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Aug-Oct 2012



 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside


It's "HOT" Outside but be Steve McQueen "COOL" at Inside Outside!   School is starting soon, Vacations ending, the Summer heat will be with us for awhile yet! 

We have the Olympics to inspire us to take care of these amazing bodies and achieve our potentials as the athletes have! Living "The Inside Outside Way of Life!"   is a great place to start!  Do it Today!



in this issue

  • Our Newest Inside Outside Star: Nancy Greaves, Living "The Inside Outside Way of Life!"
  • From Dr. Christian: HBO Special "The Weight of the Nation!" Check it out!
  • 16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep, from Infographic World!
  • More data about how Lack of Sleep and Stress affects our Decision Making Behavior!!
  • We welcome Ashley Allen and Clarissa Trevino our Fall 2012 UTSA Kinesiology Interns!
  • Spotlight on Sun Protection!  Understand "The Dark Side of the Sun"!
  • Inside Outside gets an "Extreme Makeover"! Come and see the new Carpet & DXA Room!
  • Congrats Dr. Stacey Johnson selected as President of Valencia College, Orlando Florida!
  • Inside Outside's Global Presence!!  Lots of hits from around the world!
  • Member Spotlights: Dr. Brant Mittler & Louise Mandel, World Adventurers!
  • Community Relations:  American Red Cross,  UTSA Alumni Association, Village at Incarnate Word, For the Love of Kids and Harleys, Wings, KLRN Blazing Gavels Auction!
  • From Dr. Christian: HBO Special "The Weight of the Nation!"  Check it out!

    Grrrrrrrr.......     Please, Let's Save the Species!

    I highly recommend the recent 4 Hour Special on HBO "The Weight of the Nation".  It is divided in to 4 One hour Parts. Part 1: "Consequences" examines the scope of the Obesity Epidemic and explores the serious consequences of being overweight or obese.  Part 2: "Choices". Like last month's article this one deals with the problem with added sugar in the diet and there is a section about how stress affects us. It is impossible for anyone under stress to follow goal oriented behavior, we default back to a "Comfort Mode". Part 3: "Children in Crisis" looks at what influences our children to eat what they eat. Part 4: "Challenges" We must make fundamental changes at the Government Level to stop subsidizing the industries making enormous profits from their products.  It's a mess and experts are trying to get the Government's attention, but it is a uphill fight, but we must win this one or we will lose. I remember Dr. Sears saying, "I want to save the species", that's what we are talking about and at Inside Outside you are learning the "Cure for our Health and Fitness Crisis".   "The Inside Outside Way of Life!" 

       HBO Weight of Nation    Jack Lalanne "SugarHolic" Video     "60 Minutes Is Sugar Toxic?"

    16 Things You didn't Know About Sleep, from Infographic World!



    "Sleep, that knits up the ravell'd sleave of care.

    The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath,

    balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course,

    chief nourisher in life's feast." 

    Shakespeare, MacBeth, Act II.

    Check out this great Infographic World Design about Sleep!

    Diet, Exercise and Sleep from the National Sleep Foundation

    Official Site | Lunesta

    National Sleep Foundation

    National Geographic "The Secrets of Sleep"

    More data about lack of Sleep and How Stress affects us and causes Weight Gain!

    I Love to Sleep!! Dr. Sapolsky & Dr. Christian

    The data just keeps pouring in.  Lack of Sleep and Stress profoundly affects our ability to make good food choices, we just cannot force ourselves to pursue goal directed behavior when we are sleep deprived and under stress.  Here are a couple of links to recent studies that are highlighting the serious affect of Lack of Sleep and Stress on our lives. In May of this year Dr. Christian attended a seminar at the UTHSC, sponsored by the Ethics Department. Dr. Robert Sapolsky, a renowned Stress researcher at Stanford University, and Author of "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers" was the speaker and reviewed some of his work on the effects of stress which we impose on others daily related to the inequality of social and economic status which exists in the world today.     Lack of Sleep & Junk Food      Stress & Goal Oriented Behavior      See Article of the Month!    Robert Sapolsky Phd at Wikipedia

    We welcome Ashley Allen and Clarissa Trevino, our Fall 2012 UTSA Kinesiology Interns!

