age eight and has studied in both the U.S. and Italy and recently in Yosemite National Park. Blake and his wife Jennifer plan a year long road trip soon to photograph 8 U.S. National Parks.  Check out some of his amazing work at his site.  

Sleight of Hand Photography, Blake Yantis






May 2006 Member Spotlight: Jennifer Yantis,  WOAI Class Act Teacher of the Month!


Congratulations to Inside Outside Member Jennifer Yantis who was selected as the WOAI-TV April 2006 Class Act Teacher of the Month. Jennifer is a 2nd grade teacher at the Steubing Elementary School in the Northside Independent School District.  Her award included a Simon Malls Gift Card and a Class pizza party from Papa John's Pizza. Jennifer was nominated for the award by the mother of one of her students who wrote an essay about her.  The award was presented to Jennifer in a Ceremony at the School on 1 May and aired on WOAI TV on 2 May.





Apr 2006 Member Spotlight: Art Harris, Author/Owner AriaVista Digital Video Services


Art Harris, SuperSlow Member and the owner of AriaVista Digital Video Services specializes in using audio and video production technology to create professional quality DVD movies from photographs and camcorder videos.

Art Harris, Video Maker/DVD author, has over 20 years experience in the information technology industry.  In 2001, he became interested in the art of digital photography and DVD authoring.  He began using digital cameras and high performance personal computers to produce professional quality DVD movies for friends and family.  AriaVista emerged from these humble beginnings ready to serve you.




Feb 2006 Member Spotlight: Ralph Bender & Liz Fritz, Winter Olympic Reporters!

Ralph Bender and Liz Fritz, faithful supporters of Inside Outside and the San Antonio Sports Foundation are attending the Winter Olympics at Torino, Italy!


They will be filming a daily segment for WOAI and will have a nightly report from Torino aired on WOAI evening news by Randy Beamer. They did  similar reporting from the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002!  Check the 5, 6 and 10PM news beginning on 10 Feb for their opening games ceremony comments!



Oct 2005  Member Spotlight: Susan Blackwood, San Antonio Sports Foundation!


Inside Outside Member, Susan Blackwood has been the Executive Director of the San Antonio Sports Foundation since 1996. She heard about Hi-Lo from Liz Fritz and Ralph Bender, both longtime supporters of the Sports Foundation. Susan is working hard on Hi-Lo and is hoping to hit the golf ball better!  The San Antonio Sports Foundation creates sports opportunities for our community and its youth. Since its inception, the Sports Foundation has dedicated it resources to three main objectives:

  • To target sports as a growth industry in San Antonio and to solicit sporting events that have a positive effect on the economy while creating national and international exposure;

  • To act as a catalyst in the development of sports and fitness programs for all ages, with a special emphasis on disadvantaged neighborhood youth;

  • To support the development and maintenance of safe, high quality athletic facilities.

  • According to Ralph Bender, member of the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame, "San Antonio and the San Antonio Sports Foundation was and is extremely fortunate to have Susan become the Executive Director of the Foundation. She is probably the best known and most widely respected Executive Director of any Sports Foundation in the United States."  Susan we Salute You! 

    Click for larger image.

     San Antonio Sports Foundation Website...






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