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Alcohol Calorie Calculator & Alcohol Links


Alcohol Calorie Calculator & Resources

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Calorie Counters

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Alcohol Calorie Calculator and Resources

Do you enjoy a drink now and then? Many of us do, often when socializing with friends and family. Drinking can be beneficial or harmful, depending on your age and health status, and, of course, how much you drink.  For anyone who drinks, this site offers valuable, research-based information. What do you think about taking a look at your drinking habits and how they may affect your health? Rethinking Drinking can help you get started.   

Check out Rethinking Drinking

.pdf File Rethinking Drinking


Enter the number of drinks that you consume and the spreadsheet automatically calculates the total calories. 

There are hyperlinks to Wikipedia descriptions of many of the beverages. 

This feature is what makes this the Best Alcohol Calorie Calculator on the Internet!!




You can download the Excel Spreadsheet version of this Here.

It contains a reset button and you can also modify it to keep some kind of running

record of your daily or weekly totals.




Detailed Descriptions with pictures of most Alcoholic Drinks



College Drinking Prevention - Changing the Culture is your one-stop resource for comprehensive research-based information on issues related to alcohol abuse and binge drinking among college students.

Alcohol Links From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alcoholic beverage "Booze or Firewater"

Neutral grain spirit 75 to 95% Alcohol as in Everclear

Distilled beverage or Spirits at least 35% Alcohol and no added sugar

Flavored liquor  Distilled Beverages with added flavorings but no added sugar, such as flavored Vodka, Captain Morgan Spiced Rums. Southern and Bitters

Liqueurs  Distilled beverage with added sugar and Flavorings, Drambui, Southern Comfort

List of liqueurs


Fortified wine Wine with added alcohol, like brandy or port.


List of cocktails


The Most Fattening Cocktails


Slide show of the 10 worst, from the Long Island Tea at 780 Calories to Cosmopolitan at 150 Calories.

International Bartenders Association

Official Cocktail list of this Association with their recipes and pictures of the drinks.  No calorie information at this site.



Recipes and some calorie information


Measure Converter

Liquid Measures
1 cup
8 fluid ounces
1/2 pint
237 ml
2 cups
16 fluid ounces
1 pint
474 ml
4 cups
32 fluid ounces
1 quart
946 ml
2 pints
32 fluid ounces
1 quart
0.964 liters
4 quarts
128 fluid ounces
1 gallon
3.784 liters
8 quarts
one peck
32 cups
16 pints
4 pecks
one bushel
128 cups
64 pints
1 gallon
128 fluid ounces
16 cups
4 quarts

Dry Measures
3 teaspoons
1 tablespoon
1/2 ounce
14.3 grams
0.03 pounds
2 tablespoons
1/8 cup
1 ounce
28.3 grams
6 teaspoons
4 tablespoons
1/4 cup
2 ounces
56.7 grams
12 teaspoons
5 1/3 tablespoons
1/3 cup
2.6 ounces
75.6 grams
15.9 teaspoons
8 tablespoons
1/2 cup
4 ounces
113.4 grams
1 stick butter
12 tablespoons
3/4 cup
6 ounces
.375 pound
170 grams
32 tablespoons
2 cups
16 ounces
1 pound
453.6 grams
64 tablespoons
4 cups
32 ounces
2 pounds
907 grams

 Calorie Counters

myfitnesspal is a good site to track daily calories and the one of sites he helps his client set up based on their Zone/Pale Nutrition Prescriptions. Once your frequent foods list is populated it is very easy to keep track of what you eat.  The  calories in data from myfitnesspal is synced with Activity Apps like Fitbit and Garmin Connect.  There is a nice Android and iOS app which syncs with the website dashboard.


Cronometer is a another good site to track daily calories and is another of the sites he helps his client get set up on. Cronometer has special settings for Lo Carb or Ketosis strategies. 




Nutrition Data is a great site just for looking up detailed macro and micro nutrition information about foods you eat. - Free Online Weight Loss Journal

How many calories are in All Foods?

This is a good site.  It breaks down products into their ingredients and gives a graph showing the Calorie Breakdown for Fat, Protein and Carbs and sometimes a graph breaking down the Fat into Saturated, Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated.


The Best Calorie Database on the Internet




Alcohol and Calorie Content of About 200 Popular Beers


Caffeine Stuff


Energy Fiend: Obsessed with caffeine


Caffeine and Sugar Content of Foods and Drinks


New York Times Articles about these things



INSERT DESCRIPTIONTaste for Quick Boost Tied to Taste for Risk

New research suggests the drinks are associated with a health issue far more worrisome than the jittery effects of caffeine — risk taking.



New Teen Health Worry: Energy in a Can

















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