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Skin Care Products San Antonio

 Premium Skin Care Product Lines We Offer


 We carry a nice variety of Premium Skin Care Products and keep a lot in stock.

None of these manufacturers legally allow for sale of their products online,

so we don't have a "Online Store" to purchase from. 

 Call us 210.616.0836 and we can tell you what we have in stock or we can order for you.  

 If it is all a little confusing to you, check out our

"My Skin, Where do I Start Page"  & our

 "Guide to Basic and Specialty Products"


SENTE Heparan Sulfate Analog

Unique class of products with Heparan Sulfate!


These products contain Heparan Sulfate which is a key molecule which is needed to facilitate a wide variety of critical chemical reactions which create a very hydrating and favorable environment for growth factor and collagen production.  As you all know from Dr. Christian's teaching, maintaining skin hydration and creating a favorable environment for protection and production of collagen is the vital key to healthy and youthful appearing skin and reversal of aging and photodamage changes.


More at or purchase at Inside Outside







Neocutis Cultured Fetal Protein Growth Factors




I like the idea of these products.  Their Cultured Fetal Protein Growth Factors put them in a

class of their own.  No one comes close to the variety and concentration of growth factors.

These growth factors are very healing, calming and stimulate collagen formation at the same time. 

They have a BioSerum, BioCream and a BioGel Hydrating Product and their eye Cream Lumiere.  


More at or purchase at Inside Outside





Regenica MRCx Growth Factors



This is the next generation of Growth Factor Products which are made from Fibroblasts cultured

in a hypoxic environment much like amniotic fluid.  Theoretically, they may work in a different way

than the Neocutis products.  A good program would be to alternate between the Neocutis and

Regenica Products.



More at or purchase at Inside Outside


Clarisonic Smart Profile Professional Skin Care Brush

Clarisonic cancelled the Inside Outside Account in January of 2015.  We were not selling enough for them to bother with us. We have had this account since 2004 when we opened and have always promoted their products to our clients and used the brush during our Diamond Microdermabrasion.  They wanted us to commit to buying $5000 worth of their devices each year to continue to carry their products. I am guessing there is no Spa in San Antonio that moves $5000 worth of their products each year so good luck and purchase wherever.


Comparison Chart of All Clarisonic Brushes


More at

The Original Home Care Dermaroller


This Dermaroller has .2mm needles which in general do not penetrate into the dermis so it is virtually painless and normally no blood is seen with use. The device is used once or twice a week. If it is not damaged, the needles should stay sharp for almost ever!   It markedly improves (by about 200x) the absorption of products. Use it with your specialty products such as the Neocutis PSP Creams, Vitamin A Creams or Antioxidant serums, followed by a moisturizer.  You will notice a difference, I Promise.

Closeup of the .2mm Home Dermaroller Needles.  Click for a closer view.

More information at Dermaroller Site    

Purchase Home Dermaroller and Products at Inside Outside








Skinceuticals makes a complete line of skin care products. I especially like the

Clarifying, Purifying Cleansers and the LHA Cleansing Gel. Their Antioxidant Products, CE FerrulicPhloretin CF are top of the line premium products in that category! We also carry the

popular B5 Hydrating Gel, Advanced Pigment Corrector,  Hydra Balm and their Physical and Sheer SPF50 sun protection products.


More at or purchase at Inside Outside











VI Peel and VI Derm


The VI Peel is our chemical peel of choice. We offer their New Precision Plus Peel  with extra ingredients for pigmentation. See our VI Peel page. Everyone likes their moisturizer which comes with the VI Peel.  We carry their Ultra-A, a prescription level Vitamin A 0.1% Tretinoin + 10% Vitamin C Cream and a soothing, silky 20% Vitamin C Gel.


More at or purchase at Inside Outside



Rx Systems

Rx Systems makes some specialty products for skin and hair.  I like the Rx 15% Glycolic Acid Body Wash and the Glycolic Hair Cleanser, Hair Repair and Hair Conditioner especially.


More at or purchase at Inside Outside



Revitalash Advanced 3.5ml, 6 Month Supply.



This is our Eyelash Conditioner of Choice.  Works a little slower than Latisse,

but only by a few weeks and over the long term is more convenient

(you don't need a Prescription) and it will be cheaper also.




More at or purchase at Inside Outside









glo therapeutics

Glo therapeutics has a nice line of Retinol products which we carry. I especially like their Glo Retinol CS which is a pleasing Retinol Product to start with and their 2% Hydroquinone Lightening Serum, the Brightening Serum, SuperSerum, 2%HydroquinoneTriple Action Serum. We also carry the 0.5% and .1% Tretinol Creams when it is time to upgrade to a stronger Retinol .

More at or purchase at Inside Outside.

Green Mountain Soaps


For Sensitive or Traumatized skin

Can be used several times daily

Soothing and calming for sensitive or  traumatized skin

Ideal following skin rejuvenation

Ideal for all skin types




 More at Green Mountain Soap  or purchase at Inside Outside



"My Skin, Where Do I Start"

 "4 Basic Skin Care Steps"

or Don't confuse me with the facts, Doc, Just Tell me What to do.....

See also Dr. Christian's New Guide to Basic and Specialty Skin Care Products!!

Other Fine Services & Products t



"Some Do It Different, Nobody Does It Better with Value!"

"We are Radical because we insist on the Basics!

Get Radical with Us!"

 Premium Services & Products to Complement Your Quest

for a New Level of Health, Strength & Appearance!

You will be Exercising Less and Eating More and learn to live

 "The Inside Outside Way of Life!"

The Poster! "The Inside Outside Way of Life"

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Hi-Lo Strength Training, Zone/Paleo/Bulk/Lo-Carb/Ketosis Nutrition,

DXA Bone Density, DXA Body Composition 

Botox, Diamond Microdermabrasion, VI Superficial Peel, Rejuvapen Treatments

The Best of Each In San Antonio!


Where to Start With Skin Care in San AntonioBotox San Antonio! $9 Per Unit!Diamond Microdermabrasion San AntonioVI Peel San Antonio!Rejuvapen MicroNeedle Fractional Collagen Induction and Facials!! Yes!!

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