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Dec 2018



 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside



We are finishing our 15th Year! Holiday season is upon us!  Christmas tomorrow and a New Year around the Corner.  Let's get serious about our Nutrition, Exercise and Skin care & make 2019 the best year yet!!  At Inside Outside we have "The Cure" for our Health and Fitness Crisis, never doubt it!! "The Inside Outside Way of Life"! Live It in 2019 & Take it to a New Level! It's Magic!




in this issue

  • From Dr. Christian: Reflections on "Getting All Your Ducks in a Row!"
  • Update on Low Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Strategies!
  • Care Credit and Brilliant Distinctions , Two ways to save in 2019!
  • We Can Now Send/Receive Text Messages with Land Line 210.616.0826 via ZipWhip!
  • Update on our Web Analytics by Revolver, 156 Countries! They love us around the World!!!
  • Farewell to Rocio and Welcome to Chelsea Alvarado, New Inside Outside Staff!
  • Welcome our Six Spring 2019 Kinesiology & Public Health Interns! Yes Six!
  • It is Better to Give than Receive! Gift Certificates!! Personalized!
  • Member Spotlight: Aimee Villarreal, Premier Independent Stylist, Fonz Salon!
  • Community Relations:  Silent Auctions, Raffles, Walks & Runs!  59 Donations so far 2018!!
    From Dr. Christian: Reflections on " Getting All Your Ducks in a Row!" 


    At this time of year we begin to think of how we can better "organize" our priorities so that we can focus on the things that are most important to us and will improve our mental and physical health. The old phrase "Getting All Your Ducks in a Row" is what it is all about. Steven Covey in his book, "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" speaks to this in his 3rd Habit "Putting First Things First" and his 4 Quadrants help us to do this. I wrote about this in one of my first newsletters, so review it here.  I found an Image on the internet which pretty much is where a lot of us feel we are. The caption reads "I don't have all my ducks in a row, but they are all in the same pond so I have that going for me!". I thought it would be useful to try and identify what I call the many "Sabotage Ducks" that can disrupt our goal oriented behaviors.  The modified Image does a pretty good job of enumerating the many aspects of our life that can affect our "best laid plans".  Our Summer 2018 Interns created a great White Board of the "Sabotage Ducks".  Since we can't arrange the "perfect life", one of our goals at Inside Outside is to help in the process of determining what the basics are and then help guide you through the many obstacles. Check out these web pages for some ideas to begin in 2019 living

    "The Inside Outside Way of Life"!         "My Health, Where Do I Start"       

    ""My Skin, Where Do I Start"        The Six Components of Optimal Health & Aging"

    Update on Low Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Diets!

    Dr. Christian giving a LoCarb/Ketosis Seminar at Masters of South Texas Swim Team.

    We can help with all of them!


    At Inside Outside we offer Nutrition Prescriptions as a part of our DXA Body Composition Scan Service and to all of our Hi-Lo Clients to help them achieve the best results as they apply their exercise strategies to lose fat and gain muscle and strength. The benefits of Zone/Paleo Strategies are well known but there continues to be a lot of interest in LoCarb/Ketosis/Fasting and many clients have adopted these strategies to help with quicker fat loss and especially with lowering elevated levels of Visceral Fat and controlling diabetes.  In addition, there is great interest in the Endurance (running & cycling) community of becoming better fat burners through LoCarb eating. See the FASTER Study link below.  Earlier this year I spoke to members of the Masters of South Texas Swim Team about the benefits of becoming better fat burners.  The US Department of Agriculture is now formulating the new 2020-2025 Dietary guidelines and for the first time, they are studying the benefits of LoCarb Diets and adding more saturated fat to our diets. So stay tuned, LoCarb and saturated fat may get the blessing of the USDA.  In addition, at least one Private Company, VIRTA, founded by Sami Inkinen, co-founder of Trulia has begun offering LoCarb strategies through individual home coaching for "Reversal of Type II Diabetes". It may become a requirement if you have Type II Diabetes that your insurance company will insist that you enroll in a VIRTA like program. See some links below for more information.  The best Internet site I have found so far which explains LoCarb/Keteogenic strategies is The Diet Doctor.  Locally, there is a Facebook group, Keto San Antonio, started by Anna McNeill Smith, which has over 1,500 members.

    Diet Doctor!       VIRTA Website    DXA Body Composition Testing     MOST Swim Club

    "FASTER Study, Metabolic Characteristics of Keto-Adapted Ultra Endurance Runners"

    Care Credit and Brilliant Distinctions, 2 Ways to Save in 2019

    Use Care Credit for Botox, VI Peels, Spa Products and DXA Scans!

    If you get Botox, you should sign up for Brilliant Distinctions!


    We are always looking for ways to help our clients save time and $$ and energy by offering efficient and value oriented services. Q-V-C-R, Quality, Value, Convenience, Results is our mantra.  Many of you are aware of Care Credit and have been using it for Dental and Veterinary Services.  Now, Care Credit is available for a variety of Spa Services (Botox, VI Peels, Skin Care Products) and even our DXA Scans. It's free to get a Care Credit Card and you get to charge items with 0% interest if the charges are paid off in a specified time, either 30days or 6 Months depending on how much is charged. Check out their site for details.  Brilliant Distinctions is a rewards program sponsored by Allergan who makes Botox.  Signing up is free and you get credit for your injections which result is $$ saving discounts on future treatments.   If you are not signed up for Care Credit or Brilliant Distinctions we can help you do it when you come in.