    Clarissa Trevino, UTSA 2012 Fall InternAshley Allen, UTSA 2012 Fall Intern

    We welcome Ashley Allen and Clarissa Trevino as our Fall 2012 Kinesiology Interns!  They will begin on 29 Aug and be with us until 15 Dec.   They are both Majoring in Athletic Medicine and will both graduate with a BS Degree in December 2012. Ashley has a minor in Biology and studied at the Austin Community College.  She has also recently been an active volunteer for certain non-profit organizations such as Haven for Hope.  Clarissa, a local volunteer as well, is a Certified Kickboxing and Zumba instructor who has taught at the UTSA Campus Recreation Center and several other local fitness centers.  We look forward to working with these young ladies and teaching them "The Inside Outside Way of Life!"

    UTSA Health and Kinesiology Department Website

    Our Current and Past UTSA Kinesiology Interns 

    Spotlight on Sun Protection!  Understanding  "The Dark Side of the Sun" UV and Infrared!!

    I make the plants grow!

    I destroy your skin!
    The Sun is the source of all life on earth but for many the sun has produced a wide range of unwanted changes and sometimes even cancers on our faces and bodies.  In this review, Dr. Christian discusses the "Dark Side Of the Sun" and what we can do to prevent and even reverse some of the unwanted effects of the Sun.  This page is one of the most popular on our website and gets many hits from around the world. In addition to UV Damage we also need to protect against Infrared rays and they are more abundant than UV!! Protect yourself from.......  

    "The Dark Side Of the Sun"

    Inside Outside gets an "Extreme Makeover"!  Come see the New Carpet and DXA Room!

    The Demolition Team, Pulling up carpet is hard work!


    In May, Inside Outside has underwent a major renovation with new carpet and baseboards throughout the office.  We also had the DXA Room upgraded with carpet, new worksurfaces and shelving. The bathroom had new tile, a paint job and a new deluxe flushing toilet!!   All compliments of Methodist Plaza on the occasion of renewing our lease for 5 more years!  Dr. Christian is seen with the Demolition and Renovation Team consisting of Rudy Jr, Rudy, Paul, Michael and Marko!!  Pulling up Carpet is hard work!!  We still have a little more money to spend by the end of the year so expect an update in the next newsletter. Click on the links below for albums on our Facebook Page showing the demolition and the results afterwards.  New carpet smells great!!

    Before! Demolition Day Pictures! Out with the old!!

    After!  The Office Looks Great!

    After! Check out the Best DXA Room in the World!

    Dr. Stacey Johnson selected as President of Valencia College, Orlando Florida!!  We'll Miss You!

     Stacey!  We're  gonna miss Ya!

    Inside Outside is proud to announce that Dr. Stacey Johnson, a long time client and supporter of Inside Outside has been selected to be the new President of the East and Winter Park Campus of Valencia College in Orlando, Florida.  Valencia College is nationally regarded and was awarded the Aspen Award, which recognized the institution as the best of the nation's 1200 Community Colleges.   Stacey was the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Palo Alto College and will be missed by all of us at Inside Outside and the San Antonio Community. Stacey was the Inside Outside Star of Jan 2009 and was Spotlighted several times in our Newsletters.                    U.S. Fencing Hall of Fame.  PeakLife SA Mag Cover.

    Palo Alto On Campus Newsletter!      Valencia College News!  

    Inside Outside's Global Impact  We get lots of hits from around the world!

    Yep, They Love Us!!

    Everyone is aware that Businesses and Organizations use Web Analytic Tracking Services to monitor their web site traffic for marketing purposes.  Inside Outside uses Google Analytics, Clicky and recently started using Revolver Maps for tracking services. We looked at the past 12 months in Clicky and discovered that we have had hits from 88 Countries and all 50 States. The Top Ten Countries are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia, Mexico, Philippines, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.  We recently had someone in Romania Google Dr. Christian's name and they spent 48 minutes on the site, looking at virtually every page.  The map at the top shows hits over the past 6 weeks, monitored by Revolver Maps, 50 Countries and over 1100 Visits!!  Popular pages for international visitors are the DXA Body Composition, DXA Bone Density, Dermaroller Page and our Dark Side of the Sun page.   To Checkout our current Revolver Map, click on the 2D Version and Hover over the Red Dots to see Location, Requires Java!  

    Member Spotlight: Dr. Brant Mittler and Louise Mandel, Premier World Adventurers!

    In the Dolomites, Hint Italy! Grrrrrr......

