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Member Jokes of the Month



August 2011

Submitted by

Lora Watts

Dr. Chang's

Medical Advice


May 2011

Submitted by

Dr. Drew

Difference between Men and Women


December 2010

Submitted by

Kelly Rains

"Nativity Scene in Churchyard"


May 2010

Submitted by

David Letterman

"Top Ten Signs Something is Wrong at "The New York Times"



January 2010

Submitted by

The Cops

"10 things not to say when you get pulled over"



November 2009

Submitted by

Health Reform Bill

"10 ways to tell if your HMO is going bankrupt"



August 2009

Submitted by

Out of Work

"What not to put on your job application"


May 2009

Submitted by


"Mensa Definitions"


March 2009

Submitted by

"A True Texan"

"You Know You're from Texas if.."



January 2009

Submitted by


"10 Wittiest Groucho Marx Quotes"


August 2008

Submitted by

 Somebody Named Glen J.

"10 Reasons Beer is Better than Wine"


June 2008

Submitted by

 Somebody Named Roy B.

"You Know You are Living in 2008 when..

You start tilting your head sideways to smile :)"


April 2008

Submitted by


"AARP Bumper Stickers"



February 2008

Submitted by

A RedNeck

"You might be a RedNeck Pilot if"



December  2007

Submitted by

The Kids

"Angels Explained by Kids"


October  2007

Submitted by

Stressed Out

"You know you are stressed if.."


August 2007

Submitted by


"You know you are a Mother When,,"


April 2007

Submitted by

Misty aka Mystery Bashara

Dogs Vs Cats

Why I have a Dog


February 2007

Submitted by


 "Redneck Engineering Exam!"


December 2006

Submitted by


 "Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes!"



October 2006

Submitted by

Jackie Urbanczyk

 "Bored Graphic Artists"


August 2006

Submitted by


 "Best Driving Under Influence Ever"


May 2006

Submitted by

Still Searching...

 "The Husband and Wife Store"


April 2006

Submitted by

Google Video

 "Laughing Babies."


Feb 2006

Submitted by

Google Video

 "The Power of Old People."


Jan 2006

Submitted by

Dept of Health

"To Exercise or Not to Exercise."

"If you are going to try cross country skiing, start with a small country."


Dec 2005

Submitted by

Welfare Agency 

"Excerpts from Letters to Welfare"

"This is my eighth child, What are you going to do about it?


Nov 2005

Submitted by

Consumer Protection Agency 

"Important Warnings"

In the instructions for a Korean Kitchen Knife

"Keep out of Children"


Sep 2005

Submitted by

The Computer Guy 

"Top Ten Anagrams for Information SuperHighway!"


Aug 2005

Submitted by

Nancy Flater 

"Gym?? We don't need no Stinkin' Gym!"

Requires Shockwave


Jul 2005

Submitted by Department of Measures  

"Useful Conversions"

1000 aches=1  megahurtz


Jun 2005 

Submitted by  

State Department

"Using Baywatch to Teach the World About The United States"


May 2005

Submitted by  

Beer Industry

"Symptoms and Cures When Drinking Beer"


Apr 2005

Submitted by  

Martha Stewart

"Etiquette Tips for Rednecks"


Mar 2005

Submitted by  

The Dog

"How to Bathe a Cat in 8 Easy Steps"


Feb 2005

Submitted by  

Dawn Blem 

"Water or Coke"


Jan 2005

Submitted by Dr. C

I feel like I have

pursued this person before: deja woo

seen these twins before: deja two

expanded this way before: deja grew

"more deja stuff.."


Dec 2004

Add some Holiday Spice to your Computer!


Flashing Light Border!


Nov 2004

Submitted by Barbara Gober

"Physical Fitness Program" Q&A






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