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50th Reunion USAFA Class 1966


"Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit"

"Perhaps someday it will be pleasant to remember these things"

Aeneas in Book 1, Virgil's "The Aeneid"


 From: Charles B. Christian, Jr. 15th Squadron  Bio Here


Hi Dick Oliver, Dave Fales & Dick Thompson,


Here are some links to a few images (163 total) from the past and present for your consideration!   These are thumbnail pages and have links to larger images you can download easily by "right click" and "save as".  Here is a link to a .zip folder of images paragraphs 1-8. It is a 88mb file.


1. Jump School Aug 1963 13 Images:  Quite a few of our classmates took advantage of the summer after our first year to attend Jump School at Ft. Benning Georgia. I have a copy of the "souvenir" booklet of our experience.    I found myself and a number of 15th Squadron cadets.  You have links to "medium size" images.  I have high resolution images of the groups of the members of the class. Let me know if you want to include the high resolution images (20mb each) as part of the DVD so our classmates can find themselves more easily and I will send them to you.


2. USAFA Misc Pictures 49 Images:  These are images of many of our academy experiences. There are 3 pages.  I think they speak for themselves.  Use as you desire. Two personal pictures of me might be worth including are the very last two to document "me" at the Academy.   The first is me at my desk with the Post Slide Rule and 2nd me in front of "Sine Gravitate" (Conus Field Trip).  The one bit of 4th class knowledge that is permanently imprinted on my brain is "Washington's General Order on Profanity".  I think on my dying bed if someone asks me to recite it I will be able to; so I included an image of it!


3. Ring Dance 7 Images:  This is the Program for our ring dance + an image of me and my date.


4. Graduation 9 Images:  This is the Program for our Graduation!


5. CBC Combat Control 5 Images:  Combat Control 1966-1969.  I think I was our only classmate who was a Combat Control Officer and I may be the only one who earned a Master Parachutist Rating or "Master Blaster".  I was a volunteer, but did not go to Vietnam, probably saved my life.  I still keep up with many of the Airmen who served with me and they still refer to me as "The Lieutenant".  I did appear in an Airman's Magazine issue a about Combat Control and a few images from the issue are enclosed.


6. CBC Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center 9 Images: Medical School and WHMC 1969-1884.   Although a few of our classmates attended Medical School, I may be the only one who served for over 18yrs in the Medical Corps.  I am sure I am the only CardioThoracic Surgeon in our class and before I left the Air Force at 18yrs 3mos (they were trying to transfer me to an administrative job), I served as Chairman of The CardioThoracic Surgery Department at Wilford Hall and was the most experienced CardioThoracic Surgeon in the Air Force.  I received the Meritorious Service Medal for my service at WHMC.  There are several images of me as Chairman.


7. CBC Private Practice San Antonio 4 Images:  After leaving the AF in 1984, I began a Private Practice in San Antonio, performing over 7000 surgeries (open heart, lung etc 1984-2004).   My proudest accomplishment has been my association with our Heart Transplant Team which began in 1985.  For over 30 years, I have been the primary Director of the Heart Procurement Team (Harvesting Hearts for transplants).  I have harvested and assisted in over 450 transplants over the past 31 years and we continue to do about 2 transplants a month.  Twice a month I fly or go by ambulance to harvest (usually in the middle of the night) and then help to sew them in.  On our flights I always wear my Combat Control Flight Jacket from the late 1960's for luck.   I am probably one of the most experienced harvesting and transplant surgeons in the US.   Not sure, but I may be the only active M.D. in our class.  I intend to keep doing the heart harvesting until 2020, which will be 35 years.   Yes, that's me with a human heart in my hands!   I have always worn the bouffant surgical hat like a beret to remind me of my Combat Control Days!


8. CBC Inside Outside 1 Image Current- Medical Director of  Wellness Center & Medical Spa:  I started a "wellness clinic" in 1997 and it has evolved into the premier wellness center in San Antonio!   We offer a variety of services as you can see from looking through this Web Site.  I will run this center until I die!!  This is a picture of me, staff and interns. Other staff pictures are here.


9. 15th Squadron + Misc USAFA 67 Images:  Here are some of 15th during doolie summer (khakis),  a few of 15th sport teams, some from European Field Trip, Some of Bill Michaels and me in Europe, a few CONUS field trips and USAFA with snow.  Here is a Zip of these files (69mb).


10. That's it. Jumped out of a few hundred perfectly good airplanes, did lot of surgery, missed a lot of sleep, 2 marriages, 1 divorce and 5 wonderful kids. ......It's been good.  Aeneas was right, it will be pleasant to remember these things.  Thanks for your work to help us remember.





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