    We Salute Inside Outside Clients Dr. Brant Mittler and his wife Louise Mandel. Dr. Mittler is a local Cardiologist and Attorney and Louise has a MBA and manages family real estate investments. They are two of the most prolific world adventures I have known and they credit much of their ability to travel and trek to their conditioning at Inside Outside. On the left they are seen in the Dolomite Alps in Italy with their guide Marion Posch a World Champion Snowboarder from Italy.  On the right, Brant is seen taking a MIG jet flight in Russia!!  They have been to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania at 15,400 feet and to Everest Base Camp at 17,598 feet and Lake Titicaca in Peru at 14,596 feet. In Switzerland, they hiked Wengen, Saas Fee, Zermatt and Pontresina (Near Moritz) and Yellowstone and the Colorado Trail!  Click on either picture for a link to our Inside Outside Facebook Album of these and other pictures.

    Dr. Mittler's Album on our Facebook Page

    Community Relations: American Red Cross Red Carpet Gala, UTSA Alumni Association, Village at Incarnate Word Soiree, Kids for Harleys, Wings and KLRN Blazing Gavels Auction!

    Inside Outside donated several items to the Silent Auction of the American Red Cross Red Carpet Gala to be held on 29 Sep 2012.    J.R. Martinez shares his amazing story of hope and inspiration!  Sustaining extensive injuries in Iraq, J.R. spent 34 months at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC). Lora Watts, long time Inside Outside client is a member of the Board of Directors for the Red Cross, San Antonio Chapter.

    Red Cross Red Carpet Gala!

    Inside Outside has donated several items for the Silent Auction of the UTSA Alumni Association Gala to be held on 18 Aug 2012 at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort. Benefits of the auction go to their scholarship fund. Inside Outside Client Lauren Walthour is a Member at Large of the Board of Directors.

    UTSA Alumni Association Gala!


    Inside Outside has donated several items for the Silent Auction of the Village of the Incarnate Word September Soiree to be held on 6 Sep 2012.  There will be a Jazz and Art Show featuring Jazz Crooner Extraordinaire Ken Slavin and an art exhibit by Franco Mondini-Ruiz and ANARTE Gallery. 

    The Village at Incarnate Word September Soiree!



    Inside Outside sponsored several items for the Silent Auction of the For the Love of Kids and Harleys to be held on 14 Aug 12 at Cowboy's Dancehall.   Now in its 18th year, For the Love of Kids and Harleys is continuing to grow in its fundraising efforts. In addition to the 18th annual gala the charity has once again partnered with KJ97and will be the beneficiary for the KJ97 Heart Strings concert. For the Love of Kids and Harleys will also be host to the 2nd annual For the Love of Kids and Harleys Golf Tournament and, new to the fundraising efforts, the Riding for Kids Text2Give program.

    For the Love of Kids and Harleys!


    Inside Outside will donate several items for the Wings over the Far East Celebration on 29 Sep 12. WINGS will transport you to the Far East for our 13th Anniversary Celebration of Life and Hope. This year, the event will be held at the JW Marriott Resort San Antonio Hill Country. You won't want to miss a moment of this remarkable evening. Fabulous live and silent auction items. Incredible Asian Fusion meal. The mission of WINGS is to provide comprehensive breast health care services to women in Central and South Texas ... because everyone deserves a lifetime.

    Wings Over the Far East Gala!

    Volunteer 131 and Caitlyn!!DXA Body Comp, Anyone?View of the set from our seats!!

    The Annual Blazing Gavels TV Auction was held 17-24 Jun 12.  Inside Outside donated a "Whole New You Program" valued at $699 which qualified at the Chairman Level.  In addition we donated 10 DXA Body Composition Scans, one to be auctioned each night!  Dr. Christian and Caitlyn Ivy, our 2012 Summer Kinesiology Intern represented Inside Outside and answered the phones!  Caitlyn even smiles when she talks on the phone!

    Blazing Gavels Auction Website!          More Blazing Gavels Pictures on our Facebook Page

    A Great White Board by the Team and

    Our UTSA Summer Intern Caitlyn Ivy!

    I hate the Sun, except for the fact we are alive because of it!


    Our Newest

    Inside Outside Star Nancy Greaves

    Nancy Greaves, Inside Outside Star!

    Lose Fat, Check, Put on Muscle, Check..

    Read Her Story!

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