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Apr-Jun 2012



 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside


It's April, Time for Fiesta, Earth Day and hope you got Taxes done.  Lots to do this month and don't forget gift certificates for Mother's Day in May and then Graduations!  Hope you get Cascaroned at least once!  It's great to live "The Inside Outside Way of Life!"




in this issue

  • Our Newest Inside Outside Star: Pam Gray, Living "The Inside Outside Way of Life!"
  • From Dr. Christian: Sugar is Toxic, Jack LaLanne Knew it 60 years ago & Now It's 60 Min!!
  • Impaired Sleep and Weight Gain, Sugar Cravings, Glucose Intolerance and Diabetes!
  • Chocolate! Yes Chocolate! Something to add to your daily routine!!
  • We welcome Caitlyn Ivy, our Summer 2012 UTSA Kinesiology Intern!
  • Physiologic Monitoring, Let's check our Heart Rate during exercise & our HRV! Our What?
  • Inside Outside chosen for UTHSCSA Study, Vertebral Fractures in Hispanic Diabetic Men!
  • Inside Outside promotes DXA Body Composition Scanning at UTSA Rowdy Health Fair!
  • It is Better to Give than Receive! Gift Certificates & Mother's Day! Personalized!
  • Member Spotlight: Dr. Stacey Johnson Cover Feature Article, PeakLife SA Magazine!
  • Community Relations:  San Antonio Sports, Women in Law & Medicine, Rotary Club, Med Students & Ethiopia, Winston School, American Heart Association, BCMS Alliance, Blazing G!
  • From Dr. Christian: Sugar is Toxic, Jack LaLanne knew it 60 Years ago and now it's 60 Minutes!


    I enjoyed seeing the recent 60 Min special by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the problem of too much added sugar in our diet.  Sugar, of course is a Carbohydrate and even in our Zone/Paleo Way of eating we allow 80-100gm of Carbohydrate, but this is the natural Carbohydrate found in food.  We need Carbohydrates for 3 reasons. First, they are good sources of Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber & Water (Think Veggies), Second, our Brains prefer Glucose as it's primary energy source and these large brains of our consume 80-100gm per day of Glucose (if we don't eat enough Carbs, our body can easily break down muscle to create glucose and we don't want to use our muscles for our brain energy), and Third, we need Carbohydrate to replenish our Glycogen Stores in our Muscles which we have depleted with our Hi-Lo Strength Training!  What we don't really want in our diet is Sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup added to the Diet! In other words, no or minimal added sugar!  The American Heart Association wants us all to limit our added sugar to only 100 calories a day. This is 25gm of sugar, or 5 teaspoons of sugar or a little over half of what you get in a Classic Coke which is 40gm!!  Most Americans get more than twice that amount daily!! Start looking at the labels of products and limit or eliminate added sugar. 

    That's "The Inside Outside Way of Life!"

       Sugar American Heart Assn.    Jack Lalanne "SugarHolic" Video     "60 Minutes Is Sugar Toxic?"

    Impaired Sleep, Weight Gain, Sugar Cravings, Glucose Intolerance and Type II Diabetes!

    "Sleep, that knits up the ravell'd sleave of care.

    The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath,

    balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course,

    chief nourisher in life's feast." 

    Shakespeare, MacBeth, Act II.

    There is growing data that less than adequate sleep produces metabolic and hormonal changes which cause us to snack more carbohydrate foods and is associated with weight gain and obesity.  In addition, the lack of sleep itself can produce Glucose Intolerance and Insulin Resistance which are both hallmarks of Type II Diabetes.  For Obesity the epidemiologic studies suggest >7hrs with the lowest prevalence and <5.5hrs with and increased risk of obesity.    There are basic principles of Sleep Hygiene that help and I would invite you to sit down with me and discuss options to improve your sleep.  The Health Triad!  Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep!!  Let's let sleep be our "chief nourisher", not that snack!!

    Diet, Exercise and Sleep from the National Sleep Foundation

                                                                                   Official Site | Lunesta

    National Sleep Foundation

    National Geographic "The Secrets of Sleep"

    Chocolate, Yes! Chocolate!! Something to add to your daily routine once you get the fat off!


    After Omega-3 fat, one of the most studied nutrient foods (1637 studies) is good old Chocolate or Cocoa.  It's been around longer than sugar, cultivated as early as 1100BC and is one of the most popular food types in the world.   A recent Meta-Analysis of 42 Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials documents the many beneficial cardiovascular effects of the active compounds in Cocoa beans such as the flavenols and the flavenoid epicatechin.  Cocoa has twice the antioxidants of red wine and three times that of green tea.  For our clients who are not on reduced calorie diets, we recommend a small 10gm dose of pure 100% Cocoa of about 60 calories a day or what you see in the hand.  We are promoting the CHOCOVIVO 100% Cocoa Brand which can be ordered from the link below or bought from us.  Another reason to get that weight off and add back some Chocolate!!  If you need a little sweeter Chocolate the Lindt 90% Dark Chocolate has a little added sugar and limit yourself to 1-2 squares, don't go below 85% as there is too much added sugar. 