    Care Credit Web Site

    Brilliant Distinctions Web Site

    We Now Have Ability to Send a Text Message Via Our Land Line 210-616-0826 via ZipWhip

    Many Clients over the years have asked us if we have the ability to send reminders or if there would be a way to communicate with us using Texting Capabilities of SmartPhones.  We are please to announce that we now are able to offer this service using one of our existing LandLines through ZipWhip. We have to have your permission to communicate with you in this manner and we can't use it for marketing or to send you any Protected Health Information and you would not want to send us any Credit Card or Payment Information.  This service will only be used to schedule appointments or to remind clients of appointments or that they are due for a Botox Treatment.  We certainly won't abuse this capability with unnecessary messages and by Typing STOP, you can opt out for these messages. We have developed a little Botox Emoji to send along with the messages to remind you that you might be due for Botox!! 

    Update on our Web Analytic Reports, The Revolver Map!!  They love us around the world!

    156 Countries, They Love Us!

       Everyone is aware that Businesses & Organizations use Web Analytic Tracking Services to monitor their web site traffic for marketing purposes.  Inside Outside uses Google Analytics, Clicky and Revolver Maps for tracking services. The Top Ten Countries are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia, Germany, Philippines, France, Brazil, and Italy! The map shows hits over the past 78 months, monitored by Revolver Maps, 156 Countries & over 82,850 Visits. Recent additions since the last newsletter are Congo, Djibouti, Figi, Wallis and Futuna, El Salvador, Belarus and Nepal. Popular pages for international visitors are the DXA Body Composition, DXA Bone Density & our Dark Side of the Sun page.   

    To Checkout our current Revolver Map, click on the 2D Version and Hover over the Red Dots to see Location, Requires Java!

    Farewell to Rocio Moran and Welcome to Chelsea Alvarado, New Inside Outside Staff!

    We will bid Farewell to Rocio Moran in Early January. We have been fortunate to have enjoyed the wonderful work of Rocio since her graduation from UTSA in Aug 17.  Rocio has been taking a course at St. Phillips to become a Cath Lab Technician and will start working in some capacity at a local hospital to gain more experience in a hospital setting.  We wish her the best as she starts this new chapter in her life!  And, we are Welcoming one of our UTSA Fall Interns, Chelsea Alvarado to the Inside Outside Staff.  Chelsea will be working full time and will serve as our primary Hi-Lo Trainer.  Chelsea has been working part time during during the past few years as a Rehabilitation Technician at Select Rehabilitation Hospital and assisting Physical and Occupational Therapists with treatments. Many of you have met Chelsea and you can be sure is serious about making you stronger as she is the newest member of the "500 Club".  Chelsea Asks "Who's Next"?

    Welcome to our Spring 2019 UTSA Kinesiology & Public Health Interns!

    Inside Outside welcomes Darian Smith, Christian Espinoza, Crystal Rubio, Melissa Carranco, Victoria Champion and Joseph Kim as our UTSA Interns for Spring 2019.  They are all Kinesiology/Exercise Science Majors except for Joseph who is a Public Health Intern.  We are excited to have these future health care providers with us for the 2019 Spring Semester and to share with them The Inside Outside Way of Life!  Coming 14 Jan 2019!!!

    UTSA Health and Kinesiology Department Website

    Our Current and Past UTSA Kinesiology Interns 

    We have Gift Certificates for all of our products and services!

     Gift Certificates for Any Occasion

    Christmas, Birthday, Valentines, Mother's Day, New Bride, Graduation

     We can Personalize Gift Certificate

    for any Product or Service We Offer!

    Great Gift Certificate Ideas Here!!

    Member Spotlight: Aimee Villarreal, Premier Independant Stylist, Fonz Salon


    Aimee and the Fonz Salon Staff and their Christmas 2018 Picture in Padre Park!

    We salute Aimee Villarreal in our Member Spotlight this Month! Call Aimee for a great haircut! Aimee has been a member of the Inside Outside Family since 2006 and enjoys her once a week Hi-Lo Workout and Spa Services. Aimee was our Inside Outside Star of the Month for December 2015.   She is an Independent Stylist at Fonz Salon on Callaghan and takes care of Dr. Christian's hair and a number of other Inside Outside Clients. She does it all and one of her specialties is hair color. The staff at Fonz Salon always has a Christmas Card with a different theme.  This year's photoshoot was on the San Antonio River in Padre Park. Check out their the Fonz Salon Facebook Page for previous years!  We appreciate Aimee and look forward to serving her for many more years!

    Click on her business card for contact details!

    Community Relations: Silent Auctions, Raffles, Walks & Runs, 59 Events so far in 2018!

    Since it's inception, an important mission at Inside Outside has been to make

    a difference in our community.  The best way we have found to do this is to

    make contributions to Non-Profit organizations through silent auctions at their

    annual fund raising events, seminars, health fairs or direct donations.  We would

    consider it an honor for any request for items to be donated or for Dr. Christian to speak to Non-Profit and other organizations/businesses in San Antonio and surrounding cities. Check out our New Community Service Page chronicling Inside Outside's Community Service efforts since 2004!

    Inside Outside Community Service, 59 Donations this Year so Far!

    Thanks to our Community Service Director Lora Lane!

    Silent Auctions and Raffles

    Over the past 4 months we have made donations for the following Silent Auctions, Raffles or Door Prizes organized by these fine Non-Profit Organizations!!  this is one of our favorite ways to support them!



    A Great Christmas White Board by Daniel, Chelsea and Miya, Our Fall 2018 UTSA Interns!



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