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 August 2004 Inside Outside Star: Julie Kenfield

August 2004

We salute Julie Kenfied, our Aug 2004 Inside Outside Star!

Julie Kenfield found us this year when she came for her DXA Bone Density Scan.  She is an avid cyclist and she had come to the realization that all that cycling had not been intense enough to help her maintain the strength she wanted.  When she was introduced to our Hi-Lo Strength Training program, she immediately saw how this could improve her cycling.


Although she is only 2 1/2 months into the program she has made amazing gains in her strength and has lost 9lbs, Virtually all fat and at the same time she has maintained her muscle mass!!  This is a perfect example of how you can get very much stronger without actually putting on a lot of muscle and getting heavier.  Stronger yet lighter, makes for better cycling!!


And Now,  In Julie's own words!!

"I’ve been doing Hi-Lo Strength Training for about 3 months and it’s made a huge difference in my physical and mental well-being.  I decided to begin the program to improve my bone density and muscle mass as a result of a bone density scan.  Although I’d been cycling regularly with my husband – about 50 miles a week primarily on the weekends – this program offered me a way to improve my overall fitness and regain muscle tone at a minimum time commitment.  Since I work full-time, travel, and have a family, every minute counts. I had read about a type of Hi-Lo Strength Training in a magazine article several years ago, so was intrigued by the Inside/Outside program.  I dove in to both Hi-Lo and the Zone Diet, and can say that at 46, I’ve never felt better.  Three months after starting the program I am strong, confident and feel great.  My friends and family have noticed a huge difference.  The core strength I’ve gained has greatly enhanced my cycling, especially up those hills.  My improvement statistics are charted here for you to see, but what you don’t see is how centered and focused I feel as a result.  This program is fantastic!"

Here are some graphs which demonstrate her amazing progress. 


Great strength changes for only 4 months!




Julie has increased her strength nearly 100% or more in 4 of the Basic 5 Machines!


She is the only one of our patrons who can Row nearly her weight and Leg Presses twice her weight!!


This has occurred after only 27 Sessions!!  All this strength with less than 8 Hours of actual Exercise spread out over 4 Months!!


Total time on the Row Machine over  4 months was about 27X2min or less than 60 minutes for a 127% gain.









Lose Fat, get stronger!!




Julie has lost 9 Lbs and Decreased her body fat % by 4% over these 4 months.


She is much stronger without actually increasing her muscle mass!!


A Lighter, Stronger Cyclist!!












We are extremely pleased with her results and can't wait to see what her numbers are like in another 4 months!!

Congratulations and we will reward you with 4 free Hi-Lo Sessions for this accomplishment.

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