      CHOCOVIVO 100% Cacao      Chocolate at Wikipedia!      See Article of the Month!

    We welcome Caitlyn Ivy, our Summer 2012 UTSA Kinesiology Intern!

    We welcome Caitlyn Ivy as our Summer 2012 Kinesiology Intern!  She will begin in early June.  Caitlyn is a  member of the UTSA Women's Softball team playing 1st base.  She is a Scholarship Recipient, Southland Conference Player of Week, Southland All-Conference Team and All-region Team. She has served as an UTSA Softball Camp Instructor and Assistant Coach for Summer Softball Team 14 and under. She will be graduating in May 2012, but needs the Internship for full completion of her studies.  We look forward to working with Caitlyn and teaching her "The Inside Outside Way of Life!"

    UTSA Health and Kinesiology Department Website

    Our Current and Past UTSA Kinesiology Interns 

    Physiologic Monitoring, Lets check out our heart rate during exercise and our HRV, our What?

    Inside Outside has been evaluating several wireless physiologic monitoring systems for use in some of our clients.  The devices are either EKG like pads placed on the body or chest straps and monitor Heart Rate, Breathing and Skin Temperature. Recently Dr. Christian was recorded during a 6 minute Hi-Lo upper body workout with 3 pulling and 3 pushing movements.  See the computer screen on the right demonstrating the heart rate response during the workout using a BioHarness Chest Transmitter and BioPac AcqKnowledge Software.  Another system, made by Great Lakes Neurotechnologies is being evaluated to measure Heart Rate Variability which might be useful in measuring the relationship between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic activity.  More to come on HRV!! We have also acquired a physiologic monitor to check BP and to assist with our CPR/AED capabilities just in case we have a problem in the Gym.

    Inside Outside selected to participate in UTHSCSA Bone Density Research Project!

    Inside Outside has been selected to provide DXA Bone Density Scans for a Research Study with University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.  Sierra Lee, Senior Hi-Lo Trainer and Certified Hologic Densitometrist is shown with Roberto J. Fajardo PhD, the Primary Investigator and Assistant Professor and Director of the uCT Imaging Core Facility, Department of Orthopedics.  Dr. Fajardo has a PhD in Anthropological Sciences and expertise in bone biology and skeletal imaging techniques.  The study is looking at Type II Diabetes in Male Latinos and their risk of Vertebral Fractures.  Inside Outside was chosen because the Discovery A scanner is capable of a supine lateral bone density scan of the lumbar vertebral spine.  Dr. Fajardo and his Research Assistant Virginia Calley are currently enrolling subjects for the study.  The acquisition of the Discovery A Scanner and it's capabilities should continue to open other research opportunities for Inside Outside!!!

    Inside Outside promotes DXA Body Composition Scanning at UTSA Rowdy Week Health Fair!


    Inside Outside had a display at the UTSA Rowdy Week Health Fair in early April.  Hi-Lo Trainer and Hologic DXA Densitometrist Eli Ybarbo is shown with Drew Zamora, Our UTSA Spring Kinesiology Intern,  at our display which featured the Body Composition capabilities of the Hologic Discovery A DXA Scanner.  Several UTSA students were winners of a drawing for a Free DXA Body Composition Scan.  Sierra Lee also worked the display and sent me a text "We have the best display!"   Proud of the gang for putting this great display together!!

    UTSA Rowdy Wellness Week 2-5 April 2012!

    We have Gift Certificates for all of our products and services!

     Gift Certificates for Any Occasion

    Christmas, Birthday, Valentines, Mother's Day, New Bride, Graduation

    DXA Body Composition Scan + Zone/Paleo Prescription

    20% off Through May!! A Great Gift!!

     We can Personalize Gift Certificate

    for any Product or Service We Offer!

    Great Gift Certificate Ideas Here!!

    Member Spotlight: Dr. Stacey Johnson featured in PeakLife SA Magazine!


    We Salute Inside Outside Client Dr. Stacey Johnson who was the Cover Feature for the April Edition of PeakLife SA Magazine. The article focuses on Dr. Johnson's contributions as an Olympic Fencer (see our August 2011 Newsletter), her personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle and her contributions to the community as Vice President of Academic Affairs of Palo Alto College and a member of the Mayor's Fitness Council.  Dr. Christian is shown with Dianne Glover, the Publisher and Editor of PeakLife SA Magazine who recently stopped by to check out our DXA Bone Density and Body Composition Services!

    Check out PeakLife SA Magazine

    Community Relations: SA Sports, Women in Health & Medicine, Haven for Hope,  Rotary Club,  Med Students Ethiopia, Winston School, American Heart Association, BCMS Alliance, Blazing Gs!

    Inside Outside donated several items to the Silent Auction of the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame Gala Celebration on 10 Feb 12 at the Alamodome. Dr. Susan Blackwood, Director of SAS and Liz Fritz, Silent Auction Co-Chair and Ralph Bender, Co-Founder of the organization are long time Inside Outside Clients! 

    San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame Gala!


    Inside Outside has donated several items for the Silent Auction of Women in Medicine and Law Gala to be held on 10 May 2012 at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Women in Medicine and Law is a grassroots organization founded nine years ago for the purpose of bringing women in these two noble professions together for the purpose of philanthropy and fellowship.  The sentinel event of the year is the Women in Medicine and Law Dinner benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure with the purpose of finding a cure for breast cancer. All the work for this event is done by volunteers and all the costs are underwritten by various corporate and individual sponsors so that one hundred percent of the donors’ contributions are forwarded to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in the form of a restricted grant to be used for medical research.

    Women In Medicine and Law!

    The Staff of Inside Outside was recently invited for a private tour of Haven for Hope given by Megan Legacy, the Director of Development. Inside Outside has sponsored a photograph in the "Faces of Hope" Exhibit in the entrance of the Visitor Area.  The photographs were taken by renowned photographer Marie Langmore.   Haven for Hope is a private non-profit dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless men, women and children by addressing the root causes of homelessness through education, job training and behavioral health services.  Their mission is to transform and save lives, very similar to the mission of Inside Outside!!   Priscilla Hill-Ardoin, a long time Inside Outside Client is on the Board of Directors of Haven for Hope!

    Haven for Hope Website!

    Inside Outside sponsored several items at the Silent Auction of the Stone Oak Rotary Club Annual Fund Raiser, their Annual Casino Royale Night on 12 Mar 12.  Items were donated in memory of Bill Thorsby, Inside Outside Client and Rotary Member who passed in Feb 2009.

     Stone Oak Rotary

    Inside Outside sponsored several items at the Silent Auction of the Ethiopia Outreach Charity Golf Tournament held on 26 Mar 12 at the Canyon Springs Golf Course.   Ethiopia Outreach consists of a group of 1st year Medical Students from UTHSACSA Medical School who travel to rural Ethiopia each summer for 4 weeks to provide free medical service to underprivileged populations. 

    Ethiopia Outreach!



    Inside Outside donated items for the Winston School of San Antonio 26th Annual Auction Gala. The Annual Auction is the school's major fundraising event; proceeds are used for classroom enrichment and school programs, including financial aid to deserving students. Approximately 27% of Winston students currently receive financial aid.

    This magical evening held at the Don Strange Ranch in Welfare, Texas featured live and silent auctions. Each year the Winston Auction Committee members volunteer to procure items, trips, hunts and parties creating one of the finest auctions in the Lone Star State.

                                  The Winston School San Antonio Website



    Inside Outside donated items for the American heart Association Heart of Gold Gala held in early March! Welcome to the website for 2012 Heart Of Gold Gala! Last year, we raised more than $200,000 at our great event. This year, we are excited to announce that we surpassed our ambitious goal - raising over $640,000!
                                                                                                                          Heart of Gold Gala Site!


    Inside Outside donated items for the BCMS Alliance Fund Raiser held in February.   The Alliance supports civic, philanthropic and health projects in our community. They are active in legislative matters that affect the practice of medicine. The members are men and women who are spouses and domestic partners of physicians and come together to foster friendships within the San Antonio family of medicine.                                                                                                                     BCMS Alliance Website!

    The Annual Blazing Gavels TV Auction will be held 17-24 Jun 12.  Inside Outside has donated a "Whole New You Program" valued at $699 which qualifies at the Chairman Level.  In addition we have donated 10 DXA Body Composition Scans, one to be auctioned each night!  As in the past, the Inside Outside Staff will volunteer one evening to work at the auction and answer phone calls!!  Support Public Radio and TV!  

    Blazing Gavels Auction Website!

    A Great White Board by Sierra Lee and

    Our UTSA Spring Intern Drew Zamora!


    Our Newest

    Inside Outside Star Pam Gray

    In 5 Months, gained  1.5lbs of Muscle and lost 13 lbs of Fat!

    Read Her Story!